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By Ange Fonce

Have you ever heard the story of how Tony Robbins and his team changed the way riflemen trained in the US Army?
To pass as a Marksman you had to hit a target 30 times out of 45.  

For new recruits this could take as long as 27... 30 hours of training.
The numbers had pretty much stayed the same for as long as the army could remember...  that was how long people took to improve.
When Tony and his team of experts came in to train them... they broke down the process that the best marksmen were using when they lined up a shot piece by piece in order to try to find the key components of a direct hit.
As they interviewed all the top marksmen they discovered that there was a common thread amongst the best shooters... they narrowed their focus on the target to the point where they could picture the target closer than it really was.  
So how do you get new riflemen to see a target up close if it is so far away? 
They had to bring the target closer.
Tony and his team made the marksmen start with the targets positioned much closer to them than they ever had before... it almost seemed too easy. 
Yet as they learned to see a target up close and hit it where they desired... they would move the target back a bit further and this allowed them to still see the target up close and hit it at further and further distances. 
As they moved it back more and more the marksmen were still able to hit their target.
The result?
Average time for graduate their marksmen level went down to 12 hours... down from 27... 30 hours... that is more than double the efficiency of the old way of doing things...  all from seeing your target up close.
Would you like to double your effectiveness in life and improve your personal development in half the time?
Let us take a look at your personal targets.

How Do You See Your Life Five Years From Now?

This question comes from one of the earliest inner game missions in Dynamic Life Development Systems Personal Development Academy.
The mission is called The Five Year Plan... it is a mission designed to give people something to shoot for... targets for all the areas of your life.
In this article I want you to take a fresh look at your five year plan in as much detail as possible and if you are a Dynamic Lifer one of The Tribe... it is good to do a refresh of your 5 year plan.
If you have never done it before... take out a pen and paper and focus on it for a few minutes...  we are going to get up close and personal with your targets in life.
The reason I want everyone to take a look at their Five Year Plan now is I want to delve into the mechanics of who you are at the deepest levels and how you can be your very best self... which is extremely attractive to members of the opposite sex firstly and it helps you create the life you want to love living.
Some of the problems you may discover in yourself during this exercise in this article that are holding you back from doing what you really want in life cannot instantly be changed... they will take an investment of your time and genuine effort and if you can see your target clearly... you will get there much faster.
Your five year plan is revealing and filling it out will help you get a better understanding of yourself... your goals and what you are doing to get there... this homework will greatly assist you to delve into your innermost self.
At the end of the day it will be the most important personal development work you can do for yourself and if you have done it before... do it again... it is an extremely powerful exercise.
Let us do it NOW...
Even if you are not a student of The Academy... please write down answers to the following questions...


When you imagine yourself five years from now...
How do you look?
Who do you associate with?
What skills do you have that you did not before?
What does your career look like?
How do you imagine your love and sex life?
Now ask yourself...
What are you doing reach these goals?
What is the first step you could take towards achieving each of these outcomes?
And finally a few added INNER GAME questions...
Why did you set the goals that you set?
What do your goals reveal about you?
Do they show you where you feel vulnerable?
Do they reveal possible insecurities?
Are any of your goals coming from a negative and pessimistic place?
If so where is the negativity coming from?
And that is it... you are done.
Remember please do take your time with these questions.
Once you have finished take a moment to look over your answers and ask yourself one final question:
Were you honest with yourself?
If you answered no... then where do you need to be more honest with yourself?

Now I will be honest with you... this is a simplified version of what Dynamic Lifers do in The Academy... we go into greater depth and detail... yet just doing this simple version will give you insight into to yourself.
When I started creating plans for my life... whether they started out as 5 minutes... 5 hours or 5 years... they made a huge difference.  
When you see your target clearly... nothing gets in your way of hitting it.
It is time to stop going through life without a target and firing blindly and hoping you will hit something.
Do your Five Year Plan and see the world with new eyes.
It is time to hit your target.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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