The End Of "Everyone?" 

By Ange Fonce

"I am not sure that "everyone" ever existed in the first place, if it was ever possible to say, "everyone loves..." "everyone respects...." or even, "everyone really does not like..."  and there is no doubt at all that this is not true any more.

The internet has has shown there is no "everyone." 

Instead, the Internet has shown there are many tribes,many tribes of someone's.

That Humanity is not "one"... it is not governments... it is not nations... it is not countries... it is not religions.

It is not "everyone."

If anything the internet has shown just how "fractured" humanity really is.

How diverse the many "tribal" views of the World are.

Humanity consists of many, many, many thousands of different "tribes"... all of them with it's own separate view of the World.

And all are willing to defend their "tribal" view of life  if need be, by any means possible.

It is no good learning about "everyone"... because "everyone" does not exist!

You have to learn and understand about "tribes" and their view of the World.

Where and if, there is any "common" ground that is shared?

Where and if, there is a common "vested" interest to the benefit of both... WIN-WIN?

You have to learn about "people like us."

If you want to "get on" in Life.

Everyone... maybe a wonderful "ideal"... yet it is an ideal that does not exist in the reality of the REAL world... and if it ever existed in the first place?

The internet has well and truly ended that myth, and has instead reviled just how "tribal" humanity is.

Now... what is your TRIBE?

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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