The Silent  "Procrastination Thief”
Who Steals Your Precious Time
And Sabotages Your Life And Goals

By Ange Fonce

When it comes to the “self sabotaging” of your life... the “master  thief” is  “procrastination” and “why” is this? 

Because “procrastination” operates in the gap between your “mental intention” and your “physical action”... and it is in this gap that the “procrastination thief” steals from you... the “undermining behavior” that lies in not “closing” the gap... you make an “intention” to “act”... the “time” comes and instead of “acting” you get lost in your own deliberation and you “invent excuses” to “justify” an unnecessary and potentially “harmful” delay. 

Who makes this decision? 

You do... because of  the ““procrastination thief” who hidden is all those “sub routines” of your own “subconscious mind”... in fact it is you that “sabotage” your own “intentions.”

There are 3 Basic Reasons we find ways to Procrastinate...

First... we most commonly “procrastinate” on things we find “adverse”... we put off things we do not like to do or that upset us in some way... we let our “feelings” run the show... which "appears" to make “sense” on the surface of things... except that in life... “feelings” were never “evolved” to “think”... there are a “reactive system” stimulated by the environment either “internally” inside you or by the “external” environment around you... “feelings” are not “proactive” they are “reactive” and in the “reality” of life...  we regularly face tasks that we would rather not do and really have to do. 

So the most “important” thing is for you to “recognize” that your “procrastination” is all about what psychologists and “personal development” consultants and coaches have called "giving in to feeling good."

When a “challenging” or “adverse task” at hand makes you feel uncomfortable... and you “know” you “have to do” in your "mind"... you avoid “doing it” because you do not want to tolerate the “uncomfortable emotions”... you want to “feel good now”... so you “give in” to “feeling good”... by putting off and avoiding the task you “know” mentally you have to do... and giving in to “feeling good”... you will always sabotage your self... even when you “know” that by “achieving” and “acquiring” your goal will “benefit” you “greatly.”

The “procrastination thief” gets you by “feeling good” now.

Second... you often “procrastinate” because your “intentions” are “anemic”... they are “abstract... vague... wishy washy” and “not defined”... of course for some...  “ill defined intentions” are part of the “problem”... part of their “self sabotage”... you do not really “feel” like doing the task... so you make “vague declarations” like... 

"I will get to that this week." 

"I will do that later." 

“I do not feel like it now... I will feel like it tomorrow.”

It is “impossible” to regulate and “develop” new “behaviors” that will “benefit” you... against such poorly defined standards... and “how” can you develop “commitment... laser focus” and “self discipline” when you are being so “wishy washy” and “abstract” in “defining in detail” what you want to ”create” and  “achieve” and “acquire” in your life?

The “procrastination thief” gets you again by being “wishy washy... vague" and "abstract” by not “knowing” what you are “really” wanting to "create" in your life in “detail.”

Third... you are easily “distracted” and “unfocused”... and some of us are also "highly impulsive"... living totally by being "controlled" by “feelings”... and are GREAT wasters of “time” by being “busy” producing “nothing” with our lives.

Seriously... “how” do you “invest” your “time?”

Are you “investing” YOUR most “precious asset” which is YOUR TIME in being “productive” in “creating” what you want YOUR LIFE to be... by  “achieving” and “acquiring” your goals? 

Or are you BUSY at WASTING YOUR TIME producing “nothing”... because you do not “feel” like it?

Like for instance...

"It will take me only a minute to check my email... update my Facebook page... watch TV... cruise the internet... text all my friends... gossip... etc... etc... because it makes me “feel good." 

Oops... where did my day go?

Oops... where did MY LIFE GO?

To late to start "thinking" about that when Mr Death is writing your name is his book... as DEAD!

Time is you most “precious” and useful “asset”... yet are you a “time waster” or a “time investor?”

The “procrastination thief” loves to steal “your time” and keep you “busy” doing “nothing”... just so you “feel good!”

When you “invest” your “time” in “producing” the work you have to do with “direction” and “purpose” in “achieving” and “acquiring” your goals... you will “feel” more than good... you will “feel fantastic” and gain all the “benefits” you worked for with a “real sense” of "accomplishment” and “success.”

And you will be able to say with “real pride” and “ownership”...


Overcoming Procrastination... 
One of the “simplest” and most “effective solutions” is to just “get started” anywhere on a task. 

The moment you “think”... 

"I will feel more like doing this later." 

"I work better under pressure." 

Recognize that the “procrastination thief”  is there and you are just about to “procrastinate” and give in to “feeling good.”

Do not “think” too far ahead... otherwise things become to “abstract”...  aim for “step by step” progress... you can “physically measure” the results of... make “measurable success” a “self fulfilling prophecy!” 

Research indicates that establishing a “low threshold” to “task engagement” fuels “motivation” and “changes perception” of the task... you will find it is never as bad as you “thought”... and a “task begun is a task half done!"

How to Transform feeble intentions into Effective Plans for Real Action... 

