There are 5 behavioural traits that often, when clumped together, conspiring to eventually lead you to experience disappointment...

Dreaming Far To BIG...

It has to be a huge hit, the star turn and the ability to change the world. 

It is not enough to have 1000 true fans, the big dreamer wants a stadiumful in every town.

Yet how true is the reality of that ever happening?

If the goal you work for is not a consistent impact or meaningful work for others. 

Is it not better to have a 1000 true fans who REALLY support you.

Then millions who do not care?

Poor Work Habits...

Flitting from project to project and never completing one. 

Always waiting for inspiration to arrive, stalling, not taking lessons, repeating the same early steps over and over and never "learning" from your errors.

Instead of getting started, making the mistakes, learning, growing and progressing by the work you do and gaining the experience to constantly move up to the next level.

And completing each project that you start.

Shortcut Seeking... 

Why bother with the long route when you can find a shorter, faster path? 

Get-rich-quick schemes, "magic pills" and "silver bullets," insider access and the quest to get it right now.

How many people do you know, who have ever become "secure" and "wealthy" using any of the above methods?

The only people who become rich are those very same people who SELL you such things.

Really "successful" men and women know there is a system to building a "lifestyle" they want to live, and it involves REAL HARD WORK and a major investment of their TIME and risk to build "wealth" and a life for themselves.

Lottery Thinking... 

This is a variation of shortcut thinking, and it involves getting picked. 

One person, one organization, one ticket, one Wizard of Oz who will magically make it all happen.

Talk about giving your life over to "chance" and the "luck" of the draw.

What about your own power and creating your own opportunity to be a "winner!"

Lack of self-awareness... 

The self-delusion that your stuff is in fact world-class, and that the critics, all of them that you have managed to interrupt, are wrong.

I always "listen" and "learn" from those who are far more experienced and successful than me.

I know I am far from "perfect" and never will be.

In fact, "perfect" is the last thing I aim for.

Excellence though is there to be learned and earned from others.

A thought for you... 

Imagine someone who embraces the opposite of all five of these behaviors. 

Someone focused on doing the work, his or her work, relentlessly getting better, producing it, racking up small wins and earning one fan at a time. 

And doing it all with a trained eye on what it means to do it better.

Hard to imagine a better shot at making a difference, to yourself, and along with others.

To the World!

History and the present moment is full of men and women doing that very thing.

Everything starts with a single thought that can grow when you invest REAL time and EFFORT into it.

May You Enjoy A Lovely Day.

Ange Fonce