Why Women Use The Myth Of The Player To Beat Up On Men

And Masculinity!

By Ange Fonce

Men everywhere live in constant frustration.

Some of it is sexual... a lot of it is psychological.
First off... we as men are being made to think that sleeping with a woman is a privilege... it is a gift from them to us and we need to work hard to be worthy of it... otherwise it is hand lotion and Internet porn sites for you.

I personally find this state of mind to be incomprehensible.

There is a big word for that and I will keep it clean and say...

"What a load of old beliefs."

It still stuns me that so many men honestly think that they need to push... beg and trick women into giving women WHAT WOMEN WANT already.

Seriously men have been given a total mind f69k from the media and marketing world and the biggest source of frustration for the man who wants to learn the path of the Masculine Man is... not wanting to BE a player.

This comes from many places really.

It has its roots with women who talk down the player as a heart breaker a jerk a man about town with no scruples... then there is the stereotype of the player in the media like Quagmire on The Family Guy and he is a one dimensional stereotype of a tiny minority of men who are this way.

He is the guy in all the movies that needs to be taught a lesson by a willful woman who eventually tames him and he declares his undying love... just watch any of those dumb ass movies out there today and you will see what I mean.

The Player does not exist at least... not in the way you are probably imagining him... because this is a fantasy along with the same trashy plot lines of half the romance novels and movies out there.

Girl meets guy.

Guy is a wild bad boy... "The Player."

Girl has torrid romance with guy.

Girl breaks up with guy.

Guy discovers the error of his "player" ways and wants girl back.

Girl tames guy.

Ange throws up and barfs all over the place.

Look... the reality of the  men that sleep around with a lot of women and recklessly hurt them are FEW and far in between and this is something I do NOT condone and NEVER will. 

In fact... this cardboard stereotype of the "player" is just an urban myth and very much the invention of the media and marketing for being a Pick Up Artist... strange how the pick up artist never really existed until 10 years ago!

Remember in "The Matrix" when Neo was jolted out of his own reality by the kid who bends the spoons in front of him?

What does he tell him?

"There is no spoon."
You have a new way of thinking...

"There is no Player."

The sad truth of the matter is that...

1... Women LOVE the company of men who can actually give them pleasure from sexual tension which is not the same guy that is the Nice Guy bending over backwards to seek approval from them.

2... Women can sniff out the player in a minute and if they really WANTED to avoid him... they would and often she desired it more than he did in most cases.

So back to the frustration and fear that men have for the player myth.

Most of your frustration is in feeling powerless... powerless meaning lacking power or sometimes described as got no power.

I have heard so many men complaining...

"Why do women always have the upper hand... I never have the upper hand!"

Which leads to most men to having ONLY hand... if you know what I mean. 

Oh Ange... you so fuuuunny!

Many men who do not understand the mating game of male female interactions often fall into a pit of self doubt that leaves them on the frustrated end of things... so frustrated in fact that his decision making ability is radically impaired and that has a knock on effect for ALL his activities in Life!

He starts to think that if he pays for drinks and dinners that she will find him romantic.

He starts to think that if he compliments her or tries to impress her... that she will be attracted and decide he is a logically good choice for a boyfriend.

He starts to think that if he becomes the OPPOSITE of the player that will make her want him.

Tell me something...

What is romantic about a man who does nothing other then suck up to a woman all the time?

ANSWER... nothing.

And that is what you are doing when you pander to a beautiful woman... you are giving her everything she DOES NOT want.

Your are just a sausage like every other sausage that walks up to her saying... 

"Do you want a piece of my sausage?"

Are you starting to see where I am going with this?

Women WANT MASCULINE MEN with that edge of a player not the jerk bad boy or the kiss arse nice guy... you can be nice and genuine being authentic as you without being a creep.

A Woman wants a man that excites and turns her on... a Man that knows how to talk and relate to her in challenging and exciting ways and connects with her in her FEMININITY!

The Man who is a dichotomy to them... a mystery they want to seek and find out about.


Women Are Naturally "CURIOUS!"

When I say want and this is the most confusing portion of the mating game is that most women say they want one thing and really want another and this confuses a lot of men.

Let me help you with this dilemma...

Never always give a woman what she SAYS she wants... only give her what gets both of you the RESULTS you both need.


That means Leadership a Masculine Trait... leading and SERVING your woman... it dose not not mean being a selfish... self centred... bullying jerk or being a spineless passive... aggressive nice guy either.

In any social situation there are those who win because they have a strong enough trust in themselves and those that lose because they bought into the thinking and frame of another.


"In any social situation there are those who win because they have a strong enough trust in themselves and those that lose because they bought into the thinking and frame of another."

When you give a woman what she wants she realizes that you are buying into her viewpoint and reality... you are not SHARING in her reality... when you give a woman the gift of participating and sharing in YOUR strong reality... you will get results... you invite her into YOUR WORLD!

So when a woman asks you if you are a player... she is not asking that at all... she is asking you a question that is designed to smoke out the fakes who are acting all Alpha and really have no or little confidence at all and she smells it by your answer.

"Are you a player?"

"No why do you say that?"

BZZZZZZZZT!!!! Wrong answer.

"Are you a player?"

"Yeah I am a bad mutha... let us go to my place ."

BZZZZZZZZT!!!! Wrong answer.

Some of you might think that after what I have just said that she wants a player means that you should tell her you ARE a player... WRONG again.

It is not really that confusing to figure out what the real answer is.

Think of it this way...

What is the most frustrating thing a woman does to you when you ask HER a question?

ANSWER... When she ignores you or refuses to give you a straight answer.

Read that again and remember back to a time when this happened to you... you might have asked her something about her job or some other dull question... do you remember that hollow sensation when you feel like you are being pushed aside and lowered in social status... that you can be IGNORED?

There is nothing more powerful than a carefully placed void of attention or knowing when and how to IGNORE with Masculine Presence... not to taunt her or upset her.

When she asks you if you are a player... you ignore her and keep on BEING THE MAN YOU ARE!

And if you want a tip and you want to reply to this question.

This is what I say and do.

I do not rush I gaze firmly into her eyes... smile and just say this...

"I am a Man I have no need to be anything other than Myself!"

Then I say nothing else... just smile at her and gaze into her eyes and wait in silence... I guarantee you she will speak first because women are NATURAL CURIOUS!

Then I can take the conversation in any direction I want too.

The Mindset Of The Modern Masculine Man

It is important because most of the tips and tricks you will learn out there will not work unless you understand the context and the knowledge... the Science of the man that uses them... his CONFIDENT mind set... his social and seductive skills from his Masculine Presence!

Think of an bad actor in a movie and I will bet you have thought... 

"Man this guy SUCKS!"

Now can you imagine what an actor like Denzel Washington or a Robert DeNiro would do with those exact same words?

These men can take the same role with all with the power of their frame and skill with creating their own reality and have you entranced... that is what a great actor does on the screen... he just embodies the essence of that character so completely you are totally immersed in it... because anyone that does anything REALLY well is just coming from a powerful Mind Set and Confidence system.

Welcome to a new way of thinking and break away from the old limiting conditioning!

Do not wait for opportunity... MAKE IT.

And remember...

Always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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