Lack Of Exercise Can Be Deadly To Your Health

By Ange Fonce

The human body is meant to move...  too many men and women do not move enough and certainly do not exercise enough. 

The World Health Organisation estimate that less than 25 percent of men and women in Europe and America participate in daily physical activity and only three in ten get the exercise recommended for healthy adults.

If you are one of the remaining seven you are at risk of suffering from one of the following long term effects of a lack of exercise and I have to ask you...WHY?

Here are some of the effects of not at least doing some basic fitness exercise...

1... A lack of energy... trouble walking up the steps or carrying in the groceries is probably the most common effect of insufficient exercise... it may also be the most common reason people do not exercise.

My Mother who is now 73... walks to the shops with her shopping trolley... does her shopping and when she comes back... climbs 4 flights of stairs!

Men and women were made of sterner stuff back then.

2... Muscle loss... is another problem resulting from a lack of exercise. 

Muscles need to be used or they weaken and can even atrophy... from a cosmetic point of view... without exercise muscles lose tone and start to sag and plus the flab.

Hmm... you are not a pretty sight.

3... Circulatory problems including heart disease... high blood pressure... stroke... blood clots... edema... arteriosclerosis are all health problems resulting from a lack of exercise.

So when you considering it... a 40 minute walk a day helps keep the heart attack away!

4... Structural problems...  poor posture... arthritis... osteoporosis... lack of flexibility... stiffness and joint pain can all be caused by insufficient exercise.

5... Weight gain... is significant side effect of a lack of exercise. 

The formula is simple... if your body does not use up the calories you consume... you gain weight.

Exercise... even a 30 minute brisk walk burns calories and can prevent or at least slow weight gain.

6... Exercise is essential... for a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. 

A lack of exercise can lead to depression... insomnia and impotence due to the stress of other factors related to immobility. 

Poor self image and esteem due to weight gain or pain caused by stiff joints or constipation.

7... Scientific studies... over the years states that exercise... even more than nutrition is critical for a healthy immune system. 

If you do not get sufficient exercise... your immune system is compromised.

8... Your digestive system... works more effectively if you take regular exercise.

And chronic constipation is one of the side effects of a long term lack of exercise.

9... Lack of exercise... may not turn your hair gray or wrinkle your face it can age you in other ways. 

A decreased interest in life... inability to perform day to day tasks or an increased risk of falls are side effects of a lack of exercise and are also common signs of aging.

10... Specific cancers... which can be side effects of a lack of exercise may include breast cancer... colon cancer... aggressive prostate cancers or ovarian cancer.

Just 30 minutes of exercise five or six days a week can reduce or even prevent some or all of these health problems... do not take the risk... take a long walk and avoid the long term effects of insufficient exercise.

Whatever your age physical activity plays an important part in your health and well being... some people think it is only sportsmen and women who need to build physical activity into their lives.... everyone needs to keep their bodies working well in order to be healthy. 

Physical activity is necessary to stimulate the bodies own natural maintenance and repair system for bones... joints and muscles... especially your heart  will actually stay younger if you keep them busy... if you are not physically active you increase your health risks in many ways.


The three main components of being physically fit are stamina... strength and suppleness.


You need a well developed circulation to the heart and lungs to give you the ability to keep going without gasping for breath... with stamina you have a slower more powerful heartbeat and will be able to cope more easily with prolonged or heavy exercise.


You need well toned muscles to give you the ability to do physical work... when your shoulder... trunk and thigh muscles are toned up they will work well and you will not experience strains and injuries as often.

Developing good mobility in your neck... spine and joints will prevent you spraining ligaments... pulling muscles and tendons... you will also be less likely to experience aches and pains from stiff joints.

Take care of your Mental Health and Physical Fitness

You have the power... be a DYNAMIC LIFER!

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I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

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