A Personal Message From Ange Fonce

 Peak Performance Psycho Dynamic Development Coach... And Counselling Psychologist

Know it or not... I am by nature and personality... an INTROVERT!

Contrary to what most people think... an introvert is not simply a person who is shy... in fact being shy has little to do with being an introvert! 

Shyness has an element of apprehension... nervousness... anxiety... a lack of confidence and usually low esteem... while an introvert maybe reserved by nature... introversion itself is not shyness. 

Basically an introvert is a person who is often energized by being alone and enjoying their own space and they can be highly personally confident and possess high personal esteem.

Now... because Society at large completely misunderstands such men and women who are of an introverted personality type... and sees such men and women as having some kind of problem. 

Many introverted men and women often lack "personal confidence" in themselves and often suffer from "low esteem" because they are misunderstood by those around them and often bullied and persecuted by those who do not understand what being of an "introverted" personality type is about?

Are you one of those men and women?

Because if you are one of those "introverted" men and women have you ever wondered what it would be like to have "solid personal confidence" in yourself and your abilities?  

Dynamic Personal Confidence that allowed you to know that you could do whatever you needed to do? 

I wondered that often... for it must be a great feeling...  I know that one of the greatest strides I have ever taken in my own personal development is developing real TRUST and DYNAMIC CONFIDENCE in myself and this has had to do with accepting two things... 

First... accepting I am very good at what I do well. 

Second... accepting there are certain things that I do not do well at all... and to work on them.

It used to be that I never gave myself credit for being able to do what I did well... I would compare myself to others who did things much better than I and never allowing myself to admit that they had a lot more experience at whatever it was than I had. and at times I was even hyper critical of myself... a trait that proved to be nothing more than self destructive.

Now I know that there are plenty of things that I do very well and excel at... I help others build great lives for themselves... I can write... I can develop a website... I am very practical and good with my hands I can create and think outside the box and I can do those things very well... some to a high level of excellence!

Some of those things I cannot do so well is play the guitar and sing... for example I do that for fun now and not to excel.

We live in a culture that undervalues the concept of excelling... many people lose confidence in themselves not because they are not able to do things well... it is because they are not able or allowed to excel and that really does hurt your  personal esteem and in turn drains away your personal confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities.

Now...there is nothing wrong with wanting to excel and if your best is not as good as someone else's... do not allow yourself to lose confidence... either work harder to reach a new best or accept that that is the way things are... as long as you are giving your all to the best of your abilities and you LOVE what you are doing!

I have learnt through the years and I never ceased to be amazed by those I work with... that within each and everyone of us there is something we are BRILLIANT at...  and often it is a matter of finding that brilliance and developing that brilliance... it all starts in one place... being TRUSTING and being CONFIDENT in whom you are and developing yourself from there.

No one is born successful and there are many different levels of Success.

Because if you do not have personal confidence and trust in yourself you will never know what you are capable of and the world will never know the gift of your True Brilliance and the fulfilling of YOUR PURPOSE!

So let me tell you a little bit about my purpose.

I am committed to developing and evolving a positive mindset that I have been calling... DYNAMIC CONFIDENCE!

Coach and Mentor about developing Dynamic Personal Confidence as one very powerful way to cultivate and build a GREAT LIFE for yourself.

I am committed to the possibility of people really "getting" to be themselves... I do not go with the view that you need to hide any aspect of yourself... your truth and who you really are in the world.

When you cultivate the courage to really be yourself and say what you mean... to your friends... your family... your boss... and your lover... you become incredibly DYNAMICALLY POWERFUL in your life. 

The secret to this is being ready and willing to accept others... regardless if they agree with your perspective or not... I have seen over and over again that this is the Master Key to...

  • Great sexual relationships
  • Deep love... commitment and trust
  • General happiness and contentment with life and being the DYNAMIC SUCCESS you want to be! 
  • And building a wealthy life style that suits you.

And much more...

Now READ ON and discover more about...


Dynamic Life Development Systems 

Personal Development Academy

Without Personal Confidence And Trust

We tend to make choices based on feelings of fear instead of knowledge.

A person who lacks trust and personal confidence in them self...may have a stronger tendency towards personally destructive behaviours and create a more stressful environment for themselves... you might work at a job you hate... you may allow yourself to get deep in debt... you may find yourself moving from one bad relationship to another... without confidence and esteem you do not allow yourself to pursue your desires... your ideas and make the changes that matter... and relieve the stress that inhibits your success.

I have worked hard over the years and evolved a system based on science and experience for personally developing yourself that will empower and motivate individuals to overcome the obstacles that hold them back from having a meaningful... and ultimately productive successful life

I work in PARTNERSHIP with you in a Dynamic Personal Coaching Relationship that will allow you to gain insight and develop an action plan... helping you create a life of empowerment... purpose and happiness. 

Through these stress management processes you develop new ways to problem solve... achieve a higher degree of personal awareness and create improved personal and professional abilities.

Possessing Great Social Relationship Skills... Intimate Relationship Skills... Powerful Communication Skills both Verbal and Non Verbal... and a Productive Investor of your Time !

And that is my Personal Commitment to You.

So when you decide and choose to do X... you commit to doing X... you ensure X GET'S  DONE!

Now let me ask you some questions...

1...  Are you looking to develop the productive life you create for yourself and love living?

2... Are you looking to move past just being busy to survive? 

3... Are you looking for a QUICK FIX or a MAGIC BULLET to solve your problems?

Be honest with yourself in your answers... because how many magic bullets have you tried... how many quick fixes have you used and spent lots of money on and you are still in the same situation and all the self help books and programs you spent your hard earned cash on are now gathering dust on some book shelf or hidden away in the attic?

As I do not promote such things... because the commitment required to make full use of Dynamic Life Development Systems will not be right for you... it is not a wishy washy fluffy cloud self help program.... I would not make such a promise to you.. 

Because... Dynamic Life Development Systems is based in REAL SCIENCE... using the latest "cutting edge"... Neurological Psychological and Physiological technology... and has been designed for those men and women who want to make a REAL commitment to life lasting and effective transformation for themselves... so they create the wealth... love & lifestyle they want to live. 

Because all 3 Dynamic Life Development Systems are CHALLENGING and LIFE TRANSFORMING!

So if you answered YES to my question about "quick fixes" and "magic bullets" then I will thank you for your time and that you enjoy a lovely day and DO NOT read any further... Dynamic Life Development Systems WILL NOT be for you... goodbye.

