The Story Of Wonder The Goldfish

By Ange Fonce

There was once a goldfish called Wonder who lived in a tank with 6 other goldfish... Wonder was a happy little fish who always saw good in everything, and the other 6 goldfish were always unhappy although they were beautiful and had a nice home and plenty of good food... they felt angry all the time that they should have a better home then what they had... and complained that their tank was too small and wondered how they might get free?

One fish... called Julie decided to attraction attention and get help to escape by constantly making a noise... again and again... she charged into the side of the tank... and all she ended up doing was to hurt and abuse herself.

Another fish... called Tom decided to eat so much that it would be seen that he had outgrown the tank and he thought he would then be taken to a larger... more suitable place to live... he become very unfit... unhappy and ill from overeating.

The third goldfish... called Steve... tried to swim so fast that he would be able to jump out of the tank... round and round he swam... faster and faster... then with a tremendous leap he jumped out of the tank and landed on the floor... he cried out loud...

"I am FREE

Then he realised his mistake... there was no water to for him to swim in... and the others watched him die slowly gasping for breath... there was nothing they could do to help him... Wonder felt deeply sad for him and shed a tear... while the others thought him stupid.

The forth goldfish... called Winer become so sulky... moaning and bad tempered that no one wanted to talk to her.

The fifth goldfish... called Dreamy withdrew from everyone and everything else... that she never really learned what the rest of life was like.

The sixth goldfish... called Gloomy become depressed that she too never enjoyed or learned about the rest of the world and life.

In the meantime the seventh goldfish called Wonder... swam gently around the tank... happy simply to be alive and in awe of the beauty of the world around her.. she was always inquisitive to learn new things... she basked in the sunlight... ate healthy and rested when tired... she was contented with her life and grew into a fine adult goldfish.

“How wonderful life is.” 

She would often think to herself.

One day her owner looked at her and thought to himself...

“This beautiful goldfish has grown to big for her tank... I will go dig her a pond in the garden and she can live there.”

And so he did.

After he had finished digging the pond... planting water lilies and new flowers around the ponds edge... he come for the goldfish and took her from the tank to her lovely new home. 

Wonder loved her new home... on bright sunny days the water lilies shaded her from the bright sunlight... some days she hid amongst the pond plants as the cool breeze rippled across the surface of the water... the fragrance from the flowers in the garden and the colourful butterflies which fluttered around the flowers always delighted her.

“How wonderful life is!” 

Wonder would often say to herself.

“I love living.” 

Some Thoughts For You To Consider.

1) What name would you give this story?

2) What was the nature of the other 6 goldfish like?

3) How was Wonder different?

4) Who was more successful in life and why?

5) How did you feel when you read this story?

6) Does it remind you of anything in your own life?

7) What did the story mean to you?

 May You Enjoy a Prosperous And Dynamic Day!

Yours Sincerely

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