Now that you have read the story.... let me ask you a couple of questions...

1... Are you living the life you create for yourself and love living?

2... Are you are just being busy to survive and make do? 

Now be honest with yourself in your answer which question did you say YES to... A or B?


Imagine this...

Before you put off living the LIFE you desire for one more day... remember tomorrow may never come all you got is NOW!

Will you take the step out of your comfort zone... have the TRUST in yourself to live your life with purpose... give meaning to your life and do what it takes to live what you really yearn for?

Remember if you can dream it... if you can desire it... not only you are capable of having it... you can create what you want and you can make your dreams and desires happen for you... there have been many men and women who have done just that... made their dreams and desires a REALITY and created the life they wanted to live and love living... filled with purpose... meaning and fulfillment!

You can come to the realization... that in so many ways you are wasting your time being busy doing nothing that is off benefit to you and start investing your Time to benefit and enrich the wealth of your life and those you LOVE and care for.

When you take RESPONSIBILITY for yourself...

  • Be it for Love.
  • Be it for Sex.
  • Be it for Money.
  • Be it for Health.

Instead of just surviving and making do in your life... you create YOUR LIFE!

It means you will step up many gears... and in doing so you create the life you want to live for yourself!

Dynamic Life Development Systems

Personal Development Academy


Is more than an ordinary self help program... it is an Dynamic Life Development System for men and women who desire a dynamic... wealthy and enriched life style and great relationships!

It is a system for EMPOWERING the way men and women view... life... health... relationships... career and  sexuality... most importantly it is for those Exceptional men and women who want to develop their personal Dynamic Confidence... Solid Personal Esteem... Trust in themselves and develop their  Health...  Fitness  and  Relationships!

It is for those Dynamic Men and Women who want and desire to GROW... it is a System that enables you to design a life that excites YOU completely... from more than just a financial standpoint.

I know that when you are willing to invest in yourself as other successful men and women do... you will grow and develop a rock solid trust, a confidence, an awareness and presence that you will enable you to take control of your life and create your future success, wealth, love and  happiness.

That is why I created and evolved Dynamic Life Development Systems for those men and women who want to create their own Dynamic Life for themselves.

So... what is the measure of Success? 


There is only one REAL measure of be able to do what YOU want to do in your own way when you are the Master of your life and not being the victim of circumstances.

Your commitment is a conscious decision and a choice reflected in your actions you have to make the decision to choose and keep choosing day after day that what you love... you will succeed in. 

The real difference between successful men and women and the rest is that successful men and women find ways to move past the struggle... breakthrough the trails and remain focused on their prize. 

They are the DYNAMIC men and women who are the FUTURE RAIN MAKERS of their own life story that they desire to live!

And in doing so by the energy of their presence and the lives they touch make the World a better place to live in for us all.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

Now are you one of those SPECIAL men and women who are wanting to create and invest in  your own Life your own Wealth... your own Success and your own Relationships that you love  living and are PROUD of that and become a DYNAMIC LIFER!

To KNOW more about 

Dynamic Life Development Systems

Personal Development Academy

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"To evolve into a Dynamic Lifer is to step out of the life of average into the world of the Exceptional that is full possibilities and for creating a life of Excellence that you design for yourself." ~ Ange Fonce

The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers


"Ange brings a diverse and encompassing set of life experiences and profound knowledge to the table. Ange has successfully coached individuals and couples to resolve relationship issues with real life solutions while imparting lasting change. He is an avid listener, a great problem solver with a colourful and authentic personality. It has been a great joy working with you Ange. I thank you for your astute wisdom and help."

~ Priya Paramsothy... Canada

"I'm so glad that I found Ange's website and found a Life Coach that I would absolutely recommend. Ange's unending patience and understanding when I was struggling he lifted me out the hole many times and gradually reframed my mind to see things from a different perspective.

He has taught me so much and gradually my self esteem grew and I became stronger. This in turn made me accept what I can't change and that I think was the turning point for me.

He has completely changed my perception of myself and that in turn gave me the courage to see things from a different perspective.

He is so understanding and his knowledge on the human mind and behaviours never fails to amaze me. He has the ability to make you realise that all things are possible. Fantastic service thanks. Thanks Ange."

Jane Porter... UK

"Firstly I developed my self confidence. Throughout these past months I went from blaming myself for every unfortunate event and seeing myself as a failure to a person that constantly tries to see the good and opportunity in everything.

