The Qualities Masculine Men Look For In A Woman 

By Ange Fonce

She is very attractive and gets lots of offers from men... yet she cannot "attract" a man to be in a "relationship" with her. 

The first time she sat across from me I ask her this simple question... 

"You have worked very hard to remain single... how come?"

That is when I get the totally bewildered and are you mad look.  

After years of working with both men and women... "listening" to both sexes as a counselling psychologist and as personal development coach... I want to share with you what many men have shared with me and what I have learned and “understood” through my own experience. 

The problem for most women is a man will never tell you this directly... because for many men they do not know "how" to "articulate" it... in a way that you as a woman will "understand.”
Sure men can share with men... and men will "get it."

Yet for you as a woman... it can sound like a foreign language... that men "communicate" with.

Now I am going to share with you the "3 qualities" that are "important" to men and he would "love" that you as a woman "possess" and a man will find very "attractive" in you. 

Quality 1... A Man Wants Someone To Be With That He Can Trust And Rely On...

Sounds simple right? 

Actually... what it "means" might be different from what you may "think." 

It means a man wants someone that will remain "loyal" to him... it does not refer to monogamy... although that is certainly important and a given. 

A man measures "trust" by what a woman does when she has the "opportunity" to embarrass or to hurt him... after a man opens his heart to a woman... he has become "vulnerable" and he wonders what she will do with that power. 

Does she pay "attention" to the "fact" that he does not like to be called certain names... even playfully? 

Has she "observed" that even though he likes to be the "life of the party"... he is actually "self conscious" about what people "think" of him? 

In his "mind" as the woman in his life you will get to see a "vulnerable side" of him that others do not... when he "courts" you and especially when he "commits" to be in a "relationship" with you... he wants to "know" that your "allegiance" is to him. 

Even though he may deserve to be made fun off at times... he wants to "know" you "understand" him so "intimately" that you can put him in his place "respectfully" with just a look... that you have "invested" the "time" to REALLY get to "know" and "understand" him as the Man he is... in his "mind"... this is very "sexy"... and very "attractive."

This "quality" alone will set you apart from the vast majority of women... who just make "assumptions" about men.

Quality 2... Men Crave A Woman That Is Easy To Please And Appreciates Him...

Many individuals misunderstand this statement by assuming that a woman that is considered “easy to please” goes along with everything. 

Not true. 

It does not matter if you have a tendency to be picky or to be carefree... as long as you do not expect a man to be able to READ YOUR MIND!

Remember... he is not one of your girlfriends and even though there are times when it seems he can read your "mind"... those times are usually the "exception" and not the rule. 

When you are pleased with something... do not just express your pleasure "verbally"... include a "positive emotional response" as well like "smiling... hugging him... happy laughing" and such. 

Even though you may "tell him" what you like... that will not have nearly the impact on him as it would if you "expressed" your "delight" by involving your "emotions" too... so while you can convey your "happiness" or gratitude "verbally"... couple this with an "emotional response" too and notice the difference it will make in "how" he "responds" to you. 

Quality 3... It Is Not Your Weight Or Look... He Already Likes YOU!
I can tell you from years of working with men... playing sports with men... as well as being a man... that men do not obsess about a womans weight or look no where near as much as women do. 

Forget what you see on TV and in movies and magazines... that is all about "marketing" to you as a woman to sell you products. 

What men "notice" is "how" a womans weight and look directly "affects" her "outlook" on life... that you have your own STYLE... not being the "marketing creation" of someone else. 

Remember this... when a man looks at you... he is hard wired to like your "curves"... as a WOMAN! 

Yes I do know that some men will not look at any woman that weighs more than 100 pounds or 45 KG... yet can you imagine being with that type of man who "obsesses" about he looks and his weight? 

Instead of "focusing" on image... "focus" on being the "best" you can be... do not be the "plastic woman" that is "marketed" to you... instead take care of yourself and be a REAL WOMAN!

Please trust me when I tell you that as a woman... Nature has "evolved" you in such a way that men cannot help look at you... and us men look at your "curves"... not that you are pencil thin or built like a muscle bound freak. 

Please stop trying to be the perfect plastic woman... an "image." 

The "attitude... confidence" and "personality" a woman exhibits are what men "notice" more than what she actually weighs... or what brand she is wearing.

And here is a "bonus quality" from me... for you as a woman.

Bonus Quality... Focus On Patterns And Not Events... 

Anyone can have a bad moment or as I say "a bad hair day"... you included and the real measure of a woman... is does she repeat that bad moment... or does she "learn" from it.

And a man will be "noticing" these things... do you "learn" and accept "responsibility" for yourself or do you "blame" others and keep repeating the same "mistakes?"

A woman who seeks to "learn" and "improve" her self in some way... that she is "wise" and continually deepening her "heart" through some kind of "physical... spiritual... mental" practice.

Is openly and enthusiastically "sexual" and is "confident."

Is "fun... funny" and "smart."

And who is not "stuck" in the wounds of the past and brings a fresh and "genuine heart" with her every day... without anger... bitterness and blame.

Will be a woman who will be "highly desirable" and "attractive" to a man and he will want to be with her and "commit" to her.

Because such a woman is "quality" and she is "worth it!" 

And I want to share with you 3 powerful words that will help keep him "attracted" to you
Most women are good at using 1 of them... yet when you are able to use all 3... it will keep the "romantic fires" burning. 

Say YES... 

Men love it when you say "yes" because it makes them "feel" like they have conquered you... it "feels" like he won a gladiator fight and you are the fair maiden looking at him with pride and saying “yes” to his request. 

Yes... it really does... what is "appealing" is your willingness to do "new things" and not just what you find "interesting"... before your heart sinks with fear... this does not mean you have to say "yes" to everything... which leads us to the second word.

Say NO... 

Whenever he wants you to do something that is scary... embarrassing or demeaning you must say “no.” 

It is not just about maintaining good "boundaries"... it makes you more "desirable" because it tells him that you are willing to put your "values" ahead of him... if you need to... and he wants to "respect" you for that... and also "trust" that you possess "integrity" with yourself.

Trust is a "quality" a man really "values" in a woman... more so than love. 

He might get mad or annoyed... yet that is not what you should be most worried about... short term he might like your "accommodating nature"... yet in "time" avoiding saying “no” will make him lose "respect" for you and worse still... grow bored with you... and ultimately lose "trust" in you. 

And once a man loses "trust" in a woman... you are history.

Say MAYBE...

Ever so often... when you are going to say “yes” anyway... say “maybe” in a "teasing" and "playful" way instead. 

He says... 

“Can I see you tomorrow?” 

You smile and say “maybe.”

He says... 

“Can I come over tonight?” 

You smile and whisper into the phone... “maybe.”

Do not do this the first time a man asks you out because he will "think" you are turning him down... and take it as "no" and you blow your "opportunity" with possible getting to "know" a solid man... and you never hear from him again... just be clear... "yes" or "no." 

Now when it comes to "courting" and being in a "relationship" using this word "maybe" this word is very "flirtatious" and "seductive." 

The "secret reason" for using it is this... 

Men "know" that when a woman says “maybe”... she is really saying “yes” and is "flirting" and she just wants him to work a little harder.

It ramps up the "seductive" temperature of what "passion" is yet to come!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth! 


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