The Power Of A Dynamic Mindset For

Effective Commitment

By Ange Fonce

How is your mindset?

Can you can shift from a fixed to a Dynamic growth mindset.

Here is a couple of take a ways for someone with a fixed mindset...

"Having to exert effort is a reflection of low intelligence and lack of ability."

Hard work means... 

"I do not get it and it is not important anyway!"

For someone with a Dynamic growth mindset...

"Hard work and commitment is a necessary part of any success."

"If at first you do not succeed... try again and again and again... correcting off your mistakes as you develop and grow."

Now do you want to know a powerful secret of success?

I think motivation will always be fleeting... this is why most ideas remain ideas instead of becoming finished projects.

The initial excitement of an idea or a goal gives someone a temporary boost in motivation... yet the problem is that the boost wears off long before the work is done... you are motivated yet not fully committed.

Ask yourself this question... 

"Is commitment one of your core values... could you make it one... could you make the choice to commit to a project?"

And now the million dollar question... the really important one...

"Do you have the integrity to keep the commitments you make?"

Of course you can.

Personal Development is not like a light switch that you can just flick a skill "ON" or "OFF" with ease... yet making a choice is like a light switch... you can choose right now to commit yourself to something that is important to you and commitment means going out and practising to get better regardless of how motivated you are feeling.

Commitment means you remain dedicated to whatever you set yourself to do and acquire under any and all non emergency conditions.

Like for instance... I am committed to working out every day for at least 30 minutes and walking 7 kilometres and every time it starts pouring down with rain my commitment is tested... I can back out or I can get out there and get it done... that is up to me... I may not want to go yet I know that I cannot compromise my integrity by reneging on my commitment to myself because...

Motivation And Commitment Are Not The Same Thing

That state where you are feeling unmotivated is common... because motivation comes from the feel good factor while commitment is a mental discipline.

If you let your feelings be a deciding factor... if you give your feelings all the power... then you lose.

If you can take the reins and fight through any resistance from within and constantly searching for strength... answers and wisdom through your trials... then you are the exception... you will keep going and succeed when others have given up because they do not feel good and motivated anymore because they lack the mental commitment and self discipline to keep going..

Be the exception... be the Dynamic Lifer who gets what they want in life by being committed to getting it done... no matter what your motivation is in  creating your success.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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