What Does It Mean To Be Perfect

By Ange Fonce

Would you recognize it? 

We are exposed to the near perfect performances of star athletes and entertainers every day.

Yet they miss shots on the court... putts on the green... and high notes on the trumpet... despite working hard to perfect their chosen skills.

Being human precludes the possibility of being perfect. 

And yet how often do we get mad or ashamed of ourselves for making a mistake? 

Errors unforgiven multiply. 

That is because the shame we harbor over our imperfections affects our "attitude." 

The more we "think" we should be perfect... the greater our chances of failure.


Because we are trying to live up to an impossible ideal that has no basis in "real life."

The healthy pursuit of "excellence"... the genuine pleasure of meeting high standards... is often confused with perfectionism. 

Perfectionism is based on a painful illusion... the illusion of personal perfectibility... people measured entirely by production or accomplishment.

Perfectionists lose sight of the quality of life in their search for quantity. 

Order ends up taking precedence over relationships. 

Their expectations are more important than acceptance and genuine love of what they do.

They can see only perfect and imperfect... so they are unable to enjoy any activity or person that would leave them in between. 

Perfect performance becomes confused with perfect love. 

They are never satisfied. 

They never really feel safe or loved.

Recognize perfection as an illusion... not a desirable way to live.

Do not confuse it with "excellence." 

Enjoy your "successes"... accept your failures as "learning experiences" and grow from them. 

Relax... become less competitive... critical and more "focused" on "excellence" and being truly "passionate" about "loving" what you do.

You will  accomplish far more that way... instead of being "fixated" on perfection. 

Enjoy life instead of seeking to control it... instead of expecting every to be perfect. 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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