I've also began to not find value in myself based on the way others see me. I've learned many things about my own behaviours and the behaviours of others that gives me an edge in social situations. One of the most important lessons I've learned is to never assume anything. The best thing that has happened to me in my personal development would be no longer living my life without an idea of where I am going.

I am now taking my life into my own hands and guiding myself to places I want to go. I am happy with how I'm doing up till now but I am still unsatisfied in the sense that I want to learn and grow a lot more still. I am in one of the hardest places I've ever been in and very unsure about many things but I want this to be a huge learning experience for me and I want to be able to be comfortable in any situation I am put in.

I want to reach the stage where I am so confident in myself and my abilities that I will be calm and comfortable in any place I am put in."

Danny Nakhle...Phoenix Arizona... USA

"I would recommend you to anyone, because it’s so encouraging and beneficial. You challenge people to think deeper, to be more authentic. I feel very natural with you and I have nothing to hide, very nice coach with whom I feel so open and relaxed. I love your website, articles and everything you do it’s simply professional. You deserve my total respect and I am very thankful for working with you. Every session we have is fun, easy and just enjoyable. I just enjoy every aspect of our session. We are open and honest. I love all exercises you gave me they are challenging, but very useful. I have never thought that it would be so great working with professional coach like you. You gave me hope and courage to go forward, to trust in myself. Of course, I am still learning and I want to learn and grow further. You are only one who saw me in a very different angle without judgement and critics. As I said people see me not like you do, that’s’ why I can be so trustful with you, say everything without being scared. That means a lot to me! What I love about our session is open communication. I wish I had this conversation with my parents or my past men. Now I know how important to be vulnerable, how important to show my feminine side. I have never been so open like I was with you. I think, we have an amazing friendship it’s not like I am your patient who is always depressed and unhappy with life. We worked for couple month and I feel totally different now. I feel more confident, my life goes on and I became more relaxed. Thank a Million!"

Sazhida S... USA

Dear Ange,

This is a one of the most Powerful and Inspiring articles ever!

Be An INSPIRING MAN! The Traits Of The Warm Masculine By Ange Fonce

You are brilliant! When a man has these kind of values, I could surely fall for him, because this kind of man would inspire me to be the best and most desirable woman ever! At every aspect of my life.Thank you for this article!

Diana Bouquet... Holland

Just thinking of you...hope you have a marvelous day...thinking of you often and how blessed I am to know you and I have been listening to you and our sessions matter so much. I have been so touched by our conversations and I know one thing to be true. Regardless of any other possibility, you will remain one of my most trusted and dear friends in life. I look forward to talking again soon. You are a wonderful human being.

Love, Daniela

                                  Sofia... Bulgaria

Ange... I want to let you know you are a Blessing in my life, a wonderful person....I am very grateful to have met you and to be able to work with you....thank you.....wishing you a wonderful day....Smile 

Diana Bouquet... Holland

Hello Ange,

I just wanted to send you to express my gratitude to our talk because it contributed to having the most wonderful coaching session I have ever had. THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

Love you man,

Mohammad... Yemen

Dear Ange,

Thank you so much for such an amazing letter! These are the words I needed to hear! I will definitely keep trying to come back to London, but I will try and do it for myself and then if he is still there when it happens, then great!

Thank you for being so supportive, because usually people just think I am being delusional, believing in something that doesnt exist...

Thank you! thank you! thank you! Best wishes,"

Amy... Russia

"Your effort in helping people is great indeed. The energy you give them and the smile you put on their faces to bypass their struggles towards a successful life reflects your inner wiseness, the advices you offer make us challenge ourselves, enlighten our thoughts, and overcome our fears, truly, what you're doing is awesome!"

Caline Karam....Beruit Lebanon.

"If you have the opportunity to work with, experience, or read Ange Fonce, grab it! Unlike other coaches who simply dish out rules and tricks to manipulate the object of your desire, Ange Fonce empowers you with life-changing tools for REAL change and fulfilling results. His Dynamic Life Development System should be the first step for anyone wanting to improve his or her relationship, career, dating, or sex life. It’s a practical, simple, yet breakthrough program to pleasurably nourish you into the best possible shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally... to look, feel, and attract your best!"

