The Key To Creativity And Innovation
Is Personal Development 

By Ange Fonce

Creativity and innovation does not come from hard work and long hours... it emerges from the state of your "personal development" and being involved with other "like minded" people.

Those who understand... know that “creativity” and “innovation” are one of the “major keys” to “success” and that to be “successful"... an individual must be “flexible enough” to quickly adapt to “disruptive change” and “transformation”... that is only possible when you are “committed” to “personal development.”

Creativity and innovation does not occur automatically... it only happens when an individual is “committed” to “transformation” and “evolving”... taking on “new challenges” and learning “new skills”... open to “entertaining new ideas”... “creativity” and  “innovation” becomes a “natural progression” as a result of “personal development.”

Becoming “nimble” and “flexible” is not automatic either for most people... “transformation” takes place when the individual can let go and put aside the “fear of change”... and learn to accept and then “transcend” their own “strengths” and “weaknesses”... being “nimble” and “flexible” is thus also the product of “personal development.”

Ironically... many men and women put “personal development” on the back burner and focus instead on “strategy” and “tactics”... yes they are important... yet without “personal development”... such strategies and tactics become rigid... and can be “creativity” and “innovation” killers.

With that in mind... here is how to “nurture” the “personal development” that enables “creativity” that is the root of “innovation”...

1... Become a Human Being And Not A Machine...

I have often heard individuals proudly describe their lives as "well oiled machine" and I always view that remark as a sign that they are “inflexible” and about to fail in some way... and I am usually correct...  because machines are unable to adapt... they can only break down... a Human Being can be “flexible” and “adapt” to situations as they present themselves.

When individuals think of themselves and other people as machines... they inevitably “dehumanize” themselves and others as either cogs in that machine or "resources" that the machine must chew up and spit out in order to keep itself running.

When  individuals visualize themselves as part of a “community of individuals”... it sets a completely different tone... it unleashes a flood of “enthusiasm” and “energy”... and they “feel free” to grow into “new roles” in order to help the “entire community” to “succeed.”

2... Balance Up Time With Down Time...

The modern worlds pace of change is so rapid that it sometimes feels like you have to run as fast as you can just to stay in the same place... let alone move forward... so you “think” that if you are going to “get ahead”... it means working long hours all the time.

The problem with this way of “thinking” is that if you fill every waking moment with “to do tasks” just to be busy... you will never create the time to “invest” in yourself to learn “new skills” or to try “new things” to become "productive"... or just enjoy “personal down time”... because there is never any time set aside to “invest” in yourself or to relax... enjoy and “recharge” yourself... you “burn out” before you get anywhere.

It is true that you will need to “invest time" to work hard and long hours to meet deadlines or dates to complete projects and acquire your goals... yet to give yourself and everyone else the “opportunity to “develop”..., you also need to “invest” in "down time" which can mean... sometimes goofing off to just have fun.

3... Invest In Learning And Training For Developing Personal And Social Life Skills...

Many individuals consider “learning” and “training” to be a “wasteful expense”... personally I do not... for me it is a “valuable investment” both personally and professionally... in good times such people begrudge money being “invested" in “learning” and “training”... and when money is tight... they cut any “investment” completely... and what is worse is when they do decide to “invest”... they  “think” such “investment” should be limited to “job skills.”

In fact...  an individuals ability to take full advantage of the prosperous times as well as cope with the lean times requires they “develop” strong “personal and social life skills”... such overcoming fear... self discipline... managing emotions... building empathy... better communication skills... etc.

While training on job skills is important... “investing” in developing... “personal” and “social” life skills... can create those “breakthrough moments” where an individual can “transcend” their “limitations” and “transform” into the person they need to be to "move forward" to the next level in their life!

4... Commit To Your Own Personal Development...

When you “develop” your self and “transform” your life... others either grow with you or are left behind... men and women who fail to “develop” themselves often lose control over their own life... they get stuck in a rut... get stuck in one job... they get stuck and left behind while others “develop” themselves... “transform” and "move forward"... your level of “success” will reflect on how much you are willing to “commit” to “investing” in yourself.  

Successful men and women are “lifelong learners”... they never rest on their laurels... instead they devour “new information”... seek out “new perspectives”... “challenge” themselves to become the “best they can be.”

This kind of “personal development” never comes from hard work and long hours... it comes from  “committing” time and energy to “focus” on “investing” in yourself... it comes from “developing” the “courage” to let go of who you “think” you should be... or how others “think” you should be... and instead “transform yourself” into the man or woman who can “create” and “innovate” the “opportunities” to be WHO you WANT TO BE! 

And that ladies and gentlemen... is a Dynamic Lifer!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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