The Man Of Your Dreams Wants To Be Your Hero 

By Ange Fonce 

And you are not going to get him unless you do this... first though let me share with this...

What is it like being a Man today...

Many men feel so beat over the head these days... surpassed by women in so many areas... struggling with cultural issues... struggling with their own sense of personal power... struggling with the dynamics of relationship and the relationships they had with their mothers.

And so many men you see all over TV... and writers you read... and businessmen you hear of and read about... are happily married. 

They are happy to BE married... they do not want to be unmarried.

So many men stick around in marriage even when they are not getting what they need... so what gives here?

How Women Confuse Chemistry With Real Intimacy...

Intimacy is such a scary thing for most people... that you naturally want to get it all confused with "chemistry"... and so pick the wrong man and stay attached to him.

You think of sex in the wrong way... as though it is what STARTS off a relationship... when actually... passion and physical connection comes from a place that is NOT created from looks and personality... it comes from from the willingness to connect to passion no matter WHAT IS getting in the way.

No matter the anger... no matter the fatigue...  no matter the distance... no matter the doubt... no matter what.

If you can connect to passion in you... you can feel it with any man who is simply THERE.

Yet as a woman you often do not see it that way...

* You see yourselves as objects... and so you seek out men who see you as objects.

* You see ourselves as "conveniences" and so you seek out men who see you as convenience.

* You see a man who adores you as somehow "wrong."

* You confuse chemistry with intimacy and do not see that it works the other way around.

Shifting Your Perception Of Attraction... And Getting Real Love...

Have you ever met a man you would not give a second look to... and then all of a sudden you saw other women lining up for him... or found out he had money or power or huge intellect... or was respected by someone else... and then all of a sudden he becomes "attractive."

Well... what if you found a man attractive for just being available and interested and wanting a real... live woman in his bed and his life?

I mean... that is a pretty heroic place for a man to be... if he is available... if he wants you... if he knows what "forever" means and wants that too... then he IS heroic!

Let us start from THOSE men... and DITCH all the others.

Men Who Want To Love You Are The Real Heroes...

When you start ditching these other kinds of men who are not interested in real live love and intimacy... they will wake up.

When they cannot get sex with real live women... they will get tired of cyber ones and photos... when you begin to elevate the men you have not given a chance to hero status... there will be a whole new model for what love and relationship look like.

For now... look for the unconventional man...

* Ditch the bad boys.

* Ditch the hard to get boys.

* Ditch the distant... the unavailable... the porn addicted... the confused.

* Ditch any man who is not "into you" the way you want.

* Ditch your romantic fantasies and start being REAL... about REAL Men.

Look at the men who are your "friends" who want more... stop judging men by their covers... work on being extraordinary and LOVING your extra ordinariness.

I know it is hard when you have been beaten down so much on your way to looking for a relationship... it is so easy to give up... you start thinking it is just never going to happen for you... and I am here to tell you it will... if you build yourself back up on the inside. 

And to know "how" to spot the man who wants to be your Hero.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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