Un-confident AND even reasonably confident men and women are CONTROLLED by their STORIES. 

"False Stories" to be more exact.

What I mean is, everyone has a set of false, fear-based stories that they ACCIDENTALLY MADE-UP in childhood about themselves, who they are, how life works and what happens to them.

These false stories are based upon early childhood experiences when a positive event collided with a negative experience.

The subconscious mind makes up a false "equation" that the positive thing caused the negative thing, thus forming a false story, limiting beliefs, dysfunctional defence strategies and negative patterns of thought, choice and behaviour.

Why you do not know about yours...

The trouble is that these false stories go undetected... for decades, if not a persons ENTIRE LIFE.

False Stories are like viruses in your mind that you have been programmed with.

You do not realize it and just assume the program is functioning normally when it is actually not at all. 

It is limited, malfunctioning and "out of order."

One of the main reasons that most people lack any kind of real, natural confidence and high self worth is that they rely on DYSFUNCTIONAL and limiting strategies to get their needs met. 

This leaves them in a constant state of insecurity, uncertainty, doubt, worry and dis-empowerment.

And since most people are living this way, they think it is "normal" to be living in a continual state of SURVIVAL, struggle, dissatisfaction and lack of power... or they are stuck in the their passive, small comfort zones of staying the same.

They NEVER question their strategies, thinking, views and their thinking which just leaves them RIDING THE MERRY-GO-ROUND getting nowhere fast.

The core of my whole coaching philosophy is centred around FINDING AND DISSOLVING your unconscious false stories.

May You Enjoy A Lovely Day.

Ange Fonce