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The One Who Makes it Rain 
Makes the Rules

Without a Rain Maker... you and your tribe are in trouble... this is true for the many peoples living around the world on sun bleached plains... when the life giving water holes... streams and rivers began to dry up from lack of rain... life is hard... the plants and crops wither... the animals weaken and die... and the tribe despairs.

It is€™ also true for any individual... groups or businesses trying to survive and thrive in any economical environment... it i™s the Rain Maker who saves their own tribe from the despair€” and consequences” of failure.... in all cultures throughout the world... the Rain Maker is a powerful individual... high status... respected... and always paid in full... ultimately... the one who makes it rain makes the rules.

The traditional Rain Maker typically enjoyed many privileges and some unfair advantage outside of traditional channels and€“ this is how they made it rain... the right family... the right education... the right insider connections... the exclusive club membership... privilege upon more privilege... that had more to do with serving the elite of the tribe then the Whole tribe.

The New RAIN Maker also enjoys an unfair advantage...€” except in this case... it is now available to anyone who understands and acts on how the Dynamic Life Generation works in this modern world. 

Thanks to many things like the Internet... this unfair advantage is now built on the principles of attracting and genuinely engaging an audience... serving them and focusing on their "interest."

And being "authentic" in conducting yourself with "integrity" as a "trustworthy"... Dynamic Man and Dynamic Woman in an ever growing untrusting and insecure world... and that your statues is not based solely on the circumstances of your birth... family and connections. 

You have earned your privilege... respect and status as a New RAIN Maker by rite of passage in serving ALL those that would require your services... be it in business... your community... your relationships... your tribe... and even your culture. 

Will you becoming one of those SPECIAL men and women?

Dynamic Lifers... are independent Dynamic men and women who are Creators of their own future! They become one of those"exclusive" breed of New RAIN Makers of this world. 

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