Now... if you are an EVOLVING man or woman who seriously desires to INVEST in yourself to TRANSFORMING your life... 


Dynamic Life Development Systems... Personal Development Academy is very different to any self help book or program you buy...

Because Dynamic Personal Confidence is so important to keep a balanced life... with healthy personal esteem you become the Master of your life and in control of your daily success.... Dynamic Personal Confidence is power and grace at the same time... it expands and grows depending on how much you feed your personal worth and happiness.... no book... no program can do that... that is a one hat fix to all approach and you are an INDIVIDUAL... because NO matter how well written and how well constructed a book or program is..... they lack the most critical element?

A real live human being to talk to... to ask "questions" off... who can relate to your circumstances and feelings... and understand you... and this is where I have done all the work for you... as Dynamic Life Development Systems is flexible and is a direct method of helping you and can be tailored to suit your personal circumstances. 

PLUS you have your own PERSONAL COACH to work with you in developing your own route to SUCCESS that you desire.


Dynamic Life Development Systems Transformation




Imagine... You Have The Power Of DYNAMIC Confidence. 


The world has someone "it" wants you to "be" and you are constantly battling to be WHO you want to BE... and those two things are constantly in conflict with each other... you already know it and the life you are living reflects it and for simplicity sake... have you often sat there and thought to yourself...

"How come others can have all those things and are being successful and it never seems to happen for me... WHY... how come?

Just think as you read the following questions... how much of this relates to you?

Do You want to overcome your shyness and low self esteem to grow and possess Dynamic Personal Confidence? 

Do You want to meet men or women in any situation and do not know HOW to?

Do You want to know HOW to talk to men or women in any situation and overcome that invisible barrier you feel is there?

Do You want and desire to have that Dynamic Personal Esteem and Charisma that "special individuals" seem to possess?

Do You want to move forward... grow and succeed in your life and do not know HOW too?

Do you want to know HOW to CREATE your own Dynamic wealth and happiness?

Do You want develop energy... enterprise and live a Dynamic Life?

Do you want your life to be different in 1... 3... 5 years time... that you are living a Dynamic Life you created and designed   for you?

Because if you answered YES to any of these above questions... then Dynamic Life Development Systems is right for you!

To develop the Dynamic Personal Confidence and Esteem you need to over come all these problems... to develop a  System For Life that will help you develop and lead the life you want to create and dissolving those insecurity's and uncovering your Natural Confidence is simple to do once you know and understand HOW it works!

And what does not work like... thinking that by just changing your "limiting beliefs" will make you instantly confident and "success" will just happen as so many of those self help programs will have you think... I am here to let you know and so will the Worlds Top Class Coaches... it does NOT work that way and will keep you on a wild goose chase...those "limiting beliefs" are just symptoms and not the cause of the problem.

If it was that simple... HOW come every one is not doing it?

Because in Dynamic Life Development Systems is the most recent neuroscience research that reveals HOW to rewire the brain and debug lousy thinking patterns in  your brain so you are free to act now without restriction... and this where the power of Dynamic Life Development Systems can help you Acquire the Success you Desire by quickly identify the core cause of your lack of confidence and esteem in any area of life... those "negative thinking feed back loops" that have been programmed into your brain... that block and self sabotage you without you knowing it.

And what to do about it... HOW to reframe those "negative thinking feedback loops" from "negative" to "positive"... without going into deep therapy or strange "fluffy cloud techniques"... you can save yourself years... maybe decades of endless and aimless self help and finally have real Dynamic Personal Confidence and Esteem based on solid Trust in your self... which is the proven MASTER KEY to success in every area of life.

READ ON... For HOW Dynamic Life Development Systems can BENEFIT YOU!


Dynamic Life Development Systems

The First System Framing And Reframing The Mind

The Science of  Dynamic Personal Confidence & Esteem and developing Trust in yourself?

Imagine... how your life would dramatically improve...when you develop Dynamic Personal Confidence and Trust in you... you probably do not think this can actually happen.

And I am going to tell you that it can and what the benefits of Dynamic Personal Confidence and Esteem would mean to you... there is a wealth of benefits that come with Dynamic Personal Confidence and I will list just a few here...

  • You develop a healthy level of DYNAMIC PERSONAL ESTEEM. 
  • You develop DYNAMIC PERSONAL CONFIDENCE that enables you manage your problems and tackle life's challenges with more certainty.
  • You learn HOW to keep your MIND and BODY in DYNAMIC GOOD HEALTH.
  • You develop DYNAMIC PERSONAL CONFIDENCE which becomes even more DYNAMIC as you build up a level of success on which you constantly improve upon.
  • You DYNAMICALLY self generate your own life wealth and positive experiences.
  • You develop a self directing LIFE MEANING and you live with a DYNAMIC DIRECTION and PURPOSE!  

Can you imagine that... a system that does not let you squirm out of your own success... a system so powerful that it will not let you self sabotage yourself... a system that literally forces you to succeed... this is how Dynamic Life Development Systems have been designed by using proven and cutting edge Science and Psychological methods that WORK...  a system that is highly effective in helping you grow and develop solid Personal Confidence and Esteem for REAL Human Beings like YOU! 

Here are just a few of the BENEFITS of higher Dynamic Personal Confidence and Esteem... which we will cover and you will develop in The First System...  Framing And Reframing The Mind


Because you feel a healthy level of Dynamic Personal Confidence you are more happier and you to take on the world with more energy and determination resulting in better relationships... quality work and a feeling of being connected with your surroundings... you can influence others more easily as well as control your own emotions and behaviours more responsibly... your positive attitude results from feeling good about yourself and knowing that your place in the world is important and meaningful.

Social Ease... 

Because you are Dynamically Personally Confident and more relaxed in social settings and when meeting new people and because your trust in yourself is internal and not reliant on the judgement of others you can freely move about without fear of rejection.... your Dynamic Personal Confidence breeds a high level of comfort when facing new challenges and you are more enthusiastic about the future and convey that excitement to others through your walk... how you hold your self and how you converse... you are more at ease in social situations and tend to attract people to you and the positive energy you project by your Dynamic Personal Confidence is contagious and attractive to others.

Health And Wellbeing... 