                      Lauran Brenner....USA

"Ange Fonce is the most amazing coach/therapist/friend! Talking to him is like the best mental massage you could ever imagine. HIGHLY RECOMMEND him (and he has the greatest voice, too). If you are "stuck" at any time, he's your man. For infinite reasons I appreciate you, your wisdom, your compassion and your presence in my life. You have come in such a short time to mean so much to me, and I thank you for everything. Thank you Dear One." 

Mindy (and Molly).....USA

"Life is like a maze. When you feel there is no way out and you run around in circles, Ange is the life coach you can rely on, Ange is the life coach you can depend on to help you to make choices and decisions at the best interests of you. I have known Ange for several years. I am a physician/pharmacist and a mother of 5 wonderful children, I tried to do everything the best I can 100% or more to have a perfect marriage and a perfect family. I was tired, drained, exhausted and mostly I was unhappy. I felt the whole world was against me....I felt like a rat trapped in a maze...Ange have helped me and coached me to open the trap door on my own, I am still the same me: a professional woman and a mother of 5 children. I am a happy person to be around. People love to work with me. My children have more respect for me and love to help me doing chores. Ange has been a great coach to recognize my own potentials to live a happy and healthy life. Thank you Ange for being a great friend."

Yanni Queen... Ohio USA

"It's great to know that there are still some therapists out there who truly care about their clients! You're a great inspiration  Ange  and everything that I hoped you would  be."

Jennifer Becker... USA 

"List 25 things you would like to do/see/have in your lifetime. It's so true!!!:). This is what I ment when I said this year. I would like to go places and do things I don't know about and I have never seen or done before. Your writings and your guidence to me is an Inspiration to both men and women!!!:) Happy thank you"

Geneva Cruz.... Manila. Philippines.


"Thanks were so right in not denying passion and love...Im glad I spoke to you as im much clearer and feel gr8 :)" "I am diving in deep and letting it take me where ever its ment to riding the wave...Thanks to you Ange. Yes you are right Ange I do relate to that well and passion. Thankyou for helping me find my own answer and face my fear:)"

Claire.... Australia


"Life development coach with deep insight into the modern social realm and it's demands on the individual. Ange has an intellectual understanding and a psychological mastery of the masculine and feminine dynamics, emotional needs and gender accents. He is a charismatic individual with refreshing straight talking style, an infusion of good humour and art, which relates to people and launches them onto the road to aspiration and action."

Babbs Shakir.... Abu Dahbi

"That's lovely as usual, the session about the powers of the brain and mind......Wow!!!"

Ahlam Ghanem Ltief... Lebanon

"I so appreciate you emphasizing that men and women Are actually more alike than different. Some other Authors and people who work in this field speak and focus about the differences and it is refreashing for you to focus on how in spite of different sexes, we are All mirrors for each other and Human beings. Thankyou Ange for helping me and others to see that we are ONE Ange...........Uniting rather than separating."

Angnes Napenas... USA

 "Thank you Ange for the great session we had the other day! My partner Paul felt so comfortable with you and I felt that you helped both of us see new options in our relationship! I would recommend you highly!

The fun thing is that we are in Southern California and you are in England! Wow... So great to talk to someone in the privasy of your own home!

Both Paul and I enjoyed talking with you a great deal yesterday! My instincts were right, you were a great person to talk to. Paul felt really comfortable talking to you even about a delicate subject and that made me feel good too. You gave us some good food for thought and we ARE looking forward to those assignments you told us about so do remember to send those our way!"

Robin Wethe Altman... USA

"Wow this is very erotic. I Love what you teach"

Carolyn Love... UK

"Thankyou. Extremely benefical. You helped a lot Ange. I was challenged and I learned and I am grateful.Thankyou again."

Charles De Turk... USA

"Really needed to read this, and will re-read a few times. Its something everyone ought to read, maybe......even taught in schools, thanks for sharing Ange"

Kelly Rose Brown Mahoney... Canada

" I always enjoy your notes and writings so much. This is so thought provoking and so true. You always leave me thinking so much deep thoughts about what you have writern and taught me Ange. Can't wait for the next meeting"

Lynda Beauchamp Thornhil... USA

"You are such a blessing to our hearts dear Ange. Thankyou always for you. I am grateful for this connection, and learn so much from you.......always in Love...........CatherineXXX"

Catherine... UK

"This is beautiful Ange. I am crying!!! I really needed this........wrapped up in My own pain. I had forgot how to live XOXOXOXOXO"

Caroline Roschuk... Canada

"Thank you my friend very much for you wisdom and expert help"

Bunny Robinson... UK

"Ange Love, you are great with ur words, i just love what you wrote, now you have made things bit easy for me to date some guys, You are so gifted mate, much Love"

Shantel... Australia

"Hi there I read what you sent me and I could cry and be turned on at the same time..."You Have it!!" by god you do!!"

