The Reason So Many Men And Women Have Anxiety

By Ange Fonce

This is the 4th article in a series of articles about personal development and dealing with your personal bag of shit and if you have not read the previous articles here are the links below...

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The most exciting part of Personal Development is about self discovery... we have to face the deepest darkest parts of ourselves so that we can create change and transformation from the inside out.

It is a tough journey for most people... facing your self sabotaging limiting beliefs and the limiting beliefs of the people around you is not easy and it is definitely not comfortable. 

Yet this is where New Life begins outside your comfort zone and there is light on the other side of the tunnel and if and when you have the courage to see the journey through... to face your limiting beliefs and to empty your big bag of shit... you will come out stronger than you have ever been before and people will take notice of your changes and they will be drawn to you.

So let us continue our talk about solutions to the problem of limiting beliefs and bags of shit that we discussed in the previous articles.

The First Step To Change 

You need to recognize your own shit. 

A great way to do this is to think of the last emotionally charged situation you were in... where your reaction was out of proportion to what actually happened and try to identify the belief and the thoughts that led to that reaction.

Here is a very common example... 

Why are so many men afraid to approach women? 

If you start talking to a stranger in most cases the very worst that could happen is that they will not want to talk to you and if you combine this with the belief which you reinforce with the negative feedback loop of thinking... 

“I am not enough.” 

Then every time someone does not want to talk to you... it is not just someone who is respecting their time and being honest with you... it is yet another confirmation of a painful and deep seated belief that has become fixed in your thinking and self sabotages you as it is an old nerve being pressed... it is someone being better than you and you being a piece of shit who is not even worth their time and likely from your childhood... that is a message you may have unconsciously got from mum or dad... so if instead of putting their shit in your bag and adding to your burden... you can stop... sniff it... see that it smells crap and figure out whose asshole it came from.

Hint... it was not yours... when you start to  realise and understand that... then you are on your way to lightening your mental load... yet recognizing it is not enough. 

The next step is to disprove it. 

This can be done through positive self talk... through noticing all the times when the belief is not true and the negative thinking kicks in or through facing your fears... yet there is another method.

If the only thing keeping you from enjoying your life is the past... then a simple solution to put into place right now is to start living in the present and to look forward to create a better future for yourself.

See as much as you can in your life like a child or an artist does... as if you are experiencing it for the first time and you will find that not only will that bag of shit disappear and now that you are not carrying it around stinking up the room wherever you go... people are going to enjoy being around you a lot more... because the most annoying thing about that big bag of shit is that it is a self fulfilling prophecy

When you stink... people do not like being near you. 

So let go of the past... let go of the lies you are so invested in... let go of the tired stories you tell yourself... let go of the internalized parent who is so busy judging you and others and you will find that the world is a lot bigger and brighter and easier to navigate than it used to seem.

You may even find that all the things you have been working so hard for start to come to you and the funny thing will be... you will not want them anymore... because you have you and that is all you need.

If you really want to recognize your bag of shit and eliminate it immediately... this is not an easy journey to take alone... you need a guide helping each person identify their Bag of Shit and giving them tools to empty all that shit out and fill it with gold instead.

Warning... this is not for those interested in philosophizing...  this is hardcore stuff that will change and transform who you are from the inside out and if you are not ready to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror... then BREAK the mirror... then do not complain about how crap your life is.  

If you are ready for change and transformation in all areas of your life and tired of being a people pleaser and fed up with not making progress towards your goals then Dynamic Life Development Systems Personal Development Academy is for you.

Because once you start to invest in personally developing yourself... there is no going back!

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