The Russian Doll Effect

By Ange Fonce

In a world that has becoming efficient in the productivity of producing nothing more then same thing in ever increasing numbers.

That "average"... "mediocrity"... and "dumb enough" will do... which has become the conforming standard in the production of producing "humans!"

The "industrialists" have taken over and are efficiently mass producing more and more conformity.

It is indeed a REMARKABLE event when an "Individual" man or woman chooses to become DYNAMIC and create their own unique level of EXCELLENCE!

Such men and women are the point of CHANGE and EVOLUTION... the "spanner throwers" of "high quality"... "creativity" and "excellence" in the process that mass produces nothing more than an ever increasing amount of "dumb enough."

Now...are YOU a DYNAMIC man or woman?

Because you are a REMARKABLE individual... one who is the point of CHANGE and evolution?

Or are you nothing more than the product of the Russian Doll effect?

Thank you.

May You Enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic Day!

Ange Fonce

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