The Influence Of Value

By Ange Fonce

"The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive." ~ Albert Einstein

What are you worth to your clients?

What is it they value about you that they would do any kind of business with you?

As a service professional or business owner how do you set your product prices or rates for your services? 

There are more books than you would ever want to read about this topic... I am sure there is good advice out there and there is also a ton of bad advice mixed in... especially the advice you hear for service professionals... the reason I call it bad advice is because so much of it seems to be focused on playing not to lose instead of playing to win... for yourself and your clients. WIN... WIN!

For example... 

A service professional might receive the recommendation to look at his competition and charge rates in line with that... even a little less if he or she has little experience or maybe he or she will be advised to set their rates based on what they think the client will pay instead of the value of what their services are worth.

By far the worst advice I have seen is that awful exercise where you figure out how much you want to make then work backwards to figure out what you have to charge per hour to get there.

I personally dislike this method for two reasons.

A... What you are basically doing is figuring out where you want to cap your income... you are building your own nice little box that will keep you and your bank account small... you want to earn more money? 

Work more!

B... And the more IMPORTANT VALUE. 

You are putting a monetary value on your worth as a Human Being... if you are just in Business to make money... what kind of Value are you giving as a Human Being to your clients and how are you valuing those you do business with?

If you charge for time that is basically the proposition... does that sound smart?

If you want to get out of the rat race stop charging for your time... stop charging pennies for what is by far the most valuable asset you have... YOUR TIME!

Trading your time for money is a devils bargain and I definitely agree with that statement... the truth is no can afford you if you actually charge for the value of your time... you will be quoting fees that high will just make you look silly and it will probably annoy your prospects... sadly most people undervalue their time to such a degree that they are willing to trade it for pennies. 

Here is a little exercise...

A potential client approaches you and says she is interested in your work... after a few moments describing what she wants done she asks you... 

"So how much do you charge?"

What would your answer be?

Well my most common answer is this one...

“It depends."

Once you say it depends then you have to take control of the conversation and show them why it depends. 

You Cannot Sell What You Do Not Have

At this point in the conversation you have to ask yourself a simple question...

“Do I think that I am worth the fee that I am asking?”

I am not talking about your worth as a person here... I am talking about the value of your work to the client... is it truly worth what you are asking?

In your heart and mind the answer to that question must be a resounding YES... because if it is not if you do not think wholeheartedly that you deserve that amount of money for your work there is little influence that your client will either.

If you do not trust in yourself your VALUE... fix that first... do whatever you have to do to resolve this. 

Smoking might kill a ton of people every year... yet a humans lack of confidence in their own personal worth kills far more because it kills you slowly and quietly from the inside... your trust in your own worth will have more impact on your income than just about anything else.... certainly it will have far more impact than however well you perform your service.

So you simply must have this part together to make your journey as smooth as possible.

How to Talk About Price

First understand that price is not something that lives in its own isolated universe and is cordoned off from everything else. 

Price is a function of value.

In a business the challenge is not to find clients who will pay your rates... the challenge is to find clients who fully trust in your value.

Deliver enough value and price becomes a non issue provided you are talking to a client who actually has money.

The key thing to remember in your conversations with clients is that you do not just spit out a number when you are asked... 

“What do you charge?”

So how do you talk about price? 

You do not at least not right away... if you lead with price you are toast in my opinion and I would certainly recommend that you do not take the suggestion of some who say to post your prices on your website so that potential clients can get a feel for what you charge.

I think that is rotten advice.

Here is the simple reason you do not want to post your prices on your website.

Menus ave prices PROFESSIONALS DO NOT.

If you set yourself up like an establishment that takes orders from customers that is exactly what you will get.

"I would like 5 websites over easy please... light on the butter."

This is not about playing games this is about communicating an idea... the idea is that what you do is not something that can simply be pulled off the shelf and taken home.

What you do as professional is the response to a specific problem your client has or a goal they want to achieve... price has little to do with that and if you act like it does then it will... kind of simple is it not?

If you give your potential client reasons to focus the discussion around price then you should stop because if the discussion is focused around price from the get go that is a sure sign that you are losing control.

I had a client not too long ago who hired me to teach them about women and how to get girlfriends.

I prefer to speak about client engagements on the phone or face to face and this particular client discussion was strictly via email and knowing when to do this and when not to is more art than science and the discussion eventually went to the price of my services and I responded with a number... the client thought that was a bit excessive for such a small amount of work and I smiled when I read this e mail and replied with what I would be doing and teaching this man.

We eventually came to an agreement on a number that worked for both of us and not before I said something like... 

“£X is hardly excessive if what you learn from me will generate 10 or 20 times more girlfriends in the future and eventually a real "quality Woman who will be a Great Wife for you... I would call that real value.”

Your ability to charge high fees will expand with your ability to show your clients that those fees do in fact represent a good value.

No client that you want to work with ultimately cares about price... they care about what they get for the price and that is called value.

Talk about value with your potential clients.

Not price.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

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