Because your Dynamic Personal Confidence and Esteem are indicators of good mental and physical health... you can help to build the confident character of your children and others who rely on you... children growing up with personal confidence in their own abilities tend to do better in school... take better care of themselves than their peers with low self confidence levels and excel in sports and socialization... teens with personal confidence are better able to withstand peer pressure and to make decisions with their own best interests in mind.

Your Career...

Because being Dynamically Personally Confident in yourself will promote your career and not needing the approval of others you met will allow you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore different career opportunities... Dynamic Personal Confidence in your abilities on the job can help you get ahead in your career as others will see you taking pride in your work and they will also gain confidence in you as a boss... co-worker or subordinate.

You Become Resilient... 

Because you gain that ability to bounce back from situations that have been difficult to deal with in the past and you learn from your mistakes and re-approach the situation with more learning and Dynamic Personal Confidence.

You Become Self Assured... 

Because nothing will ever stop you from standing your ground and protecting your loved ones with a Dynamic Personal Self Assurance that is unshakable... self assurance is not only useful when you are in confrontational situations it is also very handy when you need to take the lead in a social project or challenge and people will look up to you as someone to follow as a leader.

You Become Respectful... And Respected...

Because once you have healthy level of Dynamic Personal Esteem you start to respect yourself and your emotions... and with these new skills of "emotional intelligence" you are able to respect others and knowing HOW to respect others with this Dynamic Personal Esteem trait... people will be able to trust you and rely on you whenever they feel down... you will also be able to rely on yourself if you ever feel down.

You Become Motivated To Acquire Your Goals... 

Because your life's goals and ambitions are very important to you... as they are a part of you and signify your ability to grow and achieve as a human being with a solid core of Dynamic Personal Esteem you are able to unleash your Dynamic Power and drive yourself to manifest the life you desire.

You deserve to live the life you want to create for yourself and with Dynamic Personal Esteem you are able to make your ambitions come true with SOLID Dynamic Personal Confidence.

You Become Attractive To Others And Feel Loved For Yourself... 

Because one of the most important traits of Dynamic Personal Confidence is feeling and experiencing love and your ability to share love with others... love is probably the most powerful human force on the planet... love can stop wars... love creates children... love causes people to get married and love brings people together... you have this untapped power within you right now... did you ever think that?

Make use this incredible power today and allow it to unfold into every area of your life and not only will you heal your pain... you will also possess the ability to heal the pain of others around you.

And much more...

There are many more benefits you develop when working with Dynamic Life Development Systems... you gain a new and better understanding of yourself in ways not taught by other self help programs.



Dynamic Confidence


Dynamic Life Development Systems 

The Second System Shaping and Reshaping your Time

The Science of Goal & Project Time Investment and the 

Science of Dynamic Verbal Communication!

Let us start with the easy stuff first...

There are 24 hours in a day by the cloak... the reality is there are often 36 hours of demand of your time in each day... those people that demand your time... each feel they are worthy of being Number One priority in your life and that is without all the tasks and work demands that are placed upon you.

And if that is not enough already... no one gave you a method for figuring out what to do and when and how to decide who and what matters most.... when they gave you a system in the past for managing your time... all it done is created more conflict among those people and tasks in demand of your precious time.

Your present life system was developed in the industrial age and is failing you because...

A... It did not take account of others that matter to you!

B... It did not recognize that you must take care of emergencies when they arise and that they do often.

C... It did not take into account what happens if an emergency takes more than a few minutes to deal with.... it used an ancient form of time management and goal setting that never accounted for you being a Human Being and the real world constantly changing and is now outdated... you no longer live in the Industrial age... you now live in the DIGITAL age!

In this day and age it is stored in you computer or mobile.... you have to have your PC or phone with you... it has to be switched on and you have to be reading it... what good is your time management and life goal system if it is not in a place where you can constantly read it... adjust it... update it and actively be involved with it for the changing circumstances if your life?

Your present time management and life system is a planer that blocks everything into hours... than minutes... this is no longer the REAL 24 HOUR WORLD!

No one told you that you had to write down your REAL GOALS and what you want to achieve in life... not just what would look good if someone saw your time planner by accident... because no one told you that if what you write down is not matching what is in your head as far as INVESTING your TIME and GOALS and what you are wanting to achieve and acquire for your Success in life!

Then that systems you are using will CRASH INSTANTLY and you are going to FAIL!

What is more... you cannot predict how much time something you take on will actually take to accomplish?

You cannot know how you will feel while you are doing the tasks involved in various projects to succeed in your life goals... and it cannot matter until you find out... the Real You shares a lot in common with everyone else... You are Human!

Your brain is set to the status quo and has no interest in leaving its very narrow comfort zone!

Most people are terrible at self regulation and managing themselves... most people are not natural self starters they do not continue and rarely if ever finish what they set out to do... most people only have so much self discipline bottled up inside them for use each day... once gone... it is gone and tough to get back until tomorrow morning.

This ONE FACT is one of the biggest contributors to so many peoples failures in what they set out to do in life... there are many more obstacles in your quest for your own life than other people.

There is also YOUR SELF... yes... YOU... so what does all this mean to you in REAL LIFE?

It certainly all seems a like a big challenge... it means you have a life you want to live and love living... it means your life will have meaning... you have someone inside of you that you want to be... YOU!

  • How to develop energy... enterprise and personal confidence.
  • How to find and develop your lifes purpose.
  • How to practice analysis and synthesis... the reduction of a problem to its simplest form to find effective solutions to those problems... and using the combination of old ideas to develop new ones.
  • How to concentrate and focus your attention and strengthen your persistence will power... a vital ingredient to generating success in any endeavour you undertake.
  • How to arrange any subject into a scheme suited to your own conditions.
  • How to organize and invest your time to be productive and make the principles of Dynamic Life Development Systems a simple part of your daily life... so it becomes natural to you!

And much more!


and have a conversation that MATTERS?

What is important to you when you communicate?

Most people have a number of friends or family who they can talk at... I mean talk too... I mean talk with... well you know what I mean.

Precisely HOW you listen is going to determine a significant portion of your success with others... Real Listening begins before anyone speaks... ultimately listening allows you to capture what matters most to the person who is speaking.

Do you know HOW to make use of "open questions?"

I suggest you begin to ask a lot of "open questions"... I have just used one in the above sentence and I have a big bias toward making good decisions. based on gathering "accurate intelligence" from the people I have conversations with... and I desperately want you to make good accurate decisions... and not useless and incorrect assumptions.

