Whose World Do You Invest Time In?

By Ange Fonce

Whose world do you spend the most time in? 

Most likely you spend most of your time in your world... you probably have a hard time influencing and persuading anyone to do anything. 

However when you invest time in the other persons world... you greatly increase your opportunities of influencing and persuading others. 


Because when you invest time in the other persons world you are learning about that person... what is important... what is not important... what motivates them etc. 

That is tough to do when all your time is spent in your world. 

And if you are not sure whose world you are spending time in... there is one surefire way to tell. 

How Much Are You Talking? 

Because again if you are doing most of the talking... then you are in your world. 

Being in their world requires listening... which means you zip the mouth shut and listen

As a former youth worker... one of my jobs was to check on the safety and well being of children. 

I remember one family who we went out to see and they basically avoided us for a long time... doors locked... window shades pulled down... TV and lights turned off. 

When my partner and I finally caught up to them the father was not happy with us and he went on a long tirade about how he hated anything to do with social workers or people like them and how he did not harm his kids and how if anyone tried to take them away... he would die protecting them. 

All I and my partner did was listen

And when he said that it was stupid that we were getting calls about his family... I agreed with him and I explained that our service recieved calls all of the time and that no matter how ridiculous the calls sounded... we still had to respond and come out to check things out and that the majority of the time things were fine. 

He again kept complaining about it and demanded to know who called... I told him that they do not tell us who called... that we were just the people who got the piece of paper and were told to go check it out. 

And then I listened some more. 

After another 10 minutes of him spouting off he eventually calmed down to the point where he said... 

"Well I don't have anything to hide from you... come on in."

He opened the door and let us into the house and then he spent the next 45 minutes explaining all about his life... after a point we could not get him to stop talking and he introduced us to every one of his kids and they appeared to be all safe and well cared for and then continued to talk after that. 

By the time we left we knew all about his world and had set up an appointment to come back and see him the following week. 

All because we invested the time to listen

Now there were colleagues that I had at the time... fellow social and youth workers who would have taken offense when he started criticizing the department. 

They would have defended the departments position and tried to explain to this man that it was a vital and necessary service that the social and youth workers were performing and it just would have pissed the guy off even more. 

And most likely you know people like this... they cannot let the small things go and will focus on those things even if it means that they lose track of their overall goal

Do not be like that... keep your eye on the prize... our goal with this particular client was to get into his house and check on the kids. 


And it all happened because we were willing to invest time in his world. 

So if you want to improve your influence and persuasion with others... start investing time in the other persons world and if you want to tell me about your world... I am listening and let me know what you are struggling with and let me know what you are thinking!  

I would like to help you. 

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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