You Are As Wealthy As You Allow Yourself To Be

By Ange Fonce

You can "achieve" anything you set your "mind" to... if you want to "grow" and become "wealthy"... you can do that... and you will certainly need to make lots of "changes" not just in "what you do"... also in "how you think."

Here are a few things "wealthy people" have in common when it comes to the "way they think"...

They Constantly Learn And Grow...

Wealthy people are always on the lookout for the "opportunity to grow." 

They take "risks" easily... especially when they are afraid... as "fear signifies" that this is the field that you will most "benefit from" when you "master it."

When you do no€™t allow yourself to take any risks... you do no€™t allow yourself to" find out your limits" and you never get to "surpass them."

And when you are not going "forward"... you are going "backwards in life"...  there is no stagnation... only when you are dead!

They Love What They Do And What They Want...

Wealthy people love the things they do, they take pride in their work. 

They also love their dreams and are inspired at the mere thought of their goal.

If you do no€™t have a dream that inspires you, the first step you need to take is to search deep into your self and find where your inspiration lies.

When you are not inspired by the place at which you may end up at, then there is no interest to hurry to get there.

They Know That They Are Solely Responsible...

Wealthy people "realise" that they are "solely responsible" for everything that has happened... does happen and will happen in their lives. 

The seeds that you plant today will grow tomorrow... or in a year... or ten years from now. 

You are in "control" of what you "plant today"... and what you will "harvest" in the "future." 

And wealthy people "understand" one very "important principle."

If they do not do what needs to be done.. it will not get done.

So they ensure what has to be done... GETS DONE.


They Focus On The Optimistic Perspective...

Wealthy people always... always "focus" on finding the "positive solution" even when the "problem" is negative. 

It is so easy to get caught up in the "pessimistic mindset"... to curse when things do no€™t go your way... to cry and moan and complain... and "behaviour" like that just "invites" more of the same of what you do not want into your life.

And being "optimistic" and thankful "invites" more of the same of what you want  into your life as well.

They Are Happy...

Wealthy people are "happy." 

When you are "happy" and doing what you "love"... when you have some "good results" behind you... it may seem easy to be "happy." 

And it likely is... and "real happiness" is not in the place you are at the moment. 

Real "happiness" lies in the roads you take to get there. 

No matter where you end up... you will always "crave" for that next step... you can never "stop" and "stand still"... as when you do... that is the moment you will stop being "happy."

They Are Thankful...

Wealthy people always "thank" those around them. 

They are thankful for the life they "love" living... and because they are so "thankful"... they "invite" more "growth... wealth... happiness... success" and "love" their life even more and it becomes a "self fulfilling prophecy" for them

They Use Affirmations...

Wealthy people get bombarded by "pessimism" just as much as you do. 

So... they "know" that they need to use something to "help" them "think optimistically" and that will offset that all that "pessimism.".

So, they either use "hypnosis... affirmations... NLP... subliminal audio" for "wealth mastery" and "meditation"... or any other practice that makes them remain "optimistic" in their approach to life .

They take at least 30 minutes out of their busy lives just for themselves and those 30 minutes are enough to fill the whole day with an "energy of success." 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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