That means you have to do a lot less work to fix the problems that result from a crummy decision making processes... knowing HOW to skillfully make use of asking "open questions" allows you to get some semblance of "accurate intelligence gathering" answers.

These two factors play into having a real sincere and valuable conversation... genuine conversations make sales... generate change... bring people together... and REAL Conversations PERSUADE and INFLUENCE others.

Usually people reserve their most important conversations for friends and family... usually and yet often you engage in intensely personal conversations with people you have never met before... and quite often you tell or hear people tell you secrets that no one else knows about.

And this is called RESONANCE!

The experience or element of resonance is one that can be quickly understood when you learn the skills of Dynamic Verbal Communication... this resonance has only recently been seriously studied and is at the cutting edge of both "verbal and non verbal communication science" and now known to be absolutely critical to influence across a broad spectrum of contexts.

The Shared Experience... Person... Place of Thing...

So... HOW does one generate this so called resonance?

It happens in all kinds of different ways... sometimes on purpose.. other times not... you want to ask someone for a favour... you want to ask someone to romantically meet up... you want to ask for the sale... the person who gets right to business vs. having almost any shared experience with the other first... is in for a rude awakening.

Again the first element in this new law of communication is the notion of the shared experience and that is only the beginning... all by itself as you will discover... it is not enough when you move on to the Third System...




The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers GOLD

Dynamic Life Development Systems 

The Third System The Power Of Confidence Persuasion & Influence 

The Advance Science of Verbal and Non Verbal Communication to become a 

Dynamic Master of Confident Persuasion and Influence!

If you knew HOW to understand... predict and influence behaviour... what would you want to use this ability for?

Do you want to know and understand HOW to use SPECIAL PERSUASION... INFLUENCING and PERSONALITY READING skills that are so critical for COMMUNICATION and your Success for creating a Great Life for yourself?

  • How to develop an accurate memory to recall important details.
  • How to train the senses... especially sight and hearing for maximum communication performance
  • How to skillfully use open questions to gather intelligence about others
  • How to understand and utilize the principles of rapport and empathy to build trusting connections with other people fast
  • How to use the forces of suggestion and self suggestion to persuade and influence others
  • How to effectively communicate... persuade and influence others using both verbal non verbal communication
  • How to quickly read peoples personality types and communication styles
  • How to present yourself to be an effective communicator
And much more! 



Reading... decoding and interpreting body language is art and science... every action or micro action takes place within a context and in reaction to other actions that go on around the individual.

  • Do you wish there was an accurate way to know if someone is telling the truth?
  • Would you like to know whether someone likes you or not... even before they say a word?
  • Do you want to know anyone's thoughts and feelings by reading their body language?
  • Do you want to subconsciously influence anyone... without even saying a single word?
  • Do you want to learn and know HOW to use "hypnotic language patterns" that persuade others to your way of thinking?
  • Do you want to know HOW to use the power of "colour" and the "environment" for maximum persuasion and influence with other people?

And much more!

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above then this could be the most crucial message you will ever read... here is why...

Since nonverbal communication is between 60 to 75% of the impact of a message we as humans send to other people... you could use the power of body language to become tremendously successful... in your career... business... relationships... love life and anything else that involves you interacting or communicating with people... if the art of reading body language does not sound true to you... let me assure you that it is based on sound scientific research and studies... it has been tested and proven to work... nothing is left to chance... you will discover useful facts and techniques about reading body language... and WHY it is critical to know what the Body is Saying... because what people say could often be very different from what they are thinking or feeling... it is very easy to say something untrue or insincere so we can never rely on words alone. 

And there are proven ways to accurately decode peoples thoughts... emotions or mood  and that is by reading their body language... people may lie yet their body silently and unconsciously speaks the truth... having the right knowledge in body language allows you to understand other people's thoughts or feelings better than they do... and your own body language signals can also influence what other people may think or feel about you... when you do it right you will be liked and trusted... when you send the wrong signals even if you are unaware of it your business... career... relationships and even esteem may suffer. 

For example... 

If you have a habit of touching your nose... people could perceive that as a sign of deception... you might simply have that habit even if you are telling the truth and most people cannot tell the difference... they are unconsciously interpreting your gesture as untrustworthy and judging you based on your actions.... why go through the trouble of being misinterpreted when you can avoid it... understanding the meaning and uses of specific body gestures will allow you to change your approach and act only in ways that will result in maximum influence and compliance and make you a far more "effective" persuader"... and when you know HOW to use body language you will be able to avoid pitfalls and convey body signals that make people say "yes" to you"

When your body language is unconsciously sending negative signals... people are more likely to say NO to you and you do not want that to happen... right?

If you want to have a successful business or career... if you want to be successful in your social life or relationships... as long as you communicate and interact with people regularly... then learning to read body language is a key component of your daily activities... by knowing and using the right body language... and non verbal communication you could purposely act in ways that will be appropriate to the circumstances.

Did you know? 

Men and women behave and respond to body movements in different ways... so it is crucial for you to suit your body language and non verbal communication to the gender of the person you meet... or you could damage a relationship or lose a business opportunity without even knowing it.

If you think possessing this ability is mind blowing... you have not scratched the surface yet... when you recognize the true meaning of peoples gestures and movements which can be very different from what they say... your life "transforms" in a lot of Positive Dynamic ways.

Now are you are ready to TRANSFORM your life and become a Dynamic Lifer by joining Dynamic Life Development Systems

When you apply for joining Dynamic Life Development System... and you are accepted... you will also be joining a very SPECIAL tribe of people... The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers.

I love finding and working with the "best students for life"... those men and women who truly want to invest in their lives and build a Dynamic Successful Life for themselves.... and those that do not... sending them to sites and services more appropriate for them... that is why I do not talk about frugality very much... because there are sites out there for you... who will happily sell you the cheap "quick fixes" and "magic bullits" that will get you "nowhere" fast... that is why I do not charge a few pound or dollars for my material or services.

Because if you are not prepared to invest in yourself then Dynamic Life Development System will not be right for you... in fact I give away 95% of my material for free... and when I charge... I charge premium prices... and yet I actively take pains to discourage people from joining my Premium Dynamic Life Development System... if they have large debts... I do not allow them to join my Flagship System... this costs me many thousands of pounds and dollars per year... and it is the authentic thing to do... sometimes they cannot afford it...  sometimes they are not psychologically ready... who in their right mind would openly say that his material and service is not right for everyone and lose extra income a year?

