What An African Bushman Can Teach You

About Destructive And Constructive Thinking

By Ange Fonce

I want to share with you a true story about an African Bushman who uses a baboon to find water? 

You can actually find a short video about it on youtube if you are really interested and I found it fascinating!  

Anyway here is what happens... 

When a Bushman goes on a hunting trip that can take a couple of days... one of the most important things that he has to do is to find water when he is in the bush... especially in the dry season. 

The program that I saw showed an African Bushman who had come across a troop of baboons. 

There was no obvious watering hole around so he figured that these baboons knew a secret watering hole and so he captured one of the baboons. 


He went over to this giant termite hill and dug a hole in the side of it. 

He then took out some wild melon seeds and put them in the hole... all this was done while one particular baboon was watching his every move. 

He then waited. 

Now Baboons are incredibly curious creatures and without being able to resist the temptation the baboon that had been watching him went over to the hole in the termite mound and reached in and grabbed the seeds... yet when the baboon closed his hand with the seeds in it he could not pull his hand back out of the hole. 

That is when the bushman sprung into action and put a rope around the baboons neck like a leash... he then lead the baboon over to a tree and tied the baboon to the tree... then he gave the baboon a treat... can you guess what the treat was? 

Little blocks of salt and the baboon gobbled them down. 

The bushman left him there for hours... even overnight and the following day the bushman came back to determine how thirsty the baboon was. 

When the bushman decided that the baboon was thirsty enough he slipped the leash and the baboon took off running and the bushman followed after him... the baboon leading him directly to a hidden watering hole in the parched landscape . 

The Bushman had solved his water problem and he had his meat... a freshly killed baboon.

Now here is something for you to think about. 

What got the baboon into trouble was the fact that he was holding onto something that was not helping him at all and it occurred to me that in working with my clients... this is an all too common problem... they are holding onto something usually an idea that is destructive to them... that they just cannot let go of. 

It could be because the idea that they are holding onto worked for them once in a constructive way and now they try to make it work for them in every situation that they encounter and when it does not work... they blame the other person or some other outside “force.” 

And let us face it... when it comes to persuading or influencing others in any way... there is no one size fits all.

Because everyone is different and it is a big mistake to think that because something you tried worked once for you... that it will work for you over and over again.

Why do you think hat makers make different sized hats in different colours and different designs?

Because they know that if they only made one hat... they are limiting their options to only one design and only one way and that one design will not work for others.

Just because you think and believe your way is the only way... does not mean it is the only way for others.

To influence and persuade effectively... find out their way first... then make your suggestions on what will fit best for them! 

And if you are holding onto to thoughts and beliefs that are destructive and not benefiting you... do you want to end up like the baboon... extinct?

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

P.S. How to REFRAME every problem... when dealing with problems of any kind it may behove the reader to bear the following principle in mind... 

"Every response to a challenge... no matter how maladaptive and destructive... is a genuine attempt to solve the problem and overcome the challenge with what a person knows and understands of themselves and the situation at that time."

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