Why People Lack Confidence And Influence

By Ange Fonce

The are 3 main reasons that 99% of people lack any kind of real dynamic confidence and influence are

They rely on DYSFUNCTIONAL and limiting strategies to get their needs met. 

This leaves them in a constant state of insecurity... uncertainty... doubt... worry which leaves them disempowered and lacking influence.

And since most people are living this way they think it is normal to be living in a continual state of survivial... struggle... dissatisfaction and lack of power.

They NEVER question their strategies... thinking... views... beliefs and their behavior which just leaves them same merry go round going nowhere fast year after year of their life.


People lacking confidence and influence are often totally and completely POWERLESS over their emotions and do not know it or admit it. 

Did anyone really teach you about emotions and what to do and how to handle them in an empowering way. 

So many people learn to avoid... suppress... numb out or medicate themselves until they explode with suppressed emotions often in a destructive way to themselves and others.

This is why adults do all sorts of crazy... irrational things even though normally they are mature and in control of themselves.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be learned and improved upon all the time in order to really reach your true potential and attract and influence the kind of people you really want and have the time... money... career... love and lifestyle you desire.

REASON 3... 

This ones the most important

People lacking confidence and even reasonably confident people are controlled by their stories... false stories to be more exact.

What I mean is everyone has a set of false fear based stories that they accidently made up in childhood about themselves... who they are... how life works and what happens to them.

I talk all about this all the time and it is the number 1 most important thing anyone can learn about to radically improve their confidence and their lives as those false stories are based upon early childhood experiences when a positive event collided with a negative experience.

The subconscious mind makes up a false equation that the positive thing caused the negative thing... thus forming a false story.
Why you do not know about yours... the trouble is that these false stories go undetected for decades if not a persons ENTIRE LIFE. 

False Stories are like viruses in your computer that you accidentally downloaded the day you bought your computer... you do not realize it and just assume the computer is functioning normally when it is actually not at all... it is limited... malfunctioning and out of order.

One of the core of principles of Dynamic Life Development is centered around FINDING AND DISSOLVING your unconscious false stories that blocks you from accessing your natural powerful dynamic energy

In the next weeks article I will be going deeper into Outcome Focused Thinking and questioning to develop your confidence and influence.

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