As one of the Core Values of being a Dynamic Lifer is being Authentic and conducting yourself with Integrity in every thing you do! 

You will know that by the time you ever see any Dynamic Life Development Systems material...  it has been thoroughly tested and researched by me to find out what works and what does not work... and is built on proven neurological  and physiological  systems using behavioural psychology... so it actually delivers results... as Dynamic Lifers of the Tribe will testify too.

See my goal is not to get the largest number of one time customers... if I wanted to do that I could release some cheap ebooks and programs... sell 25,000 copies and make a bunch of money. 

Now where is the "real value" in that... where is the "real value" in that for me.. where is the Real Value in that for YOU?

Because I do not want one shot wonders... I work to cause true behavioral change and build  Dynamic Confidence and Esteem  for Dynamic Lifers for the whole of their life... I want to see members of The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers enjoy creating their  wealth of success" and enjoy "intimacy" in their "personal relationships" and enjoy "creating" the lives they "love living!"

Dynamic Lifers get such ridiculous amount of "value" from being a member of The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers... that they keep coming back... again and again for more!

Because once you are accepted to Dynamic Life Development Systems and you complete all 3 systems... you become a LIFE TIME member of The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers and will always have access to the Systems which are constantly being added too and updated... PLUS generous discounts on ALL Dynamic Life Developments Systems Products and events.

What you will receive when you are accepted to join Dynamic Life Development Systems...

Once you have been accepted and you have agreed to join Dynamic Life Development Systems you will receive... 

  • 24 hour access on line to the Core 128 High Impact Learning Modules... within the 3 systems...plus supporting learning modules... plus supporting learning articles... videos and podcasts which you can down load to your pc or read... listen to online... which are constantly being updated and added to.
  • You will have both written and practical assignments to complete. 
  • Weekly "meet ups" with me for direct "one to one coaching" either via Skype or at my office and if you live local to me... and you have difficult traveling... a "special arrangement" can be made and I will visit you.
  • A generous discount on ALL Dynamic Life Development Systems Products and events.
  • Life Time Membership to The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers and Dynamic Life Development Systems.
  • Plus when you have completed all 3 systems... you will receive your own personalised Dynamic Lifer folder... which will contain your certificates printed on parchment paper and your assessments printed on high quality magnetized photograph paper... a "quality" addition to your resume... plus a Gold Dynamic Lifer card...  plus a solar powered calculator... plus a Parker Jotter Ball Point Pen! 
Dynamic Life Development Systems Dynamic Lifer Folder

And much more...

So are you are one of those men and women who "understands" that "investing" in yourself means you will step up many gears in life... you will "evolve" and "transform" yourself and become a Dynamic Lifer of Powerful Personal Confidence and Esteem! 

Because not everyone gets accepted to join The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers... first you have to apply to be accepted for a  "consultation session"  with me to "assess" if you are suitable to join Dynamic Life Development Systems.

So I will ask you one final question...

"Are you ready to take CONTROL and EVOLVE yourself to TRANSFORM your life for future success and happiness and become a DYNAMIC LIFER?"

If you answered YES... I congratulate you on making a good choice!

NEXT... fill out the CONTACT form below with your details and I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a personal appointment with you for your FREE consultation session via SKYPE that is convenient to you in matching up our time zones when you live outside the UK

The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers Ange Fonce


Application For Dynamic Life Development Systems Personal Development Academy

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Dynamic Life Development Systems Personal Development Academy

To Walk The The Walk Of A DYNAMIC LIFER

Do not just talk the talk... Walk The Walk for REAL... TAKE ACTION... walk through the fire of your feelings... experience the fear and live through the pain... how ever brief... and you will ultimately FEEL COMFORTABLE and FAMILIAR with all the NEW ASPECTS of your life.

DYNAMIC Confidence... Relationships... Health... Sex... and LOVE... that is the KEY to SUCCESS in LIFE... wealth and meaning... because once YOU do this ONE THING.

Walk through the FEAR... experience the pain... you conquer almost every challenge in life and never lose MOMENTUM!

You will Walk Your Walk as a Dynamic Lifer.


The greatest compliment you can give me is when you share this with others....

I sincerely appreciate you want to social share... please go ahead.

I am sure they will appreciate your consideration of them


Dynamic Life Development Systems the 4th System

Dynamic Life Development Systems The Forth System


Of Courting... Relationship... Sexing and Intimacy

Dear Reader...

I feel your pain... because you have scoured the shelves in book stores for hours trying to find something that will answer your questions and have down loaded E books and programs... attended courses and more then likely spent much of your hard earned cash... getting no where or hardly succeeding at all... you have that 

"Why am I not where I want to be financially... in my career... my relationships and love life"... question?  

And an even BIGGER QUESTION.... that is asked by both Men... and Women....

"Why is Love so had to find.... the BEST Man or Woman to share LOVE with?"

That one question that has haunted you for years... you have done everything that you can and there is still something holding you back... something is missing.... what is it?

For years... people just like you have asked this same question.... fortunately for some... they were able to work out and get the answer to this... and many other questions?

Given the pace of todays world, it has never been easier to be more "powerfully persuasive"... in "attracting" the right man... or woman to you.... it does not require good looks... a silver tongue or infallible logic.... it does require  "confidence"... and an air of "charisma" and having an "attractive  personality"... it is simply a matter of cutting through all the and I will be frank here... bullshit and the fairy tails and cutting through the bullshit and fairy tails is the hard part and it is where so many men and women feel lost and struggling.

In fact if you have not yet developed your "persuasive powers... personal confidence" and "personal esteem" to the best of your ability.... it is likely has nothing to do with you given the many false games of strategies and misinformation available... it is a wonder that we.... as men.... and women can even "communicate" and "understand" each other... let alone "relate" to each other... to be the BEST for each other... instead of the WIN WIN for each other as men and women.... in our "relationships" with each other it is far to often... lose lose for each other as men and women in our "relationships" with each other.

And that is tragedy and a real irony... considering in todays modern World... there is so many ways of "communicating" with each other... it is not just the "communication" that is a the problem... it is the "language" being spoken.... "listened" too. and being UNDERSTOOD... because both men and women.... "speak... think.... feel.... love.... hear" and "express" themselves DIFFERENTLY!

So Where Do You Start In This Confusing Maze?

