The Tribe Of Almost No One 

By Ange Fonce

I cannot "think" of a time that an organization has created a "brand new world view"... then spread it and then "lead" that tribe.

There have been many "individuals" throughout history who have "created" a tribe... from "almost no one" and then went on to  "lead it."

There were "biker renegades" before there was Harley Davidson... there were "digital nomads" before there was Apple... there were "pop music fans" before there were the Beatles... and Rastafarians before Bod Marley.

Almost no one... are the "early adopters" who gravitate towards what you are "creating"... because they were already there... waiting before you got there... and started "creating" for them.

There is a "huge difference" between "no one" and "almost no one."

Almost no one will "join the tribe."

Almost no one is going to become a "true fan."

Almost no one is going to "tell someone" else about "your work"... what you are "creating" for them.

Almost no one is going to "push you" to make "your work" ever "better."

Almost no one is going to "hire you."

If only 1 out of every 1.000 people "engages" with you... that is still "thousands of people"... when you times it by a million!

The "probability" that "everyone" is going to "applaud you"... yet alone become "aware" you exist... are virtually nil. 

Those brands and organizations and individuals that "fail"... fall into the chasm of "trying to be all things" in order to please "everyone"... and end up reaching "no one."

That is the "wrong thing" to "focus" on... better to "focus on" and delight "almost no one."

Your "mission" is to "find" the "disconnected" and "connect them"... to find people "eager to pursue a goal" and give them the "structure" to go "acquire that goal." 

And just about always... you start with an "already existing world view"... a point of "perspective"... a "hunger" that is waiting to be satisfied.

The tribe of "almost no one" is there waiting for you... to "create" and come "join you"... and "lead them."

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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