Verbal And Non Verbal "Flirting Signs"

That A Woman Displays When She Likes You 

By Ange Fonce

“Watch peoples eyes... listen to the tone of their voice... observe and feel their body energy... reading other people is the greatest skill one can learn and have.” ~ Ange Fonce

How "aware" are you as a man of a woman and her "flirting signs" when she likes you and is "feeling attracted" to you?

So often when I am out myself and "body watching"... I see men being "hit on" by a woman" and she is "flirting" with him like mad... and for me it is like sitting there watching paint dry... waiting for the man to "respond!"

Why is it so many men have a hard time trying to tell if a woman "likes you?"

Do women have to wear neon sign on their forehead that says...

"I like you and I am flirting with you."

For a man to "get it" when a woman is "hitting" on him.

And yes a woman will "hit on" a man she "likes" and is "attracted" too... she wants him to "step" into the place... where he is "leading" and "hitting on" her... yet so many men fail to "deploy" when a woman is "hitting on" him.

What do you want... a "hand written invitation" to "flirt" with her?
When you are "creating" the kind of "attraction" I often talk about in Social Courting... you are going to be getting "noticeable signs of interest"... yet that is all pretty useless if you cannot "read" the "verbal" and "non verbal" signs of when a woman "likes" you and is "attracted" to you and when she is "hitting" on you!
So I have listed a brief description of the most common "flirting signs" that a woman "displays" when she "likes you."
1... A woman will get closer to you in "physical proximity" when she is "attracted" to you... she will either come into your "personal space" or allow you into her "personal space"... you may even get the "feeling" and "notice" she is "hovering" around you or trying to "eavesdrop" on your "conversations"... to get your "attention"... so "invite" her in and get to "know her."
2... She will keep making "eye contact" with you... then she will "quickly look away"... then "look back" with a "glancing look" to make brief "eye contact" again... when you "smile" back at her... and she "returns the smile"... it is a good sign that she is "flirting" with you.
3... And on the theme of "smiles"... when a woman "smiles" at you and she is "attracted" to you... it will be a genuine "slow smile" with the "eyes" smiling too and not a "nervous" or "forced faked smile."
4... When a woman "likes" you... she will find "reasons" to "talk" to you... she wants to be in "contact" with you!
5... She will be the "first" to ask your name... or other "personal questions" about you.
6... She will give you a "flirtatious nickname"... this is a powerful "attraction" sign!
7... She will "attempt" to find out how "old" you are or if you are "single?"
8... She will be "lightly touching" you during the "conversation."
9... She will move "closer to you" as the two of you are talking.
10... She will be laughing at all of your jokes... even the "unfunny ones"... a powerful "flirting sign."
11... She will come up with "future plans"... for instance... she will mention a band that "she wants you" to "see with her!"
12... She will send you "random text messages."
13... You will be able to sense a "jealousy" when you talk about other women.
14... She will be eager to "introduce you" to her friends.
15... She will "tease" and "play" with you about something.
16... She calls you a "player" or "heart breaker."
17... She asks if you have a "girlfriend"... or she mentions your "girlfriend" to see what you say... if you do have a girlfriend.
18... She plays with... or "tosses her hair" as she is talking to you... it is called "self preening" to make herself appear more "attractive" to you...and will go "visit" the restroom... to make sure she looks great... and come back to you.
19... She "compliments" you a lot.
20... She tries to keep the "conversation going" so that you "do not" leave.

Now this is just a brief "overview" of "attraction signals"... there are of course even more... so when you find yourself with a woman who is "attracted" to you... you will be "noticing" quite a few of these "signs"... even if you have only a "basic awareness" around women.

So if you have a woman "flirting" with you and "hitting on" you... enjoy and play "the game" back with her... women "love it" when a man is "aware" of what she is doing... and "plays" along with her... women "love" to be "seduced" by a man she is "attracted" too and "likes."

It makes you all the more "attractive!"

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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