How many mistakes have you made in the last week? 

A full life requires thousands of mistakes if you plan to live up to your creative potential.

When we are children, adults try to talk us out of making mistakes and we get confused. 

They are referring to life-threatening mistakes, and as a child we think they mean everything.

Check how open you are to mistakes...

Can you stand it when you make a mistake? 

Can you laugh? 

Do you shy away from things you might not do well? 

Do you laugh at people who seem clumsy or naive? 

Do you grit your teeth when someone you love makes a mistake? 

Are you under the illusion that everyone is watching you and keeping score?

Start counting your mistakes on a daily basis and try to increase them by ten percent. 

That will require you to stretch and grow. 

Try not mentioning other people's mistakes. 

Take risks.. be tolerant of yourself and others. 

Mistakes are the dues of learning and a growing life. 

Stretch and enjoy.

The future will come by itself. 

Progress will not.

May You Enjoy a Lovely Day!

Ange Fonce