The Story Of The CEO And The Fisher Man

I thought you might find some inspiration from this simple story.

You do need to take care in choosing your goals. 

Otherwise, you may end up going down the wrong path to a dead-end and not acquire the result you truly desired. 

So the question to ask yourself is... 

"Will my goals really bring happiness, fulfillment, and success?"

Many of your goals were set when you were young, when you are long on ambition yet possibly short on wisdom. 

Now many, many, many thousands of years ago King Solomon, who was said to be the wisest man who ever lived, said this.....

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom. And with all you are getting, get understanding." 

So get wisdom and understanding, and from those two things, everything else will flow to you.

And there is the "key" word... Understanding!

I would like to share you a little story about the executive and the fisherman. 

See, once upon a time, there was an over-stressed CEO of a big company. 

And he decided that he just needed a vacation to get away from it all. 

So he decided to go on a fishing trip to relax.

So he researched, and he finally found, what he thought to be, a slow-paced fishing village.

And once he got there, he decided, 

"Oh, this is perfect. It's real slow-paced; the locals are very, very friendly; and he had the good fortune of finding a very, very good fishing guide.

He and the guide would get up early every morning, and they would go fishing. 

Each day they would talk about things, and they developed quite a friendly relationship sharing stories back and forth.

A few days into his trip and a lot of fish caught, the CEO had a suggestion for the fisherman. 

He said... 

"Have you ever thought about getting some more boats, hiring out some more fishing guides? You'd be catching a lot more fish. And, as a matter of fact, maybe you could get fishing vessels, catch a whole bunch of more fish, and create a fish-processing plant here on the island, and develop a business to where you could sell fish internationally all over the globe. You'd have a world-wide corporation that you could manage."

And the local fisherman thought about what he had said for a minute, and he asked...

"Well, what good would that do me?"

And the CEO replied...

"Well, eventually, your company would get so big that it would be noticed by an even bigger company, and you could sell your shares to that bigger company, and you could retire."

And the local fisherman says...  

"Well, what would I do then?"

The CEO says...

"Well, you could be like me."

So the local fisherman replies...

"So, you mean that I could work that hard and finally sell my company so that I could finally come here to where I am right now and go fishing every day?" 

The fisherman thought for a moment and said...

"Well, I've already got that. Why would I want to do all of that other stress-filled work?"

Remember to make your choices because it is what you want, not because of what somebody else wants for you or because of their thinking or them telling you to do or not do something. 

It is your life.

You make your own choices and accept full responsibility for your choices, actions, and outcomes.

Ange Fonce