What Is The Deepest Source of Your Motivation? 

By Ange Fonce

Forget using the "reward" and "punishment" method... the deepest source of "motivation" and "innovation" comes from the "desire" to "help" others and "make the world a better place."

For thousands of years it has been assumed that the best way to "motivate" most people is by promising some kind of "benefit gain" and threatening a "punishing loss"... with one hand a carrot is offered with a "benefiting gain" and is used to "motivate" people while brandishing in the other hand... the stick of a "punishing loss"... it is the classic case of the "pain... pleasure principle" with "fear" being used as the "prime motivator."

Yet research in "social psychology" and "evolutionary psychology" has strongly suggested that people are more "innovative" and more "successful" when "motivated" by a "desire to help other people"... in other words... "love" is the "prime motivator" and "reward."

This is a vast departure from the "theories of the past" which have assumed that "success in life" is based on the "the survival of the fittest"... under this way of "past thinking"... helping others is a waste of time and effort... it is "self serving"... while that may have some truth "genetically"... it is not true "socially"... and humans have evolved as "social animals" which has enabled us to be become a very successful and adaptable species in evolutionary terms. 

What Do You Like Best About Your Life...?

Over the past 25 years... I have worked with many hundreds of people... from all walks of life... some are very successful individuals... I start nearly every conversation with a simple question... 

"What do you like best about your life...?"

In every case... people and these highly successful individuals have responded to that question with some variation of... "I like helping people"... when I probe deeper... I usually become aware that they are not just talking about "helping people"... they "genuinely" want to help to make the world a "better place for all" too.

When I look at the "different types" of work I have done in my life... there is no doubt in my mind... that I am at my most "passionate" and "happiest"... most "productive" and most "creative" and "innovative"... when I am "helping" others become more "successful"... it is my "natural element" where I thrive.

I will bet if you honestly review the jobs and lifestyle you have done in the past and the job and lifestyle you are living right now... you have "accomplished more" when you were certain that you were "helping others" than when you were not quite sure.

The Lesson Here Is Simple... 

When you "focus" on "helping others" rather than just "helping yourself"... you draw upon your "deepest sources of motivation"... it frees your "creativity" and Dynamic Energy while developing simultaneously "empathy" and "patience"... while vastly improving your "personal communication" and "social skills" and "self discipline." 

It is not a "dog eat dog" world out there... that is the "incorrect" old way of "thinking."

It is a "let us make this happen together" world... and that is one of the "prime motivations" of The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers! 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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It is understandable that "generosity creates trust"... and also worth noting that "trust" is required to provide and receive "generosity." 

It is one reason why it seems so difficult to "trust" a genuine generous man or woman. 

You do not know them so it is difficult to "trust their sincerity."

Trust takes time to be "invested" in. 

Earning this "trust" in an effort to be "generous"... is time consuming and dissuades some from going down this path... they want the quick result instead of building for the long term...

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