The Perceived Threats To Tribes By Growing Aware Human Beings

By Ange Fonce

Any kind of intermarriage has always been a problem for many tribes... all the way back to Antony and Cleopatra... Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet... and the more modern West Side Story. 

Any kind of intermarriage breaks down the demonizing of the "other" tribe and those insecure members of the tribe view this as an existential threat... as the beginning of the end of the tribes cohesion... traditions...  belief systems... and the loss of their power base.

Street gangs all over the world will view "education" as a threat... a young man or woman who graduates with qualifications has a lot more "options"... they can see a way up... which decreases the power of the gang and its leaders. 

Men and women who seek their own "personal success"... are seen as a threat by many tribe..., because they build their own "personal power" and "wealth."

A secular indoctrination in the form of religion or an idealology... resists exposure to other cultures and points of view that might destabilize what has been built over generations... so weakening it's leaders powerbase and control over the massess and their belief systems.

As digital audio was once a threat to those of the vinyl tribe... because there comes a point... when members of the old school may decide they want to try the new... they like it and embrace the new way... converted to the emerging technology or ideals... while those of the tradition old way will resists the new technology or ideas... possibly leading to conflict in the struggle for change.

Yet... the "progress" of "time" always marches "forward"... it has no "reverse" gear!

In todays world there are two significant threats emerging to many traditional tribes through out the world.

First is the ever increasing power of the "scientific method."

Second the ever growing power of a secular governments over our own individual lives... or worse still... the representation of a majority tribe... imposing it will and way on other tribes... and if you look back through history... this is the traditional way one tribe has imposed its will on another... usually by force and destroying the other tribes belief system and imposing the superiour tribes belief system on the conquerd. 

Why Is Science And Governments Such Powerfully Perceived Threats?

The fear is that once someone "understands" the "power" of "questioning inquiry" and "developing theories" and testing to provide "evidence" and "informed criticism"... such an "individual" and the growing tribes of "like minded individuals"... will be unwilling to embrace traditional top down mythology... they will no longer accept beliefs that lack the absence of "factual inquiry."  

The other is that increased government power and control will enforce common standards and rituals that undermine the unique otherness that makes each individual tribe distinct. 

When a tribe requires its members to utter loyalty oaths to be "initiated" and welcomed to become a member of that tribe... and may I note you do not always get a free option as such... some tribes are most insistent that the only option you will get is... "convert or die"... that is if you are fortunate enough to get that option. 

Take for example...

"Our God is always right." 

"Carbon pollution is a myth."

"Those Blues are wrong and us Reds are right."

"No ____ allowed"... take your pick here... etc... etc. 

Such tribes will constantly bump into the reality of the rest of the World more and more often as Humanity becomes more and more "connected." 

I had a music teacher in secondary school who forbade us from listening to pop music... using a valiant and doomed to fail tactic of raising classical music lovers... as it happens later on in life... I have come to appreciate classical music as a FREE choice!

Tribes started of as self defending groups of hunting wanderers. 

It did not take long though for individual tribes to claim a special territory for their tribe... for each tribe to form their own "special" belief systems and traditions... to evolve "cultures" to insulate themselves from an ever changing and evolving world around them.

In a modern... connected era... tribes that cannot "connect" will not thrive for long by cutting themselves off from the engines that are driving our growing identity of a single world and growing "aware human being culture" of interconnected economies. 

What they can do is engage with and attract members who are not there because the tribe is right and everyone else is wrong. 

And instead... the modern tribe quite simply says... 

“You are welcome here, we like you... people like us are part of a thing like this... we will watch your back... share with you... support you and we will all grow together.” 

It turns out that this is enough... a modern Dynamic Lifer... part of the growing DYNAMIC Life Tribe.

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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