Ina France... New Zealand

" I just love your articles, so uplifting and positive! Stay at home Mom.........Carlyn"

Carlyn... UK

"hi ange just dropping by to say i love ya and thankyou for being a friend to me and helping me. my life is so much richer for having you in it and i just want you to know that i value your friendship.  love jason"

Jason... UK

"Good morning Ange,I know now why I was put in contact with you,my mentor all round best friend for close to 40 yrs.,and the only guy I ever allowed to kick my ass Mike Harrop..died last spring.since then I've kind of drifted along,and had no one to confer with on everything from life to the Cosmos.
I read the 2nd.part of your discussion..What it is to be a man.,and it was,to me a real kick in my ass,and I'll be forever gratefull for that.I've been trying to find some kind of a comparison to the way you got right inside my soul,like light through a window,and the only thing I've come accross is the movie..Devil's Advocate. Only,you are Al Pacino,and I'm Keanu Reeves.I mean this with the utmost respect,Ange, because that movie scared the shit out of me.The whole moral dillema thing, and Al Pacino,suspecting something wrong,might think to himself.."hmm..let's take a peek at his soul,see what's going on",but that's in my own mind,not anything else.I have never,..not in this lifetime,anyway,ever seen anyone that even compares to your abilities,and emotional strength.I most certainly would't ever want to get on your wrong side,the outcome to my emotion would be brutal.I truly take my hat off to you,Ange,and thanks again for the kick in my ass,I needed it"

Roger... Canada.


"Ange, Ange, Ange!

WOW!  I thoroughly loved the 2 hour therapy session and will highly recommend it to others if given the opportunity. [husband] and I went home and felt more connected and in sync than ever.  Oh and had great sex!   

You really hit the nail on the head regarding [husband]  

I needed that.  I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to discover that on my own.  Your advice gave us another key piece of information to growing even deeper.    

You are brilliant.  Thank you so much for your raw honesty and your fucking intensity.  

God!  I love that about you.  

I’m really glad that we got to bond a bit more.  [husband] & I are so fortunate to have you in our lives.  Your words of wisdom and insight are priceless. We are definitely going to rely on you as one of our pillars of strengh. 

We are always here for you to offer what we can. We are so in love and committed to evolving to our highest levels, individually and as one.  I know that having you on our team will be a key component of our success.  

Love you Ange!"

Claire... UK

"Great article! But as I was comparing and taking notes, I had to crack up when you started describing a promotional t-shirt I had over 30 years ago...from STIFF Records !! And yes,it was a real attention getter!! But then, a biker chick stole it, so I'm sure she got alot more!! Keep tellin' it like it is, so that more will stand in their own integrity and live an authentic life!"

Richard Barret... USA

"My name is Ange too but of the feminine species!! I have read soo much of your articles and I love it. When my girlfriends are stuck on a problem now, I usually find something to assist them which I download and print for them. We all now love it."

Angela... Australia

"Intimate Communion is also having the courage and openess to have honest, transparent and vulnerable dialogue with one another, without judgement, no matter how painful or uncomfortable that may be - the closeness this promotes when sincere is other worldly. Thank you for trusting me and letting me be me, and listening, dare I say you "fixed" me Ange especially as you know I've got a bit of devilish, naughty streak ;) much love xxxx"

Sharon... UK

BEdazzled................. Amen....those men you teach the four golden rules to ,to prepare them for real manhood,bring them my way............we have a australia anyway...cheez.those MEN do exist.i know they do................i am wanting a MAN who knows how to do a FULL DANCE not HALF a Dance....for a change...xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Antoniette Lanni... Australia

