Great projects and goals start out feeling like constructing a building and in many ways the process is the same. 

There are plans, architects, materials, staff, rigid timelines, permits, engineers, a structure.

You are all of these and if you are smart... you have others helping you with their experience.

Your project... your goal is either going to work or not.

If you cut corners... use substandard materials... do not lay a solid foundation... you do your construction as cheap as possible.

You are constructing a shack instead of a solid house... at the fist sign of any problems... what you have built will just fall apart... or you will spend so much time and resources on trying to "fix" things... that what you have tried to build... will never be completed... and is a waste pf your time and resources.

Build something that does not fall down... of "High Quality" and on time.

And in fact, great projects, like great careers and relationships that last, are gardens. 

They are tended... they shift... they grow... they "evolve!" 

They endure over time, gaining a personality and reflecting their environment. 

When something dies or fades away... you prune... you replant... and grow again.


How can you do this?

Because you spent your "time" at the very beginning of your project... your goal... by "thinking" about where you are going to be laying your "foundation" and then you spent your "time" and "invested" in laying a rock solid foundation on which to build and evolve upon.

Perfection and polish are not nearly as important as a solid foundation... good light... good drainage... good soil and a passionate gardener.

By all means, build and do not finish.... do not walk away.

Deal with the challenges.

For evolving and growing a Beautiful Garden... you evolve and grow too.

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce