The Fear Of Excellence

By Ange Fonce

If you can say this out loud... when you have been holding back... avoiding your confrontation with the truth you will free yourself to do something important

Saying it takes away the power of the fear.

On the other hand if you say it 8 times or 11 times or every time... you are using the label to reinforce your fear... creating an easy escape hatch to avoid doing something important. 

Saying it over and over amplifies the fear and reinforces it and soon it becomes a conditioned habit that will defeat you every time from achieving anything.

The brave thing is to find the unspeakable fear and speak it... face it... deal with it... resolve it and then move forward and overcome the fear. 

Stop rehearsing the easy fears that have become habits that keep you conditioned to accepting mediocre and average.

Demand Higher Standards Of Yourself 

On a long trian journey a little while ago... I observed two couples watch movies while they let their six kids run around like maniacs in the train carraige I was sitting in. 

One of the kids actually punched me... I did not return the punch and I give him a look that said "bugger off" which he promptly did and then proceeded to terrorise an old lady a few seats away from me while I carried on observing the selfishness and neglect of the parents and how the other passengers were becoming increasingly angry at the complete lack of care by the parents!

A few days later I was eating out with a lady friend and I observed the now typical sight of kids in a decent restaurant eating french fries and chicken nuggets while watching a movie on a tablet which in itself was not a bad thing... it was their parents who showed greater attention and interest in messing around on their phones... and while observing them there was not one moment of interaction between any of them... and my lady friend noticed that too!

And it is entirely possible you have a boss or a job or a partner that lets you do mediocre work and behaviour... precisely whenever you feel like it.

I would have loved any of those kids to have said to their parents... 

"Mum... Dad... raise your standards for me... I deserve it."

And the sooner you find a boss or a mentor or a partner who pushes you right to the edge of your ability to be excellent... the better.

Even if the boss and mentor is YOU!

Remember you are the EXAMPLE others will measure you by!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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