Variations On Assumptions And Judgements

By Ange Fonce

We throw the word stupid around a lot and labeling people perhaps forever with assumptions we have made of them and those assumptions form into judgements of them.

In fact there are tons of ways to be stupid and judgemental and we ought to think about that before we shut someone down and including ourselves in that. 

Stupid judgements is something we do not the way we are.

Bad analysis in the form of assumptions and then forming judgements is the classic sort of stupid. 

This is not the stupid of... 

"If you knew then what you know now would you still do the same thing or do things differently?" 

Rather the more simpler question of... 

"Given what was clear at the time... why did you make such a bad decision?"

Willfully ignorant and just going on what you believe to be true is the stupidity of not seeking out the information that would have been worth knowing before you spoke up and made a decision or pulled the trigger.

Lack of cultural understanding is often mistaken for stupid and this includes understanding the differences in the culture of men and women.

This is what happens when we put our foot in our mouth and assume everyone is like ourselves. 

Often it seems particularly stupid when we are willfully ignorant about something we should have known.

For instance all men and women are Human beings yet we are a different kind of Human Being like being Male and Female and each one of us possess our own individual personality!

Inability to read people is not a form of stupidity yet it can often look like it. 

Some people are just unable to do this and mostly it is a lack of effort and empathy that leads us to not see people in a way others think we should.

Being distracted is the best excuse for making a stupid call. 

After all when the stupidity happens it is probably because we did not think the decision was important and with all the incoming other things we deal with we underestimated the importance of our choices and the impact they will have on others.

Okay it is not a good excuse yet it is a common one... not taking responsibility for our own actions!

Self destructive behaviour is a particularly widespread form of stupidity among people who have privilege and opportunity that they are not sure they deserve.

Emotionally overwrought stupidity happens because we are tempted to amplify and maintain the drama going on in our heads which distracts us from seeing or processing what we see.

In other words we let our emotions and assumptions make our choices for us and not our thinking things through.

Fear of course is at the heart of a lot of our assumptions and judgments. 

Unwilling to be correct is a form of fear and if you do stupid things to sabotarge yourself you do not have to take advantage of the change that would have happened if you had been correct.

Slow is not stupid at all it is just not going to win you many prizes on a game show... slow and methodical often gets thing done while many are racing around busy doing nothing.

Short term selfish behavior is what we see all the time from people who should know better and yet they come back to this trap again and again because it is a habit. 

They are only focusing on day trading instead of creating a future for themselves.

Rush to judgment is a particularly challenging variation of stupid. 

Our unwillingness to sit with ambiguity causes us to feel uncomfortable and decide before we should.

Stupidity does not have to be incurable.

It is very simple stop making judgements based on assumptions and making stupid choices.

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