You need to move past “general goal intentions” to “specific intentions for action”... for instance...

“In situation X... I will do “behavior” Y to “achieve” goal Z."

The “solution” to “distraction” lies in “recognizing” what “distracts” you... and then “deciding” to “eliminate” the menace... like for instance... 

"Shut off Facebook while I am at the computer." 

By “declaring” an “intention” to indulge yourself  at a “specific time” once your work gets done. 

“I will allow myself 5 minutes on Facebook when my task is done.”

Again... research indicates that a little “strategic planning” helps "preempt that which tempts!"

Acting in a “timely manner” on tasks requires an “active choice” and the exercise of “focused willpower.” 

7 Tips To Help You Beat The Procrastination Thief...

1... Do your most “important tasks” first thing in the morning... if you are dreading doing something... you are going to be able to “think” of more “creative excuses” to avoid “doing it” as the day goes along. 

One of my Personal Commandments to myself is 

“Do it now...without delay is the easiest way to get it done.”

2... If you find yourself putting off a task that you try to do several times a week... start doing it EVERY day instead... when I was planning my website... I envisioned posting two or three articles a week... and while that sounded fine in theory... in practice it was not so easy... so I switched to writing and posting every day... as “counter intuitive” as it sounds... it is easier to do it every day... well except Sundays... which is my “do nothing day” and just enjoy for me... than write and publish fewer times each week... there is no dithering... there is no juggling.... I “know” I have to write and publish... so I do... and it has become a part of my daily routine... which I “just do” and “get done!”
If you are finding it hard to go for a walk four times a week...then switch to “doing it” every day... better to do a 30 minute walk everyday... then struggle to do 4 hourly walks every week.

3... Have someone keep you “company”... studies show that we “enjoy” practically every “activity” more when we are with other people... having a friend along can be a “distraction”... and also a source of “reassurance... encouragement” and “moral” support... just make sure that who you “work” with or have along... "supports" you in a “positive” and “optimistic” manner... and avoid the “negative” and “pessimistic” ones.

4... Make “preparations”... assemble the “proper tools”... you are to use to gain “success”... I often find that when I am dreading a task... it helps me to “feel” prepared... I will tell myself...

"X is no on my schedule today... and I will “prepare” and get everything ready to do it." 

I gather up “phone numbers... print outs... research... read background information”... etc... just the “action” of “preparing” for a tough task and “planning” for it makes it easier to tackle... and takes the dread out of it... and replaces it with “excitement” and “enthusiasm” to “make it happen” and “get it done.”

Remember... “a task started... is a task half done!”

5... Commitment... you most like have heard the “advice” to “write down your goals”... this “really works”... and the more “detailed” you can be... the less “abstract” your goal will be... so force yourself to “do it”... usually this “advice” is given in relating to long term goals and it is just as “effective” when working with short term goals too... even when you take it down to “daily goals.” 

On the top of a piece of paper write... 

“By the end of today... I will have _____.” 

This also gives you the “thrill” of crossing a “task” off your list... as being “completed.” 

Every day I set myself 5 tasks in order of “priority”... towards to "acquiring" my “personal goals”... the most difficult one “gets done first”... I do not always get to complete every task... every day... life happens... and I do not “stress” about it... because the “important ones” always “get done”... and I just move the uncompleted ones to be a “higher priority” the next day... and when I do cross of the whole daily list of tasks... that is a very “satisfying” and “productive” day... an “investment” in moving "forward" to  “acquiring” my goals.

Remember to “create” your own “mental” and “physical” self fulfilling prophecy of “success!”

6... Prioritise First... this carries on from Commitment...  that is to make sure you do not use “little tasks” of “low priority” to “distract” you from the “high priority” big tasks you “know” have to “be done”... like for instance...

If you find yourself answering email or reading Twitter and Facebook instead of “getting on” with your “real work”... do not make the “excuse” that they are a “priority” to “avoid” delaying more taxing work... that will “really” be of “benefit” to you... they are things you can do anytime and the “question” is... 

“What benefit do they bring to you... and how do they help you acquire your goals to make your life better?”

Remember... “time investment” to “benefit” you!

7... Reflect... and “enjoy” the "great feeling” you will get when you have “finished” and “succeeded.”

Studies show that “acquiring a goal” no matter “how” big or small... releases chemicals in the “brain” that give you “pleasure”... so  if and when you are “feeling” down and you “know” you have to “get it done” and you do not “feel” like it. 

Mentally push yourself “forward” and “work through” the “feeling”... you will give yourself  a “big lift” from it... by “completing” the task and “succeeding!”

Because when you recognize the enemy within... the  “procrastination thief”... you will be able to “beat it” every time... and you will “move forward” doing what you “intended” to do... and becoming the person you want to be... and “creating” the life you “love” living for yourself.

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... Multipreneur and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant and Sexologist... who works with men and women in cyber space and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" and their "wealth" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their "own life!"

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