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Portsmouth City TOP Coach

Blue Diamond Award Winner For Best Small Business

The Professional Man

Do you love helping people? 

Do you enjoy the feeling you get when you make a real and lasting difference in someones life? 

I receive a plenty of requests for personal coaching and I am really present to just how much I LOVE working with people one on one and getting real and durable results in their lives.

Logically it should not matter if they got that result from one of my programs and write in to tell me how their lives have changed for the better and it is not completely logical.  

I enjoy getting to know someone and feeling like I have something important at stake in their success and seeing them through their hurdles... it is incredibly fulfilling and it makes me happy.

And of course it is up to your work and your abilities and your follow through!

I addresses critical issues that affect an individuals personal... social... relationship and career development. 

By combining my knowledge in Biology and Human Psychology with Peak Performance Dynamic Coaching Methods...   focusing in the area of dynamic personal growth and personal achievement. 

The central theme of my message is the transformation of followers into leaders and the maximization of an individuals potential.

As an educator of people and a student of life... I have coached hundreds of individuals... working in business... colleges... married couples and individuals and helping men and women unravel their core potential and create the lives they love to live!

To educate men and women the Principals of Personal Development using Creative and Emotional Intelligence  and its impact on their individual lives and the lives of the people around them... by educating people from my own learning and experiences of what is humanly possible. 

I work to empower and inspire people to take action and realize their full potential... and acquire their goals in life... thus  enabling Dynamic men and women to become Leaders of Self who live Creative and Empowered fulfilling lives with  PURPOSE!

I am the founder of Dynamic Life Development Systems Personal Development Academy. 

"Winning is EVERYTHING in life and not about crushing or defeating your opponents... by winning at everything that matters to you... for your family... for your career... in your finances... your happiness... your romance... your love... the right man or woman for you... and not winning at the expense of others.. by winning the GREATNESS that YOU create as a Dynamic Lifer" ~ Ange Fonce

The Personal Man

YOU SHOULD KNOW that I am attracted to people who are attractive themselves... exceptional... spontaneous... honest and intelligent... and open to new ideas... learnings and adventures... who are passionate and confident... and who have made the choice to grow and achieve and give meaning to their lives.

I also sincerely know that within everyone there is the capacity to grow and become the true person they are... no matter what their social background is or financial status... I originally grew up in a poor dysfunctional working class family... I left home at 15 years old and went out into the World and found my own way in life. 

I Served for 9 years in the British Army... traveled and lived in many different countries and have had many adventures

Life has been my Great Teacher!

So let us get connected and you will find I am a Man who Loves living a creative... passionate existence while enjoying life from one experience to another... I do sincerely enjoy sharing and working with other people... especially those who want to grow and improve their lives in all ways. 

I care for all those around me and I know that laughter is one of life’s most effective and necessary emotions. 

I trust in ‘friendship’ and all the virtues that accompany it... I like to live life and personally develop myself to be the fullest Man I can be!


So let me tell you a little bit about MY purpose.

I am committed to what I have been calling deep "getting each otherness." 

I teach both Men and Women about improving their personal CONFIDENCE and  personal ESTEEM as one very powerful way to cultivate "getting each otherness"... I am committed to the possibility of people really getting to know each other... you do not have to hide any aspect of yourself... your truth... and who you really are in the world... when you  cultivate the courage to really be yourself and say what you mean... to your friends... your family... your boss and your lover... you become very powerful in your life.

My Purpose is to Help... Inspire... Encourage and Empower others in their lives to reach their fullest potential in a Creative and Positive way...and to educate both Men and Women to lead deep fulfilling Lives!

To inspire both Men and Women to understand their fullest potential... so both Men and Women can have meaningful... loving and passionate relationships with each other... Sexually... Emotional... Physically and in the Mind!

There is an old adage that says... if you want to be good at meeting and attracting a romantic partner... then you are going to need things in your life... that are more important to you than meeting and attracting members of the opposite sex... I go into a lot of detail about how to create the kind of life that makes a man or a woman more attractive and confident by finding their purpose and giving themselves meaning to their lives!

And finally...


It is a hard look at some consistent issues that everyone faces... it is a great reminder that we should not let the world dictate what we do and how we act. 

We are responsible for ourselves and our path forward in this world.

My assertion about the world simply comes down to a Dr. Suess quote... 

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Always be yourself and surround yourself with people that have positive impact in your life.

If you are anything other than yourself... you will never reach your full potential... I think people underestimate how much the world can adapt to them versus them having to adapt to the world.

In my career and in life... I have so shamelessly become me... I have become personally aware of my strengths and my vulnerabilities... which has allowed me to become a better Human Being

I also find it is refreshing and comforting for other people to see me as I am... totally authentic and confident and relaxed in being me... no hiding... no pretenses... no assumptions and with no judgements and for them to be just as natural and transparent and feeling relaxed with me.

Yours Sincerely

You do not work with me to coach you... you work with me to get you RESULTS!


BLUE DIAMOND AWARD for Best Small Business... Eastern Region 2003.  

Runner Up... Thurrock Borough Small Business Awards 2001 & 2002 


 Accredited Life Coach 2007                                       Diploma For Personal Advisers 2003 

  Diploma In Psycho Dynamic Counselling 1998                                   R.S.A. Counselling Certificate 1995           


Other Qualifications

Brief Solution Focused Therapy For Adolescents And Adults

Effective Supervision And Mitigation Skills In The Work Place

Advanced Sexual Health And Intimacy Skills And Sexual Development

Substance Misuse And Addictions Tier 3 

Child Protection Within A Legal Framework


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