The Variations Of Idiocy That Creates Stupidity

By Ange Fonce

We throw the word “stupid” around a lot... often labeling people... perhaps forever as being “stupid.”

In fact... there are tons of ways to be “stupid”... and yet “how” often do we ever consider the “idiocy” of someones “thinking” and “behaviour” that causes the “stupidity” of someones “actions?”

Ought you to “think” about that “first” before you shut someone down... including yourself... “stupid” is something we do... not the way we are.

Stupidity is the result of “idiocy”... by practicing “idiotic thinking” that creates “stupid behaviours” that result in “stupid actions.”

Paralyses of “analysis” or “incomplete analysis” is the classic sort of “idiocy”... instead of finding out the “best evidence” and employing “rational thinking”... you make an “assumption” caused by “idiotic thinking” based on either “emotional reactions” or “blind beliefs”... in other words... “idiotic thinking” that results in “stupid behaviours” and “stupid actions.” 

This is not the “intelligence” of... 

"If  I knew then what I know now." 

It is the far simpler question... 

"Given what was clear to me at the time... why did I make such a  idiotic decision... and choose to take stupid actions?"

Willfully “ignorant” is the “idiocy” of not “seeking” out the “best information” that would have been worth “knowing” and “understanding” before you “spoke up”... made a “decision”... took a “choice” or pulled the “trigger”... and “behaved” and acted “stupidly” that produced a “destructive” outcome... that “impacts” on others... including yourself!

Lack of “understanding”  is an “idiocy”... this is what happens when we put our foot in our “mouth” based on nothing more than “assumptions” and “blind beliefs” and “acting” on the impulse of “emotions”... often our “idiocy” it seems is particularly “stupid” when we are “willfully ignorant” about something we could “know” and “understand”.. and we are just to “lazy” to actually do the “work” to “find out” the actual "truth" of the matter and instead opt for the approach of making “assumptions” based on “blind beliefs” and “emotional reaction.”

This form of “idiocy” is employed in “racism... sexism... cultural bigotry... religious bigotry” etc... and can be applied to any form of DISCRIMINATION based on “assumption” and “blind belief” and “emotional reaction” that results in “idiotic thinking” that causes “stupid behaviours” then “stupid actions” that in turn “harms” others... ourselves... Nature and the Environment!

The “inability” to “read” people is not a total form of “idiocy”... yet it can often look like it... most people are not able to do this... yet it is mostly due a lack of effort on your part in “investing” the “time” in “learning... knowing... understanding” and “acting” with “intelligence” and “empathy” that leads you to not see people in a way as being an “individual”... you just “assume” and “think” what others tell you to “believe”... or “assume” and "believe" that others “think” and “feel” as you do.

Again it is easier to take the “lazy” option of making “assumptions” based on “blind beliefs” which is the real “idiocy”... which results in you “behaving” and “acting” with “stupidity” and treating others in “stupid ways” with a complete lack of "emotional intelligence" or "empathy."

You like to “think” and “feel” yourself as an “individual”... so do others... consider that and remember it!

Distraction is the best excuse for making an “idiotic” choice or decision... and then behaving “stupidly”... after all... when the “stupidity” happens... it is probably because you did not “think” the “choice” or “decision” was “important” at the time... or the “outcome” and “impact” it would have?

And with all the incoming “distractions” we deal with these days... you do not “invest” the  “time”... to “think” things through... you just “react” on nothing more than “emotions” in the moment and since when have “emotions” possessed the ability to “think rationally” and make “decisions” and “choices?” 

Okay... being "distracted" is not a good excuse... yet it is a common one... 

“It felt the right thing to do at the time.”

How many of you have lived to regret... “it felt right at the time?”

Self destructive and “self sabotaging behaviour” and “actions” is a particularly widespread form of “idiocy” among people who have “privilege” and “opportunity” that they “feel” they do not deserve... and consistently “behave” and “act” with “great stupidity.”

Emotionally overwrought “idiocy” happens because you are tempted to “amplify” and maintain the “drama” going on in your head and so you become “addicted” to it...  which then distracts you from “seeing” or “processing” what IS “actually” happening around you and to you... the “rational thinking process” is completely blocked in favour of the “emotional addiction”... as I mentioned before...

Since when have “emotions” evolved the capacity to “think” and “rationalize” things through and make informed “decisions” and “choices” that can “benefit” you and others... “emotions” are like “blind beliefs”... they "assume" and “create stupidity!” 

Emotional Intelligence in the form of “empathy” is of great “benefit” to you as well as others... yet do you “know” and “understand” what “empathy” is... let alone "know how" to practice and use “empathy” with others?

Irrational fear... of course... is at the heart of our “idiocy” and “stupid judgements.” 

Being unwilling to be “correct” and take “responsibility” and “act” with “courage” is a form of “idiocy”... because if you do what others call “stupid things”... you will be considered an “idiot”... so you do not take “advantage” of the “transformation” that would have happened and the “opportunities” it would “create” to “benefit” you if you had been “correct.”

So it is easier to avoid being “correct” and be an “idiot” instead... and avoid taking “responsibility” and “opportunities” that could “benefit” you...  because it might make you look “stupid” to others.

Slow or having “learning difficulties” is not “idiocy” or “stupidity”... not at all... it just means you are not going to “win” many prizes in the game of life.

Then there is the “idiocy” in the form of  “selfish behavior” is what we see all the time from people who COULD KNOW better... if they were to “invest” the “time” to “think” through the “implications” of their “stupid behaviours” and “actions”... and yet they come back to this trap again and again... because it has become an “idiotic thinking habit”... now is that not “really stupid”... to keep on repeating the same “mistakes” over and over and over again?

Rushing to “judgement” is a particularly “challenging” and “dangerous” variant of “idiocy”... our unwillingness to sit with “ambiguity” while gathering the “best evidence” to make an “informed decision” and “choice”... causes us to decide and rush to “judgement” based on nothing more than “assumptions” and “uncomfortable emotions” and “blind beliefs” which results in “stupid behaviours” and  “actions” that can cause a great deal of "harm" and "destruction"... to others... ourselves and the environment.

So “invest time” to gather the “best information” and “rationally think” things through to make an “informed decision” or “choice” based on the “best evidence” you have available before you...  use your "intelligence" and engage "brain" before opening “mouth” and saying “stupid things” or taking “stupid actions”... you will regret... and that will come back to haunt you.

That way you can avoid behaving like an “idiot” and “acting” with “stupidity.”

Idiocy does not have to be incurable.... is that not what Rational and Emotional Intelligence is for?

I mean would you go invest all your hard earned money in a scheme... you have no "knowledge" or "understanding" off... because you "believe" that “it feels right?”

Or get into a “relationship” with another person you have little “knowing” or “understanding” of what their “personality” is like... because you "believe" that “it feels right?” 

Know it or not... people often do make their “decisions” and “choices” that way... because they "believed" that “it felt right” and they usually end up with a huge big mess of a life.

Now would it not be a worthy cause to strive for the “awareness” and “skills” of the Excellence of Dynamic Intelligence... that “enables” and “empowers” you to make “smart decisions” and “smart choices” that “benefits” you in your life... instead of racing to the bottom because of  the “ignorance” of “idiocy” that creates “stupidity?”

Wouldn't you agree?

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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