Those Foolish Moments In Our Lives 

By Ange Fonce 

Have you ever had those moments when you realise...

"I just made a fool of myself."

Actually... it is far more likely that you made a “human” of yourself.

When you drop your guard... and instead opt for “transparency” and make an “authentic connection” with someone... you are right there on the edge of "foolishness"... which is another word for “non conforming... not aloof... not safe... not perfect”... in other words “human.”

Most of the time... we spend a lot of our “precious time”... pretending and persuade ourselves not to make a “fool” of ourselves... and so instead we shut down many “connections” that could have become “precious” for us and for them.

And no where is this more apparent then the confusion around saying “sorry?” 

There are two kinds of... "I am sorry."

The first kind is the “apology” of “accepting responsibility”... it is one brother saying to the other brother... 

"I am sorry I hit you in the face." 

And it is the “apology” of the Doctor who mistakenly prescribe you with the wrong drug and almost killed you.

The other kind of “sorry” is an expression of  “empathy” which says... 

"I see you and I see your pain." 

This is the "sorry" we utter at a funeral... or when we hear that someone has stumbled or you sit there with your coach or therapist. 

You do not have to be in “charge” to say you are "sorry"... you do not need to continually say your “sorry” for being YOU...  you do not even have to be “responsible”... all you need to do is “genuinely care.”

In the case of genuinely caring... "I am sorry" is precisely the opposite of... 

"I am sorry you feel that way." 

Which of course pushes the other person away... often forever... because you erected a “brick wall” to the “connection” of “humanness”... your were afraid of appearing “foolish.”

And because we have been busy commercializing... industrializing... lawyering and warring the world...  countless bureaucrats... business... institutions... organisations... religions and even countries have “erected walls” and forgotten what it means to be “human”... and have forgotten how much it means to us to hear someone say it... “sorry” and “sincerely” mean it... even if it means appearing “foolish.” 

"I am sorry we screwed up your day... and I can only imagine how screwed up the rest of your day is going to be because of it."

"I see you as a human." 

This is what we crave... a genuine... sincere “sorry”... it is “acknowledgement” that we exist as “humans.”

Now... how “foolish” is that?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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