"See, women are wired to want to be with Masculine Men." Hence you knew I would be returning for cream.. Arghhh.. And yet this so true... Society is taking that away from men.. and from women! Men are trying to be something they think women want.. And women are too proud to admit to wanting a strong masculine male..Out in the 'world' I have always been the tough one.. I could do anything. I could even lift the same weight as a man. I was called domineering.. ice queen.. And yet during that period, the most intense relationship that I had.. in fact the most intense I have ever had, was with a man who was simply that.. a man.. a masculine man.. No matter how tough we portray ourselves to be, it is a masculine man that compliments us.Merci ♥".#

Karen O'Mooore... South Africa

"Ange,I don't know where you grew up,but I think you're my twin Brother.I feel a kind of relief that,after all these years I was pretty much on course.This morning when I read your story about "Love..Fear",I felt like one of those uppity little kids that has dad take him and nock all the Oedipal tendencies right out of him. You throw a good pissing competition,that's for sure.You are a fascinating man,Ange..a true Man among Men,With all respect,I say so long,for today.we'll hopefully cross paths when the sun shines again." 

Liam... Australia

"Ange you so inspire me!!! Thank u so much for this entry I share so much of what you write with so many people. I too see women as so many so unhappy so dead they are always asking me how come I am so happy. It took me many years to so embrace the beauty of the woman that I am!!!! Yet now OMG I can't and do not care to ever be any other way. Being a woman is a precious gift and I so cherish all that I am. Namaste" 

Jaki Pozdzic... USA

"[13:12:34] Ali.Bashir: Ange ur a Gangster when it comes to woman.,,"

"Thankyou so much for the chat and coaching session this morning ange. You real care about the people you work with. I appreciate you with all my heart."

Ali Bashir... UK

"I love the article you wrote about the depth and immeasurable intensity of a woman's love, and how overwhelming it can be, and about staying open and weird, I've had several Aha! moments lately...and your columns have definitely're a great catalyst man....! You are the best....You're doing God's work my friend.....I can't thank you enough, and great job opening up the dialogue between men and women, is time to bridge the gap, cross the abyss that's been separating us for years.....time to get healthy in our hearts, and some sanity in our minds......I know it's ours for the taking......Wishing you the best my friend for all the support you gave me"

Brian Coscione... USA

AF. Is amazing. I FOUND a lot of support at the right time , wt him. Really gratefull. LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU AF”

Silvia Colis... USA

"I do know your going to do more good jobs helping people with love and hope to keep going within any way of life. I just need to learn more about how you do things. I feel your more then a counselling sevece; sorry about my writing i'm dyslexic; I'm a spirit medium & psychic I love helping peopls as free as I can, I could do with knowing if I'm going to get funding for my university course I'm going to start doing in September. I know you will help is some way. My trouble is I'm disabled but I so much wish to be a counsellor its a three year Hs Degree i'm going fore so god bless your doing a good job keep up the good work." 

Paul Hilton... UK

"I think you are brilliant and thank you for the support and help~ you have a gift."

Ann Marie Whaley... USA

"A la prochaine .. J'espere !!!!! You are very Inspirational to All who Knows what Real Inspiration is . !!! Lol !!!!" 

Ariel Arion...Naturopath -Holistic Therapist and Beauty Counselor at InstitutAnca 

"i seriously y enjoy ur post and i have put into practise and trust me I am little sceptical to most posts cuz they dont help me to be a Player  but ur post r the real thing thank you fro giving it freeee!!!!! i am a millionaire now in terms of hooking up with women thanks to you lol but I like ur new profile pic then the previous one ,This is badass black hat hmmmmmmmmmmmmm awesome be in touch and i wud be going to Las Vegas for 8 days any piece of advice to not be eaten by cougars there  lol"

Roshith Kumar... USA

"Hi, Ange. I wrote to you a bit back about my frustration with Irishmen. Remember? Guess what? I was about two seconds away from hiding under my bed and giving up on relationships when I met this wonderful Irishman on an Irish online dating service. I feel like I've known him forever though we've only been talking now for about two months. I've been talking to him on the phone and I have fallen madly in love with him. He's just the sweetest. He lives in Borris, Carlow in Ireland. So, I just wanted to tell you that and to say thank you for all your posts and your beautiful pictures of couples in love, making love...etc. I really kind of gave up there for awhile. I was feeling really ugly about it all. I plan to go visit him this summer and see where it takes us. I would love to move to Ireland and there is this feeling in the air that yes, that is in my future. I'm taking it a step at a time, of course. But you know, I have finally learned to appreciate the journey instead of worrying so much about the destination. So, thank you!! Keep inspiring us. You are a beautiful soul, Ange!"

