Part of my profession as a Psycho-dynamic Person Development Coach and Counsellor is coaching both men and women... how to first “socially court” members of the opposite sex and when there is more there in the way of “attraction”... to move forward to a more personal style of “courting” and please do not confuse this with... “dating”... I am not a “dating coach.”

Social Courting and Courting is very a very different style and “mindset” of intentions with members of the opposite sex.

So drawing on may years of experience in this field I will share with you the “character traits” of certain kinds of men... you as a women best avoid..

Now... here are 5 types of men I would not recommend to any woman.


If only I had a pound for every woman who has ever written to me wanting to know what to do about a man who has dropped off the face of the Earth... I already know he is no longer interested. 

Yet the point is he should have been man enough to give her the straight truth about there being a better match out there besides him and the sad truth is many men would rather avoid the potential emotional drama of being forthright with a woman than be a MAN and do the right thing.

Seriously...if a woman likes you... she really THINKS you had fun and that "you will call her" when you say you will and when you utter phrases like that... and do not do what you say you are going to...  you seriously lack character... to put it bluntly.... your a JERK... period... end of story.

And if you lack character... then I am not going to be shy as a MAN about telling women to move on and AVOID you!

2... "LYING GUY"

I do not personally think that "all men are liars" by intention.... the truth is we ALL lie... both men and women.

However there is a HUGE difference when the lying is done with “intent” to deceive and hides an ulterior motive.

The bottom line is that if you have been telling women whatever you think they want to hear just to get in their pants... I am going to recommend to the women you have been seeing that they keep their panties on... just like I would tell you to watch your wallet if a woman was whispering empty "sweet nothings" to get you to buy her things all the time.

If your intention is to have sex with a woman... be AUTHENTIC in your intentions... she then has the “choice” if it is NO... respect that... if it is YES... game on!


Look... the simple truth... the simple reality is this.... if you are NOT coming off as a masculine man... you are not attracting women.

Sexual polarity is what keeps you from hearing the dreaded "let's just be friends" talk.... women deserve to feel sexual attraction every bit as much as you do... so when women write to expressing crushing guilt because they are seeing a "great guy" who they "just don't feel it for"... I explain to them exactly why they feel the way they do and help lift the guilt of "kicking him to the curb" off their shoulders. 

Never hide your masculine presence because you think it will turn women off... the opposite is true... as long as you are not a pushy machismo jerk … who is full of macho bullshit or predatory about it.


Not only should you be a man who shows responsibility as a provider... protector and a leader... women have every right to NEVER settle for a man who demonstrates anything less.

When women tell me how frustrated they are by a mans double talk... bad decisions... lack of a plan... inability to make her feel safe and overall flakiness... I affirm her frustration and do what I can to assure her there is ANOTHER MAN out there who really... "gets it."

That is the Man she should be with instead and not the "boy in a man's body" she is with now.


This is the worst man in the pack the "Manipulative Nice Guy" when you think about it....  a person.... man... or woman.... who shows you just a glimpse of what he or she is like.... tricking you into  thinking something else is going on that head of theirs is really just trying to "warm you up" to accept whatever they send your way later.

I have heard and seen with my own eyes... women who see a “really... really nice guy”... verbally abuse a waitress or a relative early on but dismiss it in the moment... sure enough... once there is more “water under the bridge” between them he starts verbally abusing her also and by then it is too late.... she is "emotionally hooked” on him.

A more innocuous example would be the lighter found in the man silverware drawer that is allegedly used to “start the grill” when a month or so down the road his closet smoking habit turns out to be for real.

A more extreme example would be the man with a vicious jealous streak who seems “sorted” up front and knocks up his girlfriend and marries her VERY quickly so as to "lock her down" from even so much as leaving the house later... PLUS a lot more.... a jerk is a jerk and if you get involved with him.... well you know what you were doing and letting yourself in for.

Now... “Mr Nice Guy” is by far the more dangerous animal.... he wraps himself up in a cloak of "sweetness" and sucks you in.

As the spider said to the fly...

“Come into my parlour... my dear.”

Smart flies would be “no way” and gone.

Stupid flies who are mesmerised.... well you know what happens to them.... lunch for the spider.

Unfortunately there appear to be a lot of... “stupid flies!”

Now that I have given you some hints that might help you arrive at a well informed answer regarding whether I would recommend you to a woman or not... let me make one thing perfectly clear.... the point of this article is to give you some 20 20 foresight.... I am all about helping you WIN with women from the very start and she WINS with you.


So if some of what I am about to say hits home... that is a GOOD thing.... please do not take it personally... use it to correct your course and thrill womens brains out instead of them writing to me.

Rest assured that if you are a Masculine Man who is confident.... authentic of high value... in the way women cannot help be “attracted” and respond to as women.... you are able to make a woman feel safe and comfortable in your presence and has strong character I will be sure to tell a woman she would be absolutely crazy not to treat you right and do what she could to keep you interested.

And yes... it would  be up to you whether you stayed with her or not.

That is your choice.

May you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic Day.

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 

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