The Health Benefits Of A Stand Up Desk 

By Ange Fonce

The fact is I take a stand at my desk.

Instead of sitting at a desk day by day where arteries harden and bellies soften and butts widen! 

I go seat less.

Medical research can testify to the ill effects of seating... maybe your back can testify as well to wasting hours slouching in a chair... spending hours on end in a chair is not just murder on your back... it can literally kill you

People who sit for more than 6 hours of their leisure time each day had a 20% higher death rate than those who sat for three hours or less and if you are like the average person... you clock almost 55 hours a week on your butt... in a chair at work... in the car as you drive and in front of a T.V.

The reality is the more you spend your life sitting down... the more likely you are to suffer from chronic back pain... heart disease... diabetes... obesity... cancer and possibly even an early death and working out is not an antidote... when I go to the gym I see both men and women of all ages lying on the floor and contorting their bodies into weird stretches in an attempt to alleviate their chronic back pain. 

These are not blue collar workers who have strained their back from years of heavy labour... no they are white collar workers whose pain stems from not using their backs enough... all of the above effects are easily avoidable simply by standing at your desk to work... for one it engages your back muscles and helps improve your posture... standing all day and maintaining good posture can really add strength to your core... some of my friends and professional colleges have made the switch to a stand up desk have reported that the change cured their back pain and a lot less soreness in their tail bone compared to sitting for 8... 10 hours a day.

There are additional health benefits besides improving your back from the simple act of getting up and standing.

Benefit 1... More Energy During the Work Day

While you get less sleepy while working standing up at the same time you gain satisfying endurance and energy

Standing keeps your blood flowing and your mind more alert.... as a result you can experience less energy dips during the day... it is a lot harder to get sleepy at your desk if you are standing... as a result you are constantly more aware of your body... more mindful of what you say and more healthy!

Benefit 2... More Productivity...  Think on your Feet.

Thinking on your feet enables you to think and respond quickly. 

This is not just about poise and confidence and about the physical ability to work better and longer in a standing position... the increase in blood flow and oxygen fuels your brain and your muscles so you can stay alert.

Do you hear a smile over the phone?  

Smiles over the phone might be unseen and they are most definitely heard... the same theory applies to standing... someone may not see how you are working and they can tell how productive you are. 

Standing has incredible power over your attitude and your image and influences everyone around you... when you feel better... you work better... a standing desk helps you be more productive in your work. 

Now I work from home and I find that by standing at my computer... I focus more on what I am doing... plus I move a lot more... it also allows me to do quick little work out in standing position... I am a lot more active... relaxed and supple in my body when working. 

For my friends who work in an office environment it encourages them to interact more with their co workers... it gives you easy access to your team members... supply rooms... office equipment and more.

Benefit 3... Weight Loss and Better Digestion

Naturally... standing up burns more calories than sitting down... a third more in fact... so after that heavy lunch time snack or the chocolate brownie assisted coffee break... your body will react in a kinder fashion should you chose to gently continue with your duties whilst standing up rather than slouching into your desk.

It has been proven that those who get up from a seated position various times throughout the work day have smaller waistline and better profiles for sugar and fat metabolisms... so imagine then that you are eventually able to stand all day at your desk! 

Any previous weight woes would be scuttling meekly off into the sunset. 

Benefit 4... You can lose weight by just standing there!

I know for myself since I started standing at my computer after modifying my seated home computer work station by the simple addition of a shelf... which took me all of 40 minutes to do.

My posture become better my muscle tone sharpened and I burnt off a lot more fat and the stiffness and aches I use to suffer from sitting have gone... in fact it is the reverse now for me... if I sit for longer than 40 minutes at most... I ache and feel stiff.

Also if you have ever experienced intestinal or digestive issues... then you will also notice this soothing treat... when you stand you open up your internal organs which allows everything to move... sitting cramps your gut and slows things down.

Getting Your Own Stand Up Desk...

A standing workstation does not have to be fancy... it just has to work... as I have mentioned before I modified my existing conventional desk with a shelf and it is fine... when I am using my computer or laptop instead of sitting down with it... I place it on a surface that is at at least waist height and work standing up.

Here are some other stand up desk options...

Tall café tables tend to be the perfect height for standing and working.

A bunch of books from your bookshelves stacked up could work in a pinch.

You can also raise your whole desk by placing it on top of cinder blocks or milk crates.

There are also adjustable height desks you can buy to set up a standing work station.

You might consider getting just a podium or pulpit to place next to your regular desk.

There are even treadmill arrangements so you can work while walking slowly in place.

When purchasing or building your stand up desk... just make sure you are actually comfortable working in that position... you do not be hunched over... bent at the waist or straining with your arms to reach the workstation and you should not be leaning on the desk for support.

Standing up to work is about comfort in addition to health and you defeat the purpose if you have to strain to make it work... when standing at a desk where my forearms are at a 90 degree angle on the desk surface... my shoulders go back... which makes my spine concave and opens my chest. 

Yes... there is the initial foot pain and muscle aches of engaged thighs and calves... when you start to work this way... like anything else it takes a time to get used to standing up to do your work... yet after a short while it feels great.

To start... try typing and talking on the phone while standing or take it fifteen minutes at a time... now I stand all day... with little breaks to walk around every 45 minutes or so...when I am working  with clients on line I am standing and I only sit down when I am meeting clients at my home office.

There is one thing I will highly recommend either get your self a soft soft pad to stand or a deep pile soft rug to give your feet some extra cushioning.

Sitting too much at work is now blamed for many current health maladies... including heart disease... obesity and type 2 diabetes... standing while working at your desk or on the pc... not only counteracts couch potato illnesses... it also alleviates back pain to boot.

Get Your Mind And Body Healthy And DYNAMIC!

So stand up and get of those unhealthy chairs... your body... health... fitness and mind will love you for it.

Take care of your Health and Fitness

You have the POWER!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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