There is an old adage that says... if you want to be good at "meeting" and "attracting" a "romantic partner" then you are going to need things in your life... that are more important to you than meeting and attracting members of the opposite sex.

In Dynamic Life Development Systems The Forth System.... The DYNAMICS Of Courting... Relationship... Intimacy And Sexuality... I go into a lot of detail about how to "create" the kind of life that makes a man and a woman more "personally confident" and "attractive" to the other sex.

Now I do not know if you now this?

Do you know... how is it that "confident relationship aware" men and women "understand" how to enjoy fulfilling "successful" relationships lives?

It is because they UNDERSTAND that TRUST is the foundation upon which ALL relationships are BUILT on.

And that men and women who lack "trust" in themselves and others... do not possess "healthy personal esteem" and "personal confidence" in themselves also lack "relationship awareness" and are losing out on LOVE and LIFE success!

Now does LOVE... HAPPINESS... RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS constantly elude YOU?

  • Do you lack gender awareness of how Male... Female relationships work?
  • Has your Love Life has gone badly WRONG... your husband or wife has left you... or do your boyfriends or girlfriends constantly dump you... or worse still... your courting and relationship life never even gets started... and you do not get or understand why it keeps happening to you?
  • Are you feeling isolated... lonely... unloveable and rejected...  because you are unable to form loving relationships and enjoy intimacy with either a man or woman... even if you have been in a relationship before?
  • Are you are forced to stand by on the sidelines while others get the Attention... Success... Love... Sex... Happiness... that you desire to feel and enjoy for YOURSELF!
  • Are you are lacking PERSONAL CONFIDENCE and HEALTHY PERSONAL ESTEEM... because your knowledge... understanding and experience of men and women in social... personal and sexual situations is at best... Basic... and it keeps going wrong for you?
  • Are you UNCERTAIN... because your lack of EDUCATION and UNDERSTANDING of HOW male... female relationships REALLY work is holding you back from experiencing love again or even for the first time?
  • Are you are missing CRUCIAL KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the relationship puzzle that goes on between men and women and you just do not GET IT?

So Why Is This Happening For So Many Men And Women?

Because many men and women who lack “gender education” and “understanding” of how male... female relationships work are literally CUTTING OFF 80 90% of their built in “natural attraction power”... most men and women live their entire lives this way... they do not know how or understand the “natural power... and "intuition” they have just sitting there inside them just waiting to be harnessed... and they keep it all locked up deep inside... too afraid and confused about it.

Because for many men and women the “social" and "cultural programming” and to put it bluntly “misimformed" and "crude education” you have been subjected to and impacted with since early childhood... by your parents... school... peers... negative role models... religion and media are bombarding you with “conflicting messages” all the time... so this causes tension... stress... frustration and insecurities because there is so much going on inside of you that SEEMS to go against being a “powerful... attractive... sexual" and "confident" man or woman... instead your fears and insecurities are prayed upon and manipulated.

And these SELF SABOTAGING and "pessimistic patterns of behavior"... reinforce "recurring circumstances" and that creates "unsatisfying relationships" which in turn just lower your “personal confidence” and “personal esteem” even more... which ends up being a constant... downward spiral where your “happiness” and “potential” gets smaller and smaller until you feel choked off... depressed... lonely... angry and numb... typically... this “repression” shows up as “disconnection” from others... because of the “fear of rejection”... lack of “personal power” and “influence”... you have low expectations... become judging of others and full of resentments... you develop IRRATIONAL fears... “pessimistic self destructive thought patterns" and ... make “excuses”... become “blaming" of others... become lacking in TRUST in yourself and develop a whole hoast of SELF SABOTAGING behavioural habits.

Now is that going to be ATTRACTIVE to others?

These “pessimistic thought patterns” are constantly "running in the background" of your “mind”... and these "pessimistic thought patterns"... drains away your “personal confidence” and like a highly toxic acid eats away and destroys your “personal esteem” and keeps you insecure... anxious and frustrated and make you "avoid" meeting men and women... because you  automatically expect "rejection".... so because of these SELF SABOTAGING habits... the very thing you want and desire the most...LOVE... HAPPINESS.... INTIMACY... SEX and RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS constantly eludes you... and you are unable to "move forward" from there... because you "automatically" expect "rejection"... so you are unable to build and enjoy “great relationships” for yourself... because you are only fooling your self into “thinking“ that you are “unlovable”... that you do not deserve the “happiness... love... sex” and “relationship” that others enjoy!

Because it is not always easy to face the “truth of yourself” and “how” you have let your “insecurities... fears” and lack of “understanding” of “male... female relationships" really work... to rule and ruin your life.

Yes... you can have the life that you really are capable of having if you only knew “how” to get past the "stories" you have been telling your self about who you are... what happens to you and how “male... female relationships” work... how sad... painful and lonely it has become for you... stuck within your invisible wall of fears and lack of “understanding!”

Can your life be turned around?... ABSOLUTELY YES!


Now yet me ask you a question...

"What is most important to you in a Relationships... what do you VALUE the most?

IMAGINE what would happen when you live your life with Dynamic Confidence and you feel great with healthy "personal esteem” and working towards growing into being AUTHENTICALLY who you really are... because the more time you “invest” being “authentic” with yourself and others... the more time you “invest” in being Attractive... Trustable... Likeable... Charismatic and Dynamically Confident to others... what would your life be like for you?

Because if you can IMAGINE it... you can CREATE it for REAL... and here is very little you could want more than for men and women who "genuinely enjoy" being in your company and find you.. Sexy... Alluring... Attractive... Confident and most importantly... TRUSTWORTHY... because TRUST is the solid foundation upon which all genuine and authentic Human Relationships is built up... now what would happen if your life was like those other Men and Woman that others find Confident... Attractive... Vibrant... Sexy and SUCCESSFUL!

Because possessing Dynamic Confidence and "healthy esteem" is about improving your "relationships" as one very “powerful way” to cultivate "getting each other ness"... and I am committed to the possibility of people really "getting" each other... I do not go with the view that you need to hide any aspect of yourself... your truth... your love and who you really are in the world.

When you cultivate the “courage” and the “confidence” to really BE yourself and say what you mean... to your friends... your family... your boss... and your lover... you become incredibly POWERFUL in your life... the “secret sauce” to this... is being ready and willing to ACCEPT others as they are with Dynamic Confidence... regardless of whether or not they agree with your perspective... I have seen over and over again that this is the Master Key to...

