Using Scripts Being Authentic And Attraction

By Ange Fonce

When you are working to personal develop yourself and defining your new way of being one word comes up again and again... Authenticity

Being true to yourself is critically important if you are to be successful and reach your full potential in this world.

This may be a bit confusing coming from the same source that suggests you practice routines... so how to you combine being authentic with structured guidelines and practical techniques?

Let us explore a few ways to deliver routines without being inauthentic. 

First of all... Trust the material

Think of these techniques as levers to move a social interaction forward for those rare moments when you get stuck... like when someone reads their horoscope they know full well other people are reading the very same words.

A routine like this is made to be entertaining and most great pieces of entertainment are rehearsed and repeated... repetition does not make something inauthentic... rather it allows you to show your true personality the more you practice it and the more comfortable you become with it and the more comfortable and relaxed you are... the more comfortable and relaxed others will feel with you.

Find An Authentic Perspective That Is YOU!

If you are not into the esoteric arts... like astrology or palm reading that is totally okay... you can begin the routine by saying... 

"I do not really believe in this stuff personally and I just learned it and I am curious to know what you think."

This is only inauthentic if you are not actually curious what they think... so be curious!

You will learn something really interesting about the person you are talking to and this can lead to the conversation opening up so creating opportunities for you to create attraction

Make The Routine Your Own.

You do not have to perform any routine word for word as it is written... feel free to put your own personal spin on it... everyone has fallback stories that they know will always entertain a group... you can find your own personal ones that become your own.

The more you practice the technique the more you will make it your own... anything you practice enough will become comfortable and part of your own personality... this is what I mean by becoming more authentic the more times you practice

If you are a comedian add a joke or two.

If you love Norse history use the Norse gods in your routine.

If you are into palm reading combine the two.

These are just examples... think of your own passions and interests and come up with your personal twist that best represents your personality... the great thing about scripts is you will always have something to say even in times your mind goes blank... everyone does it whether they realize it or not. 

Rather than blurting out insecure canned material unconsciously from your past... you are just reprogramming your mind to think and communicate in more interesting... positive and engaging ways.

And I must say this very important point...  you should never compromise your own value system and lie just for a short term benefit... because if you do... such things have a habit off coming to BITE YOU!

Approach every set you do from a place of authenticity and choose your words accordingly... be totally and completely honest about whatever you are saying. 

If you do... you will attract the highest possible quality people into your life and forge deep lasting relationships

You will also find that amazing experiences will start to happen to you regularly. 

Your authentic self is a very interesting person.  

Just make sure your authentic self has something interesting to say for any situation and you will never be alone.

And finally... I constantly make use of scripts... I learn them...practice them and understand how they work and make them my own... so what is stopping you?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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