You have Made an Enormous Mistake – Now What?


Ange Fonce & Dalija Vujec

How often have you made a mistake and it has caused problems for others which comes back to cause bigger problems for you?

Here are three concepts to consider in the aftermath of a mistake.

Be Ruthlessly Honest...

You, most likely know the value of assessing a problem before dealing with it. 

Define the mistake and admit your part in it – even if only to yourself. It can seem easier to hide or downplay a mistake if the opportunity is there. 

Yet  this does not mean that you should beat yourself up either. Blame is not as valuable as positive action toward dealing with your mistake.

Also, be honest in determining if the “mistake” was just a failure to meet an impossibly high standard. Admitting this can be hard if you have already invested resources toward your goal. And adjusting standards and not expecting too much of yourself can help reestablish manageable goals and make future missteps less likely. 

Did you maybe risk too much?

If what you were aiming or hoping for was realistic, do an autopsy to see what happened. Determine if you can fix it. And decide how not to make the same mistake again. 

And it all starts with an honest assessment.

Guilt vs. Shame... Are You Your Mistake?

The emotional dynamics of guilt can vary. Guilt is an unpleasant feeling, yet that does not mean that it has to be a destructive one. 

Once again, call on your analytical skills. 

Try to determine whether you have separated that specific mistake from who you are in your totality.

As some psychologists and researchers suggest, when guilt becomes an ever-present part of your self-identity, it becomes shame, which is an insidious sense of being flawed in some basic way. This can affect life in many negative ways. 

If this feels familiar, consider all the good things you have accomplished in life. 

Make a list if it helps. It is probably true that most mistakes are not who you are.

If you have separated guilt and shame, then what specific lesson should you learn from your mistake while moving forward with your life? 

Treat helpful guilt as a signpost that provides direction. Following that signpost can help resolve guilt fairly quickly. Be willing to accept a hard lesson with self-compassion and a desire to improve. 

Remember that nobody is perfect.

Make Amends When You Can...

If you can fix your mistake or compensate for it, we suggest that you do so. 

Not only is it the responsible thing to do yet it will probably also make you feel better and stronger. 

If you need to apologize to someone, do it. 

Neither of these actions will erase the mistake. And each will show your good faith acceptance of responsibility and your desire to do better, both to others and, more importantly, to yourself.

So, what do you observe about how you tend to handle mistakes? 

Can you draw a connection between your personality traits and your style of dealing with such things? 

We would love to hear from you.

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