There Is No Work There Is Only Dynamic Life Time

By Ange Fonce

Dear Reader and Dynamic Lifer

I am not one for discussions of work life balance... because for me I love what I do so it is not work for me.

Yet if you are worrying about your work life balance... then you have most certainly have that balance wrong and unfortunately you will struggle to ever get it right. 

Because the very concept itself is nonsense.

You see if you spend eight hours a day doing anything that you do not enjoy doing and choose to label it work... then you are in trouble.

First point... you will increasingly resent the work as it prevents you from doing whatever else you really want to be doing... in resenting your time at work... you will question your work life balance and thinking... 

"I should work less and live more... that will make me happy."

Sorry to say... not a very constructive way of thinking.

Indeed because you resent it... you will get worse at the work and your colleagues will lose respect for you... you will feel even more alienated and again you will think... 

"This sucks... I should work less and live more and that will make me happy."

No... sorry again... that will make you poor and possibly even more unhappy.

It will stop you progressing forward in your life and you will not get rewarded for the work you do actually manage to do and you will just complain and bitch more about your work life balance and you will constantly dream of not having to work... of doing this other thing and you will never acquire or achieve that dream because you will be stuck in a job that is not going anywhere... you have become a slave to the wage... living pay check to pay check and it is a race to the bottom and I would recommend you do not ever engage in it or if do you find yourself in the race...

Step Out And Throw The Hamster Wheel Away.

I speak from experience... I was trapped in that race to the bottom... I was doing something I resented and spent most of my time doing jobs just to earn money and cursing the fact that I was there having to do that.

The end result?

I quit and threw the hamster wheel away... though I must point out that I did not just throw my hands in the air and walk out like some spoilt and irate prima donna... instead as soon as I figured out I was in trouble... I started doing what I could to get out... I planned my strategy and calmly prepared for my exit from hamster world when the moment was best for me.

I knew I had to learn new skills and gain new and upto date knowledge which led to me going back to university as a mature student and eventually that all led me to creating...


Dynamic Life Development Systems.

Most important in my own story is that I figured out one of the things I wanted to do was develop the ability to be able to write... I did not care what I wrote... I could figure that out later and what I did figure out was that I enjoyed writing and creating in different ways... the creative Artist in me really come alive to compliment the Psychological Scientist... now there is a combination of creativity!

What mattered was that my so called job did not seem like work because what I did in the day was the same as what I did at night... at no point did I think... 

"Jeez I hate being here writing for you and working with men and women who also want to create the life they want to live." 

Because that is exactly what I actually want to be doing and love doing!

Right now as I am sat in my home office writing for you...I have kitted out with art I like looking at and a chair I like relaxing in to think about things and create... it is great and I enjoy doing it... thinking... creating... writing... working with people and getting done what I come up with... soon as I get bored or stuck on a point that needs more thought... I will go read a book or have a drink or workout in my home gym or go for a walk or just relax and at no point will I resent what I am doing now... it is a pleasure for me to write and share with you and it is a pleasure for me when you share in return.

And yes I do earn money doing this so people assume I consider it work... people say to me all the time... 

"Ange you work too much." 

Yet what they fail to understand is that I am not working at all... I am living what I love doing and that money is just part of the deal in living what I love doing.

Like the fisherman and the CEO story I have shared with you in the past... I am choosing how I invest my time and I feel wealthier for it.

Feel Wealthier While You Invest And Grow Wealthier

Indeed... we have been discussing wealth in many previous articles and what it means and how to acquire and achieve it and it is not just about money... because for me I do not think measuring wealth by money and possessions is very useful... for me it is much more constructive to measure how wealthy you are by considering how much time you have to do the things you want to do.

And happiness is a far better way to measure wealth than money... because this saying has a great big dollop of truth in it...

"Money cannot buy you happiness!"

And the most precious asset you have in your life... the same as the rest of us... is YOUR TIME!

Think about what I am sharing with you about making sure you choose a job... career... vocation that you want to do and then you will realise that you are already a lot wealthier than you might have thought.

Because I truly enjoy doing what I am doing as it means I do not waste any of my time resenting my choice of lifestyle... it would be like saying I resent life and that is ridiculous... if anything I want to do more of it because life is AMAZING! 

Rather it means I can start thinking about how to live better and how to invest my time in productive ways that benefit me and in turn will benefit those I love and care for.

To quickly recap... I said that one of the biggest problems for most people is that they are beholden to a single fixed income and living pay check to pay check and not creating wealth for themselves.

I can suggest that there are three options to deal with this...

You can either try to increase that income. 

You can try to spend less than that income. 

Or you can try to generate other methods of income in addition to that single fixed income.

I will argue that all the above options above are valid and to be done... yet admitted the first option would only end up in you increasing your spending to match the increase in income and option two is pretty damn slow to take effect.

So that leaves us with option three... creating different streams of income... this is the option I advocate... not just because it will generate you more income... also because it will make you smarter and lead to you achieving option one and it will take more of your time up... meaning you have less time to waste your money on buying bullshit you just do not need as consumerism is incredibly wasteful and destructive... as the Earth natural habitats can attest too... thus solving option two as well by not wasting your hard earned money on bullshit you just do not need.

The other big advantage of pursuing option three is that your time is directly linked to creating and building wealth and by investing you time on different projects that you enjoy doing and by measuring your wealth based on being able to choose what you do with your time... you will already feel wealthier whilst you actually become wealthier.

Many of things in life do not require any money or very little money to get started... yet often what they do need most of all is the investment and commitment of YOUR TIME... remember your most PRECIOUS ASSET which actually belongs to YOU! 

Because it is you who do the CREATING and DOING... it is never money.

To wrap up my thoughts for today I would like to think that what I have shared with you makes sense.

If not... may I suggest you read from the start again.

Seriously think about this... because it is a way of looking at things that will help you... if you think it sounds like wishy washy nonsense and you still think that becoming wealthy is ALL about making more money then you have missed the point completely.

In fact if you do think like that just reply to me via the contact tab on this web page or drop me a message and we can discuss the point.

And if this does make sense to you and you can see where I am coming from... then well done you are going to start feeling much better and thinking about achieving real wealth... because real wealth is about "quality" of lifestyle and "happiness" of living the life you LOVE living!

How Can You Measure Happiness By Money?

Yet me ask you a question to finish up this article with...

"How much is your happiness worth in the terms of money... what value would you put on your happiness?"

By the way I am aware we have shared some time together here... yet I think and feel that it is worth it. 

Thinking about these things can help so much... as I have learned over the years is that people do not invest enough time thinking about the life they would like to create for themselves... the world around us forces us to rush and prioritise things without really thinking about what or why you are prioritising at all.

So read this article again today and give it some thought

Think about what you think

Do you agree with me or do you have a different view... maybe you agree a bit and then depart from my thinking somewhere along the line... that is fine.

Just think about it.

For now as I say all this thinking has led us to enough for today... I will be back tomorrow with more to share with you on personal development the Dynamic Lifer way.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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