Do you Know One Of The Most Important "Ingredients" in Social Courting? 

By Ange Fonce

Do you know what that important "ingredient" is?

And it all has to do with "attraction."

It is the "chase!"

And why is it so "important" to be the "pursued?"

It comes down to one simple word... “anticipation”... and yet there is a lot in that one word.

Anticipation is the single most "important ingredient" in "attraction" and "sexual desire."

And yes we could talk about "love" and all that... yet what starts the ball rolling in the first place... being "attracted" to a member of the opposite sex... or the same sex?

Those "genes" of yours go WOW... I "like" that other set of "genes" and we will make good babies together that will ensure our survival in the next generation... so those "sexual hormones" get "fired" up and you want to go "mating!"

And you are off to "pursue" and "attract" the mate of your desire!

The simple fact is this... without that "sexual desire"... that "chemistry"... that "attraction"... there will be nothing else... no "sex"... no "getting it together"... no nada... no nothing... just the "friends zone." 

And yes you can "love" your friends... and the fact is you are not going to have "sex" with them with out that "sexual desire."

I have already discussed in previous posts and articles "how" in scientific studies the evidence points towards... that the "anticipation" of a "reward" is actually more "addicting" then the "reward" itself... because in the "anticipation" of getting something... your own "imagination" is in play!

The "anticipation" of what the "reward" will be like?

And is a very powerful driver in the "mating game"... because the reward is “sex”... and if all goes well... "babies"... the next generation and your "genes" will have been "successful!"

Now... in order for "anticipation" to exist a few things must be present.

1... There must be a "pursuer" who desires and there must be the "pursued" who is desired. 

2... There must be a chance you will not get the "reward" and occasional disappointment.

3... There must be "roadblocks" and "obstacles" keeping you from the "reward."

4... The "reward" must occupy a lot of your "attention" and the "reward" is highly "desirable" and someone you want to "win!"

This is essentially “the chase” and you will bring all your "motivation" resources come into play... because there is one doing the "desiring" and one whom is being "persuade" feeling "desired."

And if you stop and "think" about the men or women you have "chased" and "lusted" after the hardest or became the most "obsessed" with I can almost guarantee that all of the above was present.

Remember... “we pursue that which retreats from us”... and especially when we place some "value" on it in the first place... now there is a "crucial" part of that word "anticipation"... VALUE!

The more we VALUE something the more we "want it" and will "invest" time and "resources" to get it.

And when you "think" of it... the same "principle" applies in "acquiring" your "goals" in other areas of your life.

Desire... anticipation... want... and you take ACTION to "get it" because you REALLY want it!

This “value” is the essence of “social courting”... being able to manufacture Social Value in any "social setting" so that you are either as the man or woman...  the one "occupying" another man or woman "attention."

You are the "desired" one... you set up the "anticipation"... you are the "prize" to be WON!

The reason why this is "important" is because there has to be an element of "possible loss"... because "possible loss" is a very "powerful" motivator... especially when he or she "thinks" they can lose you to another person... it will "motivate" them to fight for your "attention" when they "think" you have other "options" because you are of "high value!"

That is "why" the one being "pursued" always has the advantage... because they get to "choose" who they will allow to "win" them!

So when you are "social courting"... work on “creating” and building Social Value... as it is very important... because it creates the "value" of YOU in other peoples "mind" and "feelings"... and makes you "desirable... attractive" and worth "pursuing!"

That you are the one worth being CHASED... because when you are the one being “chased”... you are the one with the most OPTIONS!

So “how” do you create “attractiveness” if you are not a physically beautiful woman and handsome man... having the “physical looks” going for you?

By being of great SOCIAL VALUE!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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