The Dynamics Of Change

By Ange Fonce

There are those of us who find "change" to be a wonderfully "invigorating experience"... and those of us who find "change" to be terrifying. 

Since I belong to the first group... I find it hard to understand those who belong to the second group... and I recognize that as my way... not theirs. 

I like change because I am used to change... and because I have gone through change regularly... growing through each change.

I know how positive it can be because I have experienced it... and I have seen the results of change. 

I know that even the changes that seem to be very negative end up being positive... how many people who have been laid off have found even better jobs doing work they love doing, though they never would have done so... never would have changed... if they had not been forced to?

I gave up a well paid job many years ago... yes I was comfortable... good standard of living... and unhappy. 

I was not doing what I loved doing the most.

So I took the step and went into business for myself and I Love what I do now....

Empowering other people... for them to live the life they LOVE!!

That is one of the main reasons I developed... Dynamic Life Development Systems for those men and women who want to create a dynamic lifestyle for themselves and who are frustrated by not knowing where to start... lacked the tools or lacked support... for those changes they desire for themselves in their lives.

Change terrifies many people because the status quo is usually comfortable. 

Even when that comfort is painful and dysfunctional. 

You can pay the bills and keep food on the table the way things are... so why change anything? 

That is one way the system gets people to tied-up... focus on the pleasantness of the secure... steady income... and remind people of the risks of getting out into the real world. 

Yet change should not be terrifying if you trust in yourself. 

Life goes on no matter what happens to us individually... and it is always rife with opportunity and possibility... yet somehow you focus on the limitations and impossibilities. 

If your life changes... then you have to examine the change and search out the positive in it... search out the potential in it.

Having grown up in a family with a father in the military... we were forced to change our entire lives regularly... and it never hurt us. 

I learned a lot from the change, and though there are times when I felt, I had some roots somewhere, some place I could call home, 

I know that what I learned about myself and others from having gone through so much change is invaluable in my life. 

The change sometimes wounded me and I missed out on long term friendships and relationships... yet it never killed meand I always got something from it.

A wonderful friend... who was once a client... now lives a couple of thousand miles away because her husband was laid off and found work elsewhere...and they love where they are and what they are doing. 

I helped and supported them through a HUGE change in their lives. 

It is the same for another former client who left an abusive relationship. 

She lives a few hundred miles away now... she loves her new job and her new life.

Change is not without its problems of course. 

Change is inevitable... and it seems to have become much more common in our culture. 

We change jobs... homes... families... spouses... cars, everything much more often and readily than we used to... and many people use change to avoid facing problems that are extremely important parts of their lives. 

The people who give up on their marriages without making a true effort to work through the problems are causing more problems than they are solving... running away from problems is not true change... just avoidance. 

These people are not growing through change... they trying to use change to help them to avoid potentially difficult effort and taking responsibility for themselves.

Most change is very positive... if you look at it in a healthy way... yet there are still many who balk at change... and who allow the possibility of change to terrify them, to take away their lust for living, to make them back away from life. 

Change and risk go hand in hand... and the life without risk can not be a full life... for human beings are by nature"dynamic" and full of life and energy. 

Let change happen... go with it, move with it... learn from it. 

Do not let it pull you down or make you feel afraid. 

Trust yourself that the change will be for the best... then look for the best... do not expect it to announce itself to you.

Life will meet you half way when you trust and put the effort in by taking action to embrace the opportunities change brings you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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