When People Doubt Your Dreams Including Yourself

By Ange Fonce

If you are like me, you want to make a big difference in the world with your knowledge and skills.

You want to help people with your gift, and you want to make a great living doing it.

However, you might be held back by people who doubt you or just do not "get" what you are about. Either that or they may want you to "stick with what you know" and stay with what you are doing now.

I know how hard it is to want to make a significant change in your life when you do not have the fullest support of your family and friends.

Not only that, perhaps you have trouble accepting yourself?

You doubt if the skills you have or are learning will actually make a difference in people's lives. And you wonder why people would pay money to hire you or want to be in a relationship with you?

So if you are going through these feelings right now as you set out to create your life for yourself, I want to help you.

I want to help you overcome these barriers so you can pursue your dreams with confidence.

Here are 4 tips that will help you when other people doubt you (even yourself).

Being A Linchpin

1... Remember there is a massive demand for top people like you!

That means more and more people want to seek advice and motivation regarding health, relationships, business, and many other niches.

So the skills you are discovering and developing on your way to becoming a lynchpin are in demand by a lot of people who want to create change in their lives.

Not only that, personal coaching works!

The International Coaching Federation surveyed people who worked with coaches, and a staggering 99% of them reported being satisfied with the overall coaching experience.

And another study stated as many as 96% of those who responded said they would repeat the process.

So are you ready to invest in yourself to start learning essential skills that make a huge difference in people's lives!


2... Talk to your spouse and closest friends/family about your ambitions

Not everyone has a spouse that fully supports their ambitions.

They may think it is "strange" or they are afraid you are not going to be able to pay the bills in case your ambitions, the business fails. 

The key here is communication.

Talk about your goals and ambitions and talk about the benefits your aspirations, a business will eventually bring your family.

Once you give them a glimpse of your vision, they may warm up to your goals and ambitions.

Also, have a conversation about both of your needs, not just yours.

If your spouse is afraid your ambitions, business is going to take away quality time from them, then tell them you will end work after a specific time every day at, say, 6pm.

Either that or you can schedule in "together time" such as dates and stick to them as if they were business meetings.

This will show them that you are not going to sacrifice your relationship to focus on your goals or build your business.

And, besides, you should not adopt the 24/7 hustle anyway.

Yes, achieving your goals or building a business will take time, yet it should not take ALL of your time.

By the way, this conversation should happen over and over again. It will not only help your spouse understand your goals and ambitions and buy into them, but it will also help you improve communication in other parts of your relationship as well.

Finally, do not just have this conversation with your spouse.

Have this conversation with anyone significant in your life you want to share in your dream (family members, friends, etc.).

Having as many people support your goals and ambitions is crucial to your success.

Otherwise, it will feel like you are continually pushing a sledge up Mt. Everest!

3... Accept that not everybody is going to get behind you

Many people do not make changes in life because they are afraid of what other people will think about them.

You need to remember that this is YOUR LIFE and you need to do what is RIGHT FOR YOU.

If you feel called to become a man or woman that makes a big difference in people's lives, then you need to follow that calling.

Plus, to be honest, you will be surprised about how little people in your life are actually thinking about you.


Because they have their own concerns and lives to worry about!

Studies have shown that we consistently overestimate how much, and how badly, others think about us.

So listen to those people openly disapproves of your goals, tell them "Thank you for sharing," and keep moving forward. 

And if you are still worried about what other people are thinking about you, then...


4... Just take ACTION!

There is a funny thing about taking massive action toward your goals and dreams.

Your self-esteem and confidence go up, and it permeates every area of your life.

You start to like yourself more and accept yourself.

That feeling begins to take centre stage vs feeling the need to be accepted by others. That is why I encourage you to "keep the eyes on the road" and keep your attention on your goals and ambitions.

During an interview with SUCCESS magazine, Mario Andretti (one of the most successful race car drivers of all time) was asked for his number one tip for success in being a racing car driver.

He said, "Don't look at the wall. Your car goes where your eyes go."

It is an important lesson young drivers learn when they start to race. When going 200 miles per hour, you need to focus on the road that is ahead of you. 

If you look at the wall, you will end up hitting it.

The same could be said for your goals and ambitions that make a significant impact in the world.

Criticism and worrying about what other people think is like a wall.

If you focus on it, you will run right into it. You will get paralyzed by fear, self-doubt and other people's opinions. 

The antidote is to keep your eyes on the road and take massive action toward your coaching dreams.

Remember, successful people, need coaches to help them get what they want, or overcome significant challenges in their life.

And the world needs people like YOU who have goals and ambition to create a remarkable life for yourself and help make the world a better place.

The Men and Woman who are DYNAMIC LIFERS

I hope this helps you move forward with your goals that make a difference in the world in a significant way.

And if you want to work with me (Ange) and my partner (Dalia) to help you remove blocks that are holding you back from getting what you want in the areas in health, wealth, love, relationships and life...

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

Please comment below.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving, Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Coach Ange 

Qualified in Person Centered Counselling, Personal Development, Accountability, Assessment, Strategy Coaching and Psyco Sex Therapy and training in Relationship Coaching.
Coach Dalia

Qualified in Accountability, Assessment, Strategy Coaching and training in Relationship Coaching and completing her I.C.F accreditation.

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