Your Goals Do You Have A Strategy And Tactics For Change? 

By Ange Fonce

Your Goal... 

What are you wanting to change... what observable actions will let you know you have succeeded?

The Strategy... 

What are the emotions you can amplify... the connections you can make that will cause you to do something that you hesitated to do in the past to change? 

The strategy is not the focus... it is the lever that helps you cause the change you seek.

The Tactics... 

What are the actions you take that cause the strategy to work... what are the events and interactions that... when taken together... comprise your strategy?

An example... 

Your goal is to change your round body shape to a slim... toned body shape. 

Your "strategy" is to establish a standard for your body shape... to make it something positive that you want to "acquire" because it feels good to be slim... fit... and that. 

And your "tactic" is to pair with those that are also working towards a similar goal.

If you merely ask someone to help you with a tactic in isolation... it is likely you will not get the support you need.... and when you share a goal with someone... and you can explain how your strategy can make it likely that you will achieve that goal... and others can share their "tactics" too... working together on a tactic that supports that strategy is an obvious thing to do... to acquire your "goal."

And it certainly opens the door to a useful conversation about whether your strategy is appropriate and your tactic is coherent and likely to cause the change you seek.

A tactic might feel fun... or the next thing to do... or a lot like what your competition is doing. 

Yet a tactic by itself is nothing much worth doing... when it supports a strategy... a longer term plan that builds on itself and generates leverage... that is far more powerful. 

And a strategy without a goal that can be measured for "success" is wasted.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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