Eagle Wing Stretches... USA

"I adore your services to educate people on what it takes to enjoy life as the couples together without giving ways to social evils like divorce, separation, and the like, etc., ... so that a long lasting relationship could be built with love and truth. Keep it up and you live by your examples. May God Bless you ! Ange Fonce"

Mohan Rose Ali.... India

"What can I open this Letter with,but,Mr.,MISTER!, DAMN ANGE,YOU DA MAN!,Never before in my life, have I seen anyone that has his finger on the pulse of Human relationships as close as YOU DO!. You simply keep knockin' them "OutA'The FUCKIN'PARK!!",when it comes to giving GREAT information on HOW a "REAL" Woman should be treated.I personally don't know where you've gleaned  your knowledge from,ANGE,..but,..I personally feel...that YOU..must have an  open channel, the Godess of LOVE Herself!. Keep being the most open,most HONEST,Human being that I've ever had the pleasure to communicate with. Yours Always,"

Rodger Morrison... Canada

"Just wanted to let you know that I love you for your being there with no questions asked... and saying it and telling it like it is,Ange. xx"....

Michele Schneider Rasmussen... USA

"Hi you probably get this and lot I just wanted to say thanks, you have helped me with alot with issues and stuff, am friends with you on my other facebook Page Kazo Hatton, and i wanted you on this Page, i do tell people about you, so well done xxx

Karen Winsford... UK

"Thank u for replying to my msgs and helping me I really to appreciate yo input coz I wud really wana learn more abt men and understand them better."

Adelina Lungu... Lusaka... Zambia


"hi ange hope u r well , i am getting better with my ed things are improoving it has now been 8 weeks no porn thanks for your help and i find ur page really interesting."

Pawlu Bondin... Malta

"Just a heads up. I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done thusfar. They say that people appreciate the people around them less or show appreciation less. I want to be the exception to the rule.

Thank you again Ange in this journey."

Guy Guillermo.... USA

"I want to let you know that of everything out there to read in cyberspace, your blogs are the only things I consistently read, look forward to, share with friends, and use in my life. You are brilliantly prolific, energetic, passionate, and knowledgable beyond measure!!!! with appreciation, Your fan, friend, and follower."

Lauren... USA

"Ange is very different. While most other popular life coaches are on this gimmicky, money making kick, his number one focus is always on his student's growth and well being first and foremost. He takes ample time to get to know you and what *you're* about and provides the teachings necessary to home the skills necessary for the outcome you want to achieve."

A. A... USA

"I would just like to say that I look forward to your emails. As they have helped me tremendously in my relalionship with my girlfriend and work relations. Although I am a pretty confident person although not very ambitious in my career choice. What I have read. Has given me a greater understanding of what other people want in me. And given that little bit more confidence to relate to other people's needs Thank you again"

Adam Hewie... UK

"Hi I would just like to thank you for your email. Made interesting reading. I have written to you in the past informing you that your emails have given me a better understanding of how to be a better person. regarding relationships. I took your advice onboard before. To cut a long story short. I have proposed to my girl friend of 43 with four kids in tow. And me being a sole parent of two and at an age of 54. She accepted. I have had quite a few failed relationships. it could have been my fault. But feel I have seen the error in my ways. And have become a more caring and understanding lover and friend I must thank you for your wisdom and for sharing it with others."

A. H... UK

Re: Your story of the perils of honesty. This is to suggest Tiffany's honesty can readily be viewed...and Freud would likely a projecting her own behavior with as series of men on her husband.

And she protects herself from self-blame by blaming her husband. Projection and transference. Freud was not correct about some things, but sure knew something about defense mechanisms.

I'm an admiring reader...81 years old, but very much intrigued by relationships.

Richard... UK

"I just want to say that was a great article on women and there emotions.I never had a problem meeting women I always had that carefree attitude when in a relationship. Now I know why when I invested to much into a relationship they would run. In the future I will remember your article when dating a women I'm interested in. THANKS GREG" 

Greg G Thomas... U.S.A

"I have really appreciated all the time patience and understanding you have given me and I wouldn't have made it through without your help and support. Without doubt you have shown the most kindness and understanding to me when I have been at my lowest and I can't thank you enough.

Much love jane X"

Jane Porter... U K

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