Why Cars Are A Good Metaphors For Men And Why Women Test Drive Them 

By Ange Fonce

Most men do not "know" this or are "aware" that women are CONSTANTLY testing men. 
Why do they do this?
Well... you have to understand something about human nature here... first of all you may have heard the saying...

"Talk is cheap."

Or you may have even heard the saying...

"Talking the talk is easy... walking the walking is the real deal."

Or even heard this saying...

"Words are easy... it is "actions" that count."
What these sayings are conveying basically means is that anyone can say ANYTHING.
I could tell you I am a guitarist in Megadeth for instance... that does not make it true... and to be honest you would have a real hard time swallowing that line... I mean do I "look" like I would be a guitarist in Megadeth... nope... I did not think so.
Women know this little factoid... that us men... let me be kind is saying this... tend to "bullshit" and they know that they CANNOT trust what a man says straight out to them. 
Okay you are not likely to claim to be the guitarist in Megadeth... you ARE likely to make a lot of other claims...

I am a great guy... who knows you are a "great guy"... your mum maybe and she is going to be biased.
I am totally confident... who knows you are "totally confident"... maybe only those who really "know" you?

I am funny and cool... who knows you are "funny" and "cool"... there could be those who consider you "insensitive" and a "jerk!"
And so on...
So women "test" you in "conversation" to find out "if you are telling the truth"... your "actions" match your "words."
And there is another reason that men do not know "why" women "test" men that I am going to share with you now... and for that I am going into "guy speak" and talk about a subject most men will know about. 
Think about cars now... every man I know likes cars and I love them.
One of my past cars was a Hyundai... now if I just left it at that... you would be like... 

"Yeah... so Ange... what is so special about that?"
Yet that is only the MAKE of the car... now what is more important is the MODEL... the MODEL of my car is a Sports Coupe S3... 2.6 ltr.
Now it is starting to get more interesting... the Sports Coupe is cool.. fast... stylish car.
Now your next question is likely to be all about what year it is... what colour... what kind of engine... well in that version it is a V6... fuel injected...overhead cam.

Can you see now... how we are "progressing" into the "finer details" of the car... and women do this SAME kind of thing with their "testing" of men.
You see... they already know your MAKE... you are a man... that is like saying... 

"I have got a Hyundai." 
"Big deal"... she thinks... you could be a mini pickup van... for all I know.
So she "tests" you with "questions" and "challenges" to find out what your MODEL is...
Are you a confident model?
Are you a needy model?
Are you a wussy model?
Are you a "buy her lots of gifts to get laid" model?
She wants to know.. yes she "knows" your a man... and yet what are your "specs" and "performance" like?
Because if you turn out to be one of those lemons on the used car lot... she has to go though all the hassle of trading you in for a new one.

Instead of being the stylish reliable performance car she can have lots of fun and adventures in as well as being "practicable" that never lets her down and falls deeply in love with... and if you do break down now and again... she is so "emotionally" attached to you... she will want to get you up... running and purring along again... instead of being dumped at the "junkers yard" as a "unreliable pain in the arse." 
I think you get my point.
She is not going to know if you are a "good man" for her until she gets a long look under the hood... or at least a nice test drive so she can be sure your engine and transmission are sound... and all the "specs" do what they say they do!
So her tests are really her way of taking you for a TEST DRIVE and make sure you are not just a "lemon" that has been polished up to look good... you "perform" as your "specs" say you perform.
And the beauty of women testing you like this is that you do not have to be a "high performance car" or anything like that.

You walk into a B.M.W dealership and Mini's are sold next to B.M.W M3's... and "how" many women do you see driving M3's compared to Mini's?
Cuteness v performance... never underestimate the "power of cuteness!"

When you "know how" to pass a woman's tests and "what kind" of car really appeals to her.. you will automatically be her "hot ride..."
Take a moment to think of this...

If you were a car on the car lot... what kind of car would you be... and does your "fantasy model" match the "reality" of who you are now?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


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