How To Avoid Life Sapping Burnout Stress

By Ange Fonce

The simple solution, is to take it easy,  yet in these times where everything is getting more competitive... faster... instant and... 

"I want it now."

Taking it easy is becoming a difficult option for many men and women. 

So try one of these "helpful techniques"...

Everyone knows that if you work too hard and too long... you will get "burned out"... and everyone also knows that the solution is to take it easy for a while.

That "knowledge" however... is not useful when you simply must perform your best.

Take for example...

You are nearing the completion of a "big project"... or you are a "home maker"... yes there are still women who want to be home makers... while holding down a career or job... "highly stressful."

Your only recourse in that situation is to treat the "symptoms of burnout" before they get so "serious" that they put you out of commission and possible in hospital.

Here are the "symptoms" and how to "treat" them quickly...

1... If Little Things Are Making You Angry... Upset And Frustrated...

Use the "rule of 3" to short circuit your anger... the "rule of 3" says that if 3 or more things are "irritating" you... the "problem" is your "mood" rather than those things... "knowing" this helps you let the flash of anger pass.

For example,.. 

if you are "frustrated" that a project is late... "irritated" by a co workers voice... and ready to "give the finger" and "rage" at to other drivers during your commute... "the problem is you"... and not any of those "triggers." 

So let it go... and if need be... get "help" in sorting out your "lifestyle."

2.... If You Are Neglecting Lovers... Friends And Family...

Do not try to "schedule events" that you will end up "canceling" anyway... because that will usually end up in "arguments" and "resentment" and adding tons more "stress" to your already "stressful lifestyle" and if you do attend them... you will be too "preoccupied" to "enjoy" them. 

Instead... ask your lovers... friends and family to "connect with you" in ways that will not add to your time overload.

For example...

When on the rare occasion I have multiple... stacked deadlines... which is rare as I am strict on "how" I "invest" and "manage" my "time"... I often have my son do his college work and projects in my office while I am writing and doing my own project work. 

I enjoy his company... we "talk" and "share" and I still "get things done" and so does he!

3... If You Are Overeating Or Eating Poorly...

Nip the "problem" in the bud by allowing only "healthful foods" into your home and your workplace... it is hard to bulk up on "energy sapping" food when you do not have a cupboard and fridge full of junk.

The trick here is to "focus" on what you are "buying" rather than on what you are "eating"... stock up on produce... such as "fruit" and "vegetables"... because they are "inherently healthful"... set a hard limit on the number of prepared or frozen food items that you can purchase each trip.

Because here is a "simple truth"... you do not take care of your "health" and your health goes... your "screwed" and that will be even more STRESSFUL!

4... If Work Is Keeping You Awake...

Place a "connectivity ban" that lasts from half an hour before you usually go to bed until half an hour after you usually get up. 

Even unplug your phone and put your mobile in another room... yes I know you are "addicted" to it... no TV or DVD's... give "your mind" some "space" to "switch off." 

Just as you must take care of your "physical health"... you MUST also take care of your MENTAL health too.

I must admit that I myself found it difficult to follow my own advice to start with and break these habits... so I made it a "proper goal" and kept at it... and now I follow this rule and I have never regretted it.

5... If All You Think About Is Work...

Cultivate or reactivate a hobby that forces you to "think" with your "hands" and be "physical"... you will probably still "think" about work while you are playing squash... doing needlework... or whatever and the "physical activity" will make those "thoughts" less intense.

For instance... I love "black and white" photograph, and will go of on "expeditions" with my cameras... packed lunch and walk... I may walk around the city I live in or go off into the countryside... doing something totally different from what I do in my business in every way.

6... If You Are Making Avoidable Errors...

Ask somebody you trust to "spot check" your work and review anything... like your emails... documents... etc... that will be going outside of your work circle... you will be more relaxed "knowing" that you have got a backup who will catch the easy stuff.

Whenever I am "feeling burned out"... which is very rare now... I always run "important stuff"... such as unusual posts or important replies to client emails... by a trusted friend... she is a very skilled writer and businessperson herself... and she can tell when I am not doing my best work.

When she says...

"Ange this is not very good."
I know it is "time" for a "time out."

7... If Your Goals Are Not Motivating You...

Focus on the "why" of your goals rather than the "what."  

The "what" are the "goals" themselves... getting your business funded or buying a new car or any goal you want to "acquire"... the "why" is "how" you will "feel" when you have "achieved" your "goal" and while you are "acquiring" your "goal."

For example...

One of my "what" goals is making a book I am working into a best seller... the "why" of that goal is completely different, though.

What motivates me is my "why"... is the "incredibly feeling" I have when I "know" I have "helped" somebody else overcome a "problem" or "achieve" something "great" in their life and "acquire" their goal or goals. 

It is what I LOVE doing... being of "service" and "helping" others be the BEST they can be.

That is what REALLY gets me "juiced up" and keeps me from "feeling burned out."

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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