The Stories Of The Wanderer And The Master

By Ange Fonce

It has been some time since I have posted a Sunday post where I share my own person thoughts and stories on life in general.

And I thought to myself it is time to get back to writing them again.

Now do not get me wrong I love writing all the other stuff I share with you about personal development... influence and persuasion... relationships and sexing.

Yet the Sunday posts and stories are more personal and from my own life experiences and I want to do them again... to write and share with you my personal thoughts and perspectives and in the near future doing podcasts too... the spoken word as well as the written word.

And in this post I want to share two simple stories and the first one is called the Wanderer...

Now get yourself comfortable... it is story time with Ange and  read on...

The Wanderer

Once upon a time a wandering man was walking what had seemed a very long road from one village to the next and at the outskirts of the next village he met a farmer working in his fields who was harvesting hay.

For it was autumn... the changing time.

The wandering man spoke to the farmer and said...

"I have walked miles and miles to get to this village... I left my old home and I am looking for a new one... perhaps I will find it here... tell me what are the people like in your village?"

The farmer looked at the wandering man before replying and asked him...

"What were the people like in the village you come from?"

The wandering man pulled a sour face and replied...

"Ugh... cold... cynical...uncaring... self absorbed... unfriendly... selfish and rude... that is why I left."

The farmer paused again before replying...

"I think you will find that is how people are here too."

The wandering man replied...

"Ah... in that case I will move on."

And off he went.

A few days later... not quite a week or so... the farmer was in his field and another wandering man approached him saying...

"Friend... my village has been destroyed and the people scattered and I am searching for a new home... maybe in your village... can you tell me... how are the people here?"

The farmer paused before replying and asked this wandering man the same question...

"How were the people in your village?"

And the wandering man replied with a sad yet happy smile...

"Ah... they were wonderful... warm... loving... close... helpful... I miss them terribly."

The farmer smiled and welcomed the man by saying...

"Welcome friend... I think you will find them like that here too."

We perceive the world by what we think and feel about the world and other people and so in turn others will perceive ourselves by what we think and feel of the world and other people.

Now I want to share another story with you continuing along the theme of "perception."

This one is called... The Master... so stay comfortable and please read on...

The Master

Once upon a time a Master was talking to a crowd of people and his message was so wonderful that everyone felt touched by his words of love

In the crowd there was a man who had listened to every word the Master had said... this man was very humble and he had a great heart... he was so touched by the Masters words that he felt the need to invite the Master to his home.

When the Master finished speaking the man walked through the crowd... looked into the eyes of the master and told him... 

“I know you are busy and every one wants your attention... I know you have hardly have time to even listen to my words and my heart is so open and I feel much love for you that I have the need to invite you to my home... I want to prepare the best meal for you... I do not expect you will accept and I just had to know?"

The Master looked into the mans eyes and with the most beautiful smile said... 

“Prepare everything I will be there.” 

Then the Master walked away.

At these words the joy in the mans heart was strong.... he could hardly wait to serve the Master and express his love for him... this would be the most important day of his life. 

The Master was going to be with him... he brought the best food and wine and found the most beautiful clothes to offer as a gift to the Master... then he run home to prepare everything to receive the Master... he cleaned his entire house and prepared the most wonderful meal which made the table look beautiful... his heart was full of joy because the Master would be there soon.

The man was waiting anxiously when someone knocked at the door. 

Eagerly he opened the door and instead of the Master he found an old woman... she looked into his eyes and said... 

“I am starving... can you give me a piece of bread?”

The man was a little disappointed because it was not the Master... he looked at the woman and said... 

“Please come into my house.” 

He sat her in the place he had prepared for the Master and gave her the food he had made for the Master... yet he was anxious and could hardly wait for her to finish eating... the old woman was touched by the generosity of this man... she thanked him... blessed him for his kindness and left.

The man had barely finished preparing the table for the Master again when someone knocked the door again. 

This time another stranger who had travelled across the desert... the stranger looked into the mans face and said... 

“I am thirsty... can you give me something to drink?”

The man was a little disappointed again because it was not the Master. 

He invited the stranger into his home and sat him in the place he had prepared for the Master... he served the all the fine wine he had intended for the Master to the stranger and as the man left... he thanked him with great gratitude for his care and generosity.

And the man again prepared everything for the Master.

Then there was a knock at the door again and the man opened the door anticipating to see the Master. 

Yet there stood a shivering child in rags and with the child was an malnourished old dog. 

The child looked at the man and said... 

“I am freezing cold and my dog is hungry... can you give me a blanket to cover my body and feed and my dog?”

The man was a little disappointed because it was not the Master and he looked into the eyes of the child and at his dog and felt compassion in his heart. 

Quickly he gathered the clothes he had intended to give to the Master and he covered the child with the clothes and fed and the dog with food from the table... the child thanked him with happiness and the dog licked his hand and they both left.

The man prepared everything again for the Master and then he waited until it was very late. 

When he realized the Master was not coming... he was disappointed yet right away he forgave the Master. 

He said to himself... 

“I knew I could not expect the Master to come to this humble home... although he would come something more important must have taken him elsewhere... the Master did not come yet at least he told me he would and that is enough for my heart to be happy.”

Slowly he put the food away... he put the wine away and he went to bed. 

That night he dreamed the Master come to his home... the man was happy to see him yet he did not know he was dreaming... 

“Master you came... you kept your word.”

The Master replied... 

“Yes I am here and I was here before.... I was the hungry old lady and you fed me with good food... I was the  thirsty man and you slaked my thirst with the finest of wine... I was the cold child and you covered me with fine clothes... I was the dog and you fed and cared for me as an animal... what ever you do for others you do for me too.”

The man woke up and his heart was filled with happiness... because he understood what the Master had taught him... the Master loved him so much that he had sent three people and an animal to give him the greatest lesson.

That he himself is a Master and the Master lives with everyone and within us all.

When you give food to one who is starving... you feed the Master and in turn you feed yourself in being Masterful in feeding hunger in others!

When you give water to the one who is thirsty... you slake the thirst of the Master and you slake the thirst of yourself in being Masterful in slaking the thirst of others!

And when you cover one who is cold and care for them with compassion... you give Love to the Master and you give Love to yourself in being a Masterful warm Lover to others!

And when you show kindness and compassion to all creatures... you show Love to Nature and you are part of Natures Heart and living within Natures rhythms. 

You And The Master Are ONE

So do you KNOW and UNDERSTAND the MASTER you are and in what ways you are Masterful in being a Dynamic Lifer?!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

P.S. The artwork for the second story The Master was done originally by a wonderfully creative lady and Artist called Rune... which the Artist in me could not resist playing around with and evolving which I now have tattooed on my upper left arm by another talented Artist... my Son Micheal.

Thank you to you both for your creativity! 

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