The Value Of A Painted Lady?

"You take so much for granted,
Not the first time you will hear those words.
With that £200 Gucci bag
And those snakeskin's heels, 
Embroidered with Tahitian pearls.
You drive a Mercedes-Benz
And complain about the petrol price.
You dine in exquisite bistros
And fail to leave a tip. 
You order around assistants like slaves,
And never utter a thank-you.
And yet you mourn
For what you do not have. 
And what do you have?
Someone to call mine?
Neighbors complain
About the materialistic freak-next-door.
Flashing an emerald ring one morning,
And a diamond the next.
And the smug, better-than-you look
Is forever etched onto your painted lips.
And they frown so deeply
Every time you feel the empty space 
Between your finger.
Thinking of what could have been.
And you chose worthless paper called money
You could not find the price tag for Love?"

Try not to become a man or woman just of success, become a man or woman of value too! 

What do I mean by this? 

Many men and think success is to have lots of money, big flash car... the outward trimmings of "success!" 

And yet few men and women never think about... "How do to obtain value in their success?"

That is when being a man or woman of "value" counts. 

And "value" starts with yourself. 

How do you "value" YOU! 

Many men and women never consider thinking about this. 

Their own self-worth and value?

In the measure of their success!

Ange Fonce