  • Great sexual relationships
  • Deep love.. intimacy... and trust
  • General happiness and contentment with life and being the SUCCESS you want to be!

Because “authenticity” depends upon you sharing exactly who you are... which means sharing exactly "how" you "think" and "feel" with INTEGRITY... and it all starts with being Truthful and Confident as YOU!

WHY possessing Dynamic Confidence and Relationship Awareness

really does make a BIG difference to your life!  

Dynamic Life Development Systems The Forth System... The DYNAMICS Of Courting... Relationship...   Intimacy And Sexuality... is foreign to most men and women... and as soon as I mention the work involved to do with love... sex... intimacy and relationship... most men and women bulk at the REAL work and learning they have to do on themselves... and yet those men and women who do choose to work with me... find themselves on an "amazing journey" of “personal discovery” and “awareness” that builds their “personal confidence” and “personal esteem” so they can “create success” in their personal relationships.

I genuinely "think" and "feel" that most men and women are wanting to enter into “joint journeys” of “personal growth” and "discovery" of their “sexual” and “mental... emotional fulfillment”... and that men and women are "genuinely wanting" to share "intimacy" with each other on "equal terms."

I observe this both on the social and cultural level... that men and women are entering now what you could call the "we generation" that is growing after the "me generation"... that has been going on for the past decades... I see this happening on a global level... the evidence is everywhere... I also experience it from my clients who come from all over the world.

You need all the “education... understanding” and “awareness” you can "learn" to make your "personal relationships" work “successfully” in this ever increasing "high pressure" lifestyle so many men and women are living these days at all levels... it makes a difference to your own "personal development... social courting... personal relationships" and "sex"... plus all other areas of your life... like your "career... social credibility... health" and "fitness."

And I do know you deserve to “invest” in yourself to become such a Man or Woman who is Dynamically Confident... Attractive and Desirable to others.

The Dynamic Lifer Awards

Dynamic Life Development Systems Gold

 GOLD Dynamic Lifer

Dated 30th April 2015

I am proud to announce this GOLD award for High Standard in acquiring her goals and personal development and completing Dynamic Life Development Systems The Third System The Power Of Confidence... Persuasion And Influence... to A.A.

"I have been working with Ange for over a year now and the insights I have gained are numerous and priceless.

The thing of most value has been this: learning to hold my boundaries and a greater discernment of what kinds of people I should be investing my time and feelings into.

Before Ange's guidance, I was not aware of how in certain situations our minds can fool us into confusing low calibre imbeciles for royalty, and mistakenly lavish our personal gifts onto them.

Working with Ange Fonce has been a grounding experience.

Not only does he work with his students to empower them the right tools to help enable them to operate from the most informed place, he also genuinely cares despite their circumstances, that he will still invest his time and resources and sees to it that they get a chance to work with him and succeed.

His teachings are well rooted in the study of psychology and biology as well as its cutting edge developments through latest research along with concrete, well documented findings of how the human brain works and how we operate as social beings and much more.

Each session with him is like a college course in the study of not only psychology, but biology, history and neurology only of course it's a lot more interesting than a classroom.

The learning is substantial and personal growth measurable and solid. "

A. A... USA

Dynamic Life Development Systems Silver Award

SILVER Dynamic Lifer 

Dated 26th January 2016

I am proud to announce this SILVER award for Very Good Standard in acquiring his goals and completing Dynamic Life Development Systems The Second System Shaping and Reshaping your Time to Danny Nakhle.

"A lot has been made clear through my personal development and I feel as though I have a motivation which I never possessed. I’m happy with where I’ve gotten so far. This improvement has positively affected my confidence in myself and makes me feel as though I can accomplish whatever I want as long as I directly apply myself.

I analysed my day to day life and what I could be doing to take advantage of all the time I have and where to direct it to more efficiently achieve my goals. I am also still in the process of perfecting this but so far I have been diligent in accomplishing things that need to get accomplished. I have also improved in focusing on my goals and not letting other outside influences affect me whether they be my loved ones or school work etc…

It held me accountable to the tasks I said I would accomplish and helped me make plans for my future and stay committed them. I also loved that there was always availability to speak and that the response time to messages would take at most half a day. Probably the most satisfying aspect was that the whole process of going through the modules doesn’t feel like a chore and when discussing personal matters it was as though I was speaking to a close friend. Advice received was always solid and had the focus of improving yourself no matter what outside situations you may be dealing with.

The coaching was very professional and always focused on one thing, your personal improvement. It was as though speaking to a big brother that isn’t afraid to tell you things how they are. It felt genuine. You aren’t lied to just so you could feel better at the moment. Sometimes things were hard and he helped you deal with those hard things in a healthy way. In the end you were always pushed to achieve your goals and overcome your self-doubt. Achieve what you want for yourself, and everything else is a plus. The cost is well worth the benefit in both time and money."

Danny Nakhle...Phoenix Arizona... USA

Dated 13th June 2014

I am proud to announce this SILVER award for Good Standard in acquiring her goals and completing Dynamic Life Development Systems The Second System Shaping and Reshaping your Time to A. A

"Well, I'm satisfied that I finally completed it!!!! It was definitely intense and it forced me to really sift through everything that is going on internally for me. It's an interesting question because I feel like at this moment I am more in a zone of absorbing these assignments and I am not thinking at all of the satisfaction aspect of it.

I have a pretty firm confidence however, that as time goes on with more learning and practicals, I will look back on these particular exercises and feel HIGHLY satisfied because that is what has been happening.

When I began the course I was still in observation mode and the emotion was pretty neutral. After the Pink Rose exercise there was a new zeal and a feeling of "Wow! I actually did that? This has been what I have been working for the whole time? What will come next...." and there was an excitement.

Than starting in late December and particularly January there was a huge hit of "Hey look where I'm at!" In a way it felt like it was so sudden, but it was a whole gradual working process since last June and that is a description of a very satisfying association and I rode that wave for almost the entire Spring all the way to now.

So as of now I am in observance and doing zone with these exercises but I have a feeling that the satisfaction will hit before I know and I will want to say I am VERY satisfied weeks and/or months from now.

For now...I will stay with I am VERY satisfied that I am done with them and got a chance to work through my internal workings a bit."

A.A... USA

Dynamic Life Development Systems Bronze Award

BRONZE Dynamic Lifer

Dated 14th August 2013

I am proud to announce this BRONZE award for Good Standard in acquiring her goals and completing Dynamic Life Development Systems The First System Framing And Reframing The Mind to A. A.

"The best word I can think of regarding the entire experience is awe. When I first began I didn't know what to expect. I reached out and made contact because I didn't know where else to turn.

To my surprise I received a reply within four days and an offer to be coached. I jumped at the chance. I don't even remember the very first session exactly and I just truly didn't know what to expect. My entire desire from the beginning was to learn to get to know *myself*.

The reason being is because I truly didn't understand what I was thinking and feeling and why, and what stimuli was it that my emotions and thoughts were exactly reacting to. I cannot believe I made it all the way here. I cannot really believe that I am near the end, or that I persevered through it all. Not that I planned not to.

As I stated I just did not know what to expect. It is a very surreal and invaluable experience to say the least. It is quite amazing!

Ange is very different. While most other popular life coaches are on this gimmicky, money making kick, his number one focus is always on his student's growth and well being first and foremost. He takes ample time to get to know you and what *you're* about and provides the teachings necessary to home the skills necessary for the outcome you want to achieve."   

A. A.... USA

Dated The 8th April 2014

I am proud to announce this BRONZE award for Good Standard in acquiring her goals and completing Dynamic Life Development Systems The First System Framing And Reframing The Mind to Sazhida Samadi.

"I would recommend you to anyone, because it’s so encouraging and beneficial. You challenge people to think deeper, to be more authentic. I feel very natural with you and I have nothing to hide, very nice coach with whom I feel so open and relaxed. I love your website, articles and everything you do it’s simply professional.

You deserve my total respect and I am very thankful for working with you. Every session we have is fun, easy and just enjoyable. I just enjoy every aspect of our session. We are open and honest. I love all exercises you gave me they are challenging, but very useful. I have never thought that it would be so great working with professional coach like you.

You gave me hope and courage to go forward, to trust in myself. Of course, I am still learning and I want to learn and grow further. You are only one who saw me in a very different angle without judgement and critics. As I said people see me not like you do, that’s’ why I can be so trustful with you, say everything without being scared. That means a lot to me!

What I love about our session is open communication. I wish I had this conversation with my parents or my past men. Now I know how important to be vulnerable, how important to show my feminine side. I have never been so open like I was with you. I think, we have an amazing friendship it’s not like I am your patient who is always depressed and unhappy with life.

We worked for couple month and I feel totally different now. I feel more confident, my life goes on and I became more relaxed.

Thank a Million!"

Sazhida Samadi... Almaty...  Kazakhstan.

Dated The 16th March 2015

I am proud to announce this BRONZE award for Very Good Standard in acquiring his goals and completing Dynamic Life Development Systems The First System Framing And Reframing The Mind to Danny Nakhle.

"It was fairly easy for me to take what I had learned and apply it because everything was explained in a simple manner and was fairly easy to comprehend. What I really enjoyed was how much self reflection on the topics gave me more insight into my own behaviours. Things I never really thought much about before, even simple things, suddenly came to the surface.

Another aspect I was completely satisfied with was the openness and honesty. I was very comfortable discussing things I normally wouldn't with others and never once did I feel judged. The availability was another aspect I was satisfied with. During times where I was feeling down and needed someone to talk or vent to, you were usually available to just listen.

While It is understandable that this may not always be possible, it can be very frustrating when someone as a coach is unavailable in your times of need. This definitely was not the case with me and I liked that a lot. You don't feel alone. I generally felt understood when I portrayed my feelings and that meant a lot to me because I didn't feel like I was babbling non-sense. You know how to relate to people very well. I am pretty satisfied with all the other exercises. A lot of them were fairly easy to do even though some took me out of my comfort zone.

Some like writing a letter got me thinking about myself and how I've treated those around me. It gave me a lot of information about myself and helped me discover things about both myself and other people that I had either had misconceptions about before or had just never known. The exercises that had me interact with other people were a little challenging because that is where my comfort zone was breached the most. Yet it wasn't too hard to do, especially when I treated it as a game.

These exercises especially taught me not to take things too seriously. The modules all in all were a very easy read, nothing was confusing what so ever. What I enjoyed the most was the modules with stories in them. The stories were not only entertaining, but they helped me relate more to a lot of situations. I definitely wouldn't mind more stories in modules. The humour in the modules was also very entertaining and made the whole experience more down to earth.

It was something to look forward to. A nice hour and a half to two hours to just share with someone how you are doing. Not being face to face didn't matter so much although I'm sure it has its benefits.

The coaching was also never pushy. It gave me my time to attempt things on my own. What made it most successful to me was that it didn't feel like an obligation. Sure I was speaking to my coach, but it felt more like speaking to a friend. That aspect of it is what made it comfortable for me. I didn't have the fear of not doing well at something or felt the pressure to conform at all. Finally I almost always felt better after a session of coaching. You have this way of addressing issues that calms the other person down. Nothing is a big deal and everything can be taken care of. It takes all the built up stress I have and just throws it out the window. You helped me re-frame. Showed me the good where I couldn't see it. That is very important and it has stuck with me."

Danny Nakhle...Phoenix Arizona... USA

Dated The 28th April 2016

I am proud to announce this BRONZE award for Very Good Standard in acquiring her goals and completing Dynamic Life Development Systems The First System Framing And Reframing The Mind to Jane Porter.

"It has been a very positive experience, Ange has taught me so much through his articles and his never ending patience and wisdom. He has listened to me with so much patience and understanding and always found the positive side even when I was down that dark hole when I thought there was no way out.

He has certainly reframed my mind to think more positively and accept myself with less criticism. It's been exhilarating at times and extremely painful other times but it was all for a good reason.

I've learned than change can't happen without stepping outside your comfort zone and that's the scary thing, but so necessary. Fear is something we manufacture in our own heads…when it comes to actual change its never as scary as we think it will be.

Ange’s knowledge and understanding of human relationships both with ourselves and others is so extensive and always delivered with compassion and kindness. I have to add that Ange’s unique sense of humour makes me feel so at ease and makes him so approachable.

Most of the modules were very helpful and thought provoking. It made me realise that my insecurities and fears were much the same as most people's. When you delve into these you realise how many other people are just as scared and unsure about their life experiences as I have been.

Working through them has taught me a lot especially about putting a positive spin on situations and less negativity."

Jane Porter... UK

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A Fulling And Dynamic Life Style! 


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