Ways Women Ruin Their Relationships With Men

And Push Them Away 

By Ange Fonce

Most women like to think they are good at relationships and they are when it comes to other women... yet when it comes to men... so often they screw up badly!


Because one very simple fact that most women overlook and neglect... a MAN is not a woman.

Us men are DIFFERENT and we work in a different way to women.

Take for instance... one woman had 4 small children... the other was fat... yet another had tiny breasts. 

I have heard every reason you can imagine why women tell me they are not with the kind of man they really want... and my response is always this... 

"Men do not notice those things as much as you think... what they pay attention to is how big a deal YOU think it is and HOW you treat them."  

Now with that in mind let us get on with the main point of this article... the ways to put it bluntly women SCREW THEMSELVES UP with men...

Most women I talk with want a relationship that is both wonderful and secure... they often work hard at taking care of themselves... I mention this because it is rare that I have ever spoken to a woman that was not trying hard enough regarding her relationships with men.

That is why it seems such a puzzle to so many of my clients that they could be doing something wrong... since they tend to examine their motives very carefully it just does not seem possible that they keep screwing up with men... yet there are other things many of them do that often drives men away. 

Small things they say or emotional games that may not seem that significant and yet the result is always the same... they push the man they care about away from them even if they did not mean to. 

Here are ways women push men away from them...

Being Destructive... Negative and Harsh...

Sometimes a woman will be critical of the man she loves... she may do this by saying things like... 

"You do not love me any more... do you?"

"Why do you not just break up with me?" 

Why would she say such things to her man? 

Often... she fears deep inside her heart that he is going to leave her and she wants him to reassure her of his love and by making such statements she expects or hopes that he will come to her rescue by reaffirming his love for her and reassuring her about her fears and yes for awhile this will work until the man starts getting pissed off by her constant doubting of him and lack of trust in him... the problem is that a man will only reassure a woman so often before he begins to feel that she is a needy emotionally

And if anything... men really hate this game of constantly being tested in his love and it ends up making him really unhappy and angry and it does not make a man want to offer his woman more love... rather her fear and emotional immaturity pushes and drives him away.

Men do not expect a woman to never complain or embarrass him... I simply mention these examples to let you know how these actions affect men. 

When you complain... bitch... negative or are destructive... the validation or reassurance you seek comes with a price and ultimately the BIG Price... he will slowly start to pull away from you emotionally and then eventually leave you. 

What works better is learning how to share your feelings in a way that builds intimacy and makes him want to be closer to you.

A... If you are feeling lonely mention this instead of accusing him.

B... If you are feeling overwhelmed... share with him HOW you are feeling overwhelmed without blaming him.

C... Instead of saying... 

"You are going to break up with me aren't you?" 

Say instead...

"Are you upset with me?"

If you try what I am suggesting... you will find that he will be much more receptive to what you are saying. 

It will probably feel uncomfortable maybe even scary being truthful to your man... yet it gives you the opportunity to create a moment of intimacy and build intimacy with him... instead of accusing him harshly speak to him honestly without exaggerating.

Looking For Ways To Test Him

This method is similar to being negative except that it is more subtle and far more destructive to your relationship with a man and is a sure fire way to SCREW UP your relationship with him... rather than saying direct destructive statements a woman tests her man in ways that may seem playful to a casual observer yet are truly manipulative.

And Ladies you may think us men are stupid... yet WE KNOW when you are trying to emotionally BLACKMAIL and manipulate us!

Yes with the pussy whipped man that is going to work... yet with Men who have their own balls... it will backfire on you badly.

For example... 

A woman might tease her man in public or nag or even pick a fight to see if he will stay with her when she upsets him and if he complains about these actions she can reply... 

"Oh don't be so sensitive."

"I didn't realize that bothered you." 

It is a very clever way of testing a man and it does not inspire loyalty either... instead  it makes him feel that the woman he loves does not understand him... he can tell that something is not right in the relationship and when he mentions this her denial only makes his uncertainty grow and he loses trust in her and Ladies once a man loses trust in you... it is over.

More Ways Women Push Men Away 

And to be fair men do these too...

A... Ignore him or her when they are upset.

B... Blame him or her when they make a mistake.

C... Makes fun of him or her in public to make them look stupid.

D... Constantly lie and are deceptive and deceiving to them.

E... Doing things to ruin and end the relationship with them.

If you have been reading my articles for any amount of time you are aware that the most important thing I look for in anyone is their patterns... what types of patterns emerge in a womans past relationships... what types of men is she drawn to... what behaviours keep emerging in her relationships?

Consider the woman who repeatedly lies and cheats on her partners for instance... 

She most likely wants love and goes about getting it in the wrong way... she is so afraid of a man hurting her that she destroys the relationship when there are difficulties rather than work through them... while there are many reasons why women and men cheat... I have found that the fear of being abandoned is frequently the root cause of infidelity.

Have you ever done any of these above things with a man? 

I do not say this to put all the blame on you... rather to show you how these actions affect a man and if you cheat on him... you will obviously need help saving your relationship and the other are things are to watch about yourself. 

Sometimes it might seem easier to be negative or test a man rather than being vulnerable and sharing how you feel... even though sharing how you feel when you are upset is a little scary... I want you to be with a man that is willing to listen to you when you are upset and wants to make you happy and taking that risk is often the only way to find out if he is worthy of your heart.

While I am sure you would just love for him to open his heart and tell you all of his deepest feelings... sometimes that is not such a good idea... there are times when he simply cannot tell you... yet he will give you hints that are really secret clues that you can use to easily cause his heart to soften and melt.

A few women who know that often men communicate non verbally about how they feel and when a woman knows how to pick up on these cues it makes a man feel more understood... more appreciated... more valued which in turn... makes him want to put his arms around you and pull you close.

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