The Value Of Money A Homage To Poverty

By Ange Fonce

Part 6

Over the past weeks... I have been writing a series entitled “Homage to Poverty.”

My mission is not to encourage readers to give away their worldly goods and wander the globe... depending on the kindness and alms of strangers... I am sharing a “view” with you... built on experience... and putting being “rich” and being “wealthy” in perspective. 

I want readers to know what they were getting into... when you are pursuing being “rich” instead of building and becoming... “wealthy.” 

I have already addressed two of the three most important questions in life... 

What do you do?

Where do you do it?

Now... let me ask you a question...

Does Having Money Help You Do What You Want?

Sometimes... yes it helps. 

Other times... it just gets in the way... and can make life really messy!

Does it help you live where you want? 

Sometimes... yes. 

Yet money... has a way of luring you to places that you may not want to live at all... such as big... empty... monumental houses... in sterile... dead communities where your neighbours... like yourself... are rarely home.... and can cost huge heaps of your hard earned money to live there.

That is the trouble with rich neighbourhoods... the people who own the houses are not there... you look out your window at night and you see streets and houses that are empty... you lose the cosiness that you really wanted from a real home and a real community... once you have given it up... it is hard to get back.

Before we take up the third question... let us pause a minute and wonder why you think you want to be “rich” in the first place? 

In my own case... the question never arose... I had been a well programmed into “believing” in this system... and it is a programming that set me to work at an early age.

So I was well set to be  “on the job”.... I was up and at “the job” by 7am... and I kept at it until 8pm... often even longer... there was no “creativity” to it... no "genius" was required... no "great effort" needed.... just being an average "worker program"... and after 25 years of this... I had gone nowhere... a good little program doing what I had been "programmed" with... average and mediocre. 

Until one day... I asked myself... a life changing question?

"How the F69K... have I ended up in this place... there HAS to be more to LIFE then  this?"

And that "question" dear reader become a "virus" that become a program that I CREATED for myself in learning from other men and women who had created a life of "wealth" and "excellence"... which I "learned" from and used to completely eradicated the existing programs about being "rich"... to create MY WEALTH... and that in turn has lead to the creation of Dynamic Life Development Systems to enable others to CREATE their own WEALTH!

I am not super rich by todays mega standards...  compared to where I began... I feel I have enough money... and I get by without stress money wise... it is no big deal to me.

I have built “wealth” instead... a quality of life... I “like” living... and were money is a powerful enabling  tool and nothing more.

I grew up in what would barely qualify as a “shack” these days... so I have always been a little nutty about houses... during my lifetime... I have either been building one… renovating one… or planning another one... at one time I had several... now one is more than enough. 

Like everything else in life... “rich” responds to the law of declining marginal utility... a little is a good thing... a lot is less useful and may even reduce your quality of life... a little house can be charming and delightful... and can do everything a big house can... when you have several large houses on the other hand... you can become very tired of painting shutters and fixing toilets... and everything else that comes with running and maintaining big houses... I can assure you... they burn up a lot of your time... and cash... that you can be “investing” else were to "benefit" you.

Now why would we be programmed to seek being “rich”... and possessing lots of "money" if it really does not do much for us? 

Now dear reader...  I am so glad you asked this very good question... because I have a very good answer.


We are programmed by millions of years of natural selection to chase material success... this may be simply because life was such a close run for so many years... we needed to take advantage of every opportunity to increase our resources... probably in the form of calories or our entire species could die out.

We also use “rich” in the form of “resources” which then gives us “power”… the two are closely related... as a way of advertising and proving that we are worthy mates... men drive big cars… and buy big houses… simply to signal that they are “rich” and have access to “resources.”

This makes them attractive to beautiful women... the woman is “attracted” to the man who has the kind of genetic material she wants in her children... the man is “attracted to her “beauty” as “high quality” genetic stock... he has won an admirer... thinking it is due to his sparkling wit and warm personality... and she will also bear him children... the two get together and the world spins around. 

Of course it is not that simple... it is far more complex then that... nothing in human affairs ever is... despite what we like to think about ourselves... there is an ancient primal animal operating here... society and culture is a thin veneer... and as near as we can tell... we humans are programmed by nature to seek “richness” in the form of resources...   far beyond what we really need to survive. 

Perhaps it is a survival strategy... by trying to get as much calories as possible... you end up with just enough... perhaps it is a mating strategy... “rich” in the form of “resources” illustrates suitability for mating with the “highest quality”... or perhaps being “rich” is a way of gaining love and respect... as if what we acquire and  achieve... in themselves... make us much more worthy as a “mate.”

These considerations are not considerations at all... most people are largely unaware of them... rarely does a person consciously seek riches so his mother or father will approve of him. 

Rarely does a man make his investment decisions expressly so that he will be able to dump the “old girl” and get a trophy wife... and it is the uncommon woman who finds a “rich” man more attractive than a carpenter simply because she wants children who are more likely to get into some high status University.

Yet... the animal that we are has its own primal goals in life and its own strategies... it is our psychology that is educated into giving meaning to things that mean nothing to us as an animal...  otherwise without them... the value of “money” disappears... the animal has no need of money... it is absolutely “worthless” to the Human Animal.

Without love...  being “rich” loses its sex appeal... and without sex... all the work... struggling... and sweating that we do to get  “rich” is pointless. 

The rat race stops… along with the race itself. 

So... really what drives the “rat race” and why do we engaged in it?

It is down to our genes... the animal... and sex.

No matter what fine philosophies we dream up and like to kid ourselves with.

The ANIMAL runs the show...

For the vast majority of people that is.

The Animal got smart... developed a set “philosophies” to give the “appearance” of being “civilised”... sophisticated and respectable in being “rich”... which gave the animal a degree of “legitimacy”... in the form of “beliefs”... to get the best mates!

Instead of outright... and honestly “knocking” the competition off... like we used to do “enmano... on enmano”... and the fittest left standing gets the “prize”... the "resources"... plus the bonus of the "beauty" displaying herself on the "battle" ground in the "mating game."

Wasteful... yes... yet it worked... the best genes got to mate... the most powerful males with the strength and resources won the females with the greatest beauty.

She gets access to power and resources... he gets beauty and sex to produce good... strong and attractive young to "rule" for the next generation... while the lesser genes went extinct... or existed in an impoverished environment for the lesser males and females.

Richness in the form of "physical health" and "power" and "physical looks" in the form of "beauty" have always been the main game plan... and still is the MAIN game today... after all... what is a few thousand years of “civilization”... against a few million years of EVOLUTION!

Yet... is the Animal... still running everything?

Not when you have developed and evolved a “powerful” and “aware” psychology.. that "knows" and  "understands" what the Animal is up and "how" the Animal works and "communicates."

The Animal can be MASTERED... and its "primal power" disciplined to work for you.

This is were “intelligence” and "science" comes in to build “wealth” in the form of PERSONAL INFLUENCE and PERSUASION POWER!

More to follow next week in Part 7 of this series of... A Homage To Poverty. 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and International Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Psycho Dynamic Counsellor who works with men